How to Clean Rocking Chair Cushions? – 2023 Ultimate Guide

Nothing can stay clean forever, especially our chair cushion, where we sit many times a day. Once they soft, clean, and cuddly, and that is until they started getting dark. To ensure a long-lasting and comfortable seat fabric, the cleaning of a cushion is necessary.

rocking chair cushions

From spit milk or tea to all sorts of prints, the dirty rocking chair can be an embarrassment. To make them clean and make the quality of material stable proper cleaning or care is necessary. And if you neglect it, then cushion become discolored or dark and take on smells.

So, How Do You Get the Job Done of Clean Rocking Chair Cushions?

Here are some methods for cleaning all the dirt from rocking chair cushions.

Vacuum All Crumbs.

You may know this step for cleaning of rocking chair cushions, don’t you? Use the vacuum to pull up all the tiny particles of dirt from un-seen tight areas. If you have the vacuum of the latest model, then you have all types of nifty nozzles, and you can easily use all nozzles to clean different particles.

The purpose of using all tools of vacuum is to get completely rid of soft and hard dust, human hair, fur, lint, or other particles. Instead of this, this method is very easy and convenient to use to clean the cushions.

Steam Cleaners

Baby Wipes to Clean Soft Stains.

If you are looking for how you clean the rocking chair cushion? Then don’t worry at all. Because here is a very effective, cheap, and worthwhile way to clean cushions.

You thought that your baby wipes are only for your baby? Of course, yes. But you really don’t know that you can use these baby wipes to clean soft stains of rocking chair’ cushion. Soft stains mean newly formed patches or blots of unknown things.

The wipes contain a little amount of soap and other safe cleaning liquids, so after using these wipes to clean soft stains of cushions, your cushion not only cleans well but also produces a great odor. So for the next time, whenever you fall any spot, takes the baby wipe and clean it off.

Steam Cleaners.

How to Clean Rocking Chair Cushions

After a vacuum cleaner, there is another worthwhile machine is a steam cleaner. Vacuum cleaner only sucked out the visible dirt particles from the cushions, but the steam cleaner cleans all the bolts that cannot be sucked out from cushioning.

The steam cleaners are always used as a secondary cleaning step for cleaning rocking chair’ cushion means firstly you use any primary step to clean the cushions.

Before using the steam cleaner, make sure that you do it on any outside area, make your window open, and must keep your babies in another room.

Rubbing Alcohol.

You must have rubbing alcohol around your home, right? People call it’s a surgical spirit, but no worries. You can use this to clean the stains from your rocking chair cushion. No doubt that its smell is strong, but it’s not a big deal because alcohol will evaporate after sometime and leaving no smell behind.

For using this, you can grab a piece of cloth and rub alcohol and gently apply it on a spotted area. You can also use a spray bottle by putting the alcohol on a spray bottle and spray it on a spotted area. After this step, leave the area for some time to dry.

Then use a fabric brush to avoid the crumbled stains from the fabric. After all these steps, now use your vacuum cleaner.Rubbing Alcohol

Stain Removing Solution.

This stain removing solution is a DIY cushion cleaning method. For this, you need to make the mixture of the 1 tablespoon of dishwashing and 2 tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide. This method will remove the stains from cushion fabric very well, and because of dishwashing liquid, it will never damage your fabric.

You can put this mixture on a spray bottle for gentle use. The best feature of this method that you can use it on an entire glider.

Wash Them on Low Settings.

Let’s not eliminate the washing machine to cleaning your glider or rocking chair cushion. You can or not use in a washing machine depends on the size of a cushion and a tub. If the size of a tub or a cushion is agreeing with each other, then definitely put them in a wash.

But wash the cushion on a low setting because its fragile. Set the time for a low setting to wash and also dry it on a low setting as well. In this wash method, must use lukewarm water.

Remove Hard Stains From Enzyme Cleaners.

Enzyme cleaner is available in a market, and this is also a DIY rocking chair cushion cleaning method. A little science here is that: the enzyme contains components that digest the organic materials. So when you apply it on a cushion fabric, they digest all the particles and make it soft.

Any type of food-related stain removes by using an enzyme. It is a really easy and convenient method to use at home.

Dry Clean.

Dry Clean

Besides all home cleaning methods, there is one more technique which is dry clean the rocking chair’s cushion. Dry cleaners have all the cleaning things and save your rocking chair from the smell and any awful stains.

It is expensive for you when you dry clean the cushion every week. So use your money on the right service and get your cushion as new. Asked the dry cleaners to use a plethora of chemicals or any other solvents but never mention the steam or water to remove a stain.

This thing will give you an advantage that it relaxes you from cleaning them each week. A complete dry cleaning session takes full one day or two and makes your cushion refresh around six or more months.

  • Before applying any method on your rocking chair cushion, must test the method on an unseen part of a cushion to ensure that the mixture does not discolor or damage the fabric of a cushion. Keep your cushion neat and clean for a long time from applying these steps.