How Accurate Is Fitbit Sleep Tracker? – 2023 Ultimate User Guide

There are many types of health smartwatches and fitness trackers aren’t the only smartwatches that are useful. Sleep trackers track your sleep and identify the time that you spend in sleep. They let the users know about the health benefits. But many sleep trackers are struggling with their accuracy and brings a dark shadow against many promising trackers.

Fitbit offers three wearable sleep trackers, including Alta HR, charge 3, and Ace 2, which relatively provide accurate sleep data. Besides, telling their users that how much a time they spent in sleeping, Fitbit models breakdown the sleep cycle into four stages and then breakdown the amount of a time they spent in each stage of sleep.

Fitbit Sleep Accuracy:

When we talk about how much Fitbit sleep tracker is accurate? Then it should be clear that Fitbit never claimed themselves that they provide 100% accuracy in their result. “With respect to a PSG, the Fitbit models perfectly or accurately identify the accuracy values of sleep stages in between 0.81 to 0.91, also identifies the accurate values of sensitivity between 0.87 to 0.91 and explicit values between 0.10 to 0.52.”

  • “Besides the accuracy of sleep stages, Fitbit with their sleep tracking tools allows the people to learn about their sleep habits by putting a Fitbit model on their wrist. Track the sleep easily not only help the people to understand their own sleep but also help them to better understand and know about the population health, gain a new awareness of the sleep, and its connection with health conditions.”
  • Fitbit introduced a new feature in April 2017 to let the people know about their sleep habits. The sleep stages version is available in Fitbit models that use heart rate to estimate the sleep time spent in deep, light, and REM sleep. It also tells the awake time of each night, which better helps to recognize the quality of sleep.

Which can affect the accuracy of Fitbit sleep data?

  • Accuracy of other data recorded
  • Bad sleeping positions
  • Natural body factors
  • Algorithm ambiguity

As we compare the pre with post Fitbit sleep trackers, we see a lot of improvement in their new sleep tracking devices like Fitbit Alta HR. No mistake can be witnessed in new devices of Fitbit, so it’s one of the main reasons to trust the new Fitbit sleep trackers.