Best Long Range Scope for the Money

Hunters are often faced with a difficult decision: which is the best scope for long range hunting?

The answer to this question depends on many factors, including budget and personal preference. However, most hunters agree that they want something lightweight, clear, durable and powerful enough to take down their prey at any distance. If you’re in the market for a new scope for your hunting rifle or shotgun then have we got some scopes for you!

We’ve narrowed it down to ten of the highest rated scopes available today. Read on and see if one suits your needs.

Best Long Range Scope Under $1500 – Comparison 2023

Model  Magnification Exit Pupil Eye Relief Price
Vortex Optics Strike Eagle 1 – 6 x 3.5 in Check Price
Vortex Viper HS-T 6 – 24 x 2.08 – 8.3 mm 4 in Check Price
Vortex Viper PST Gen II 5 – 25 x 2 - 10 mm 3.4 in Check Price
Vortex Viper HS 4 – 16 x 3.13 – 12.5 mm 4 in Check Price
Leupold VX-5HD 3 – 15 x 2.9 mm 3.7 – 3.82 in Check Price
Trijicon AccuPoint 5 - 20 x 10 mm Check Price
Burris Xtreme Tactical 5 - 25 x 2 – 10 mm 3.5 - 4.25 in Check Price
NightForce Precision Benchrest 12 - 42 x 2.9 in Check Price
Primary Arms Platinum Series 6 – 30 x Check Price

Top 10 Long Range Scopes for the Money Review

Long Range Scope review

Investing in more expensive scopes means you’ll be getting the pick of the litter. These are all constructed from quality materials and will stay with you forever. In our humble opinion, the choice scopes deserving your attention are:

1. Vortex Optics Strike Eagle

Vortex Optics Strike Eagle

Key Specification:

  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 18.5 oz
  • Length: 10.5 in
  • Width: 3.38 in
  • Objective Lens Diameter: 24 mm
  • Magnification: 1 – 6 x
  • Reticle: AR-BDC3
  • Tube Diameter: 30 mm
  • Battery Type: CR2032, Lithium 19.2 – 116.5 ft at 100 yds

Combat fanatics, this is for you. Defined by its excellent speed and adaptability, it’s simply the best. It permits you to readjust it to an impressive six power to lock a mark from afar.

  • Optics Type: With its high grade, multi-laminated optics, you’re guaranteed a premium show with crystal, clear vision, even in dim light. Their illuminated BDC reticle incised in glass features multiple lighting adjustments made for adaptability to various light settings. And if anything, you’ll be impressed by the crispiness of your fast focus dial that’ll be a real treat.
  • Water Resistant: To make you unstoppable, even in bad weather, the scope is constructed from waterproof, mist-proof, and shockproof elements. The O-ring restricts water, dirt, and grime from seeping into the binocular so you can function optimally.
  • Build Quality: It’s constructed from a tough build that tolerates force. And nitrogen gas is incorporated to limit clouding out from within, regardless of the external temperatures. If you’re planning to burn through a triple-gun stage, or getting in some range time, this impressive range sight will do it all.
  • Durability: Their extra-low dispersion glasses ensure durability while magnificently heightening the resolution and hue constancy to give you brilliant views. Because maintaining concealment while shooting is vital, their solid enamel glaze gives it a favorable dull finish to disguise your post.

The capped re-adjustable turrets afford swift rearranging to default after sighting without using any tools. Additionally, the corresponding mesh and turret analysis afford accuracy and agile discharge selection.

Skilled gunners require competent equipment to complement their skills to enhance their exploits, and this riflescope does just that.

Features & Benefits:

  • The XD Lens Element. A smooth image and high color fidelity are achieved with extra-low dispersion (XD) glass.
  • A fully multi-coated product. A special anti-reflective coating is applied to all glass surfaces of the air-to-glass connection to increase light transmission.
  • Illuminated Reticle: Accurately tracks targets even in low light


  • Affords quick and clear optical focusing view
  • Enhances color fidelity and exploits brightness
  • Maintains your position camouflaged
  • Versatile zoom range and impeccable magnification
  • Gives great shooting accuracy at variable distances
  • Ideal and tough structure affording prolonged resistance against decay, abrasion, and wear


  • The parallax-free feature is placed only at 100 yards

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2. Vortex Optics Viper HS-T

Vortex Optics Viper HS-T

Key Specification:

  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 22.6 oz
  • Fabric/Material: Aircraft Grade Aluminum
  • Length: 15.5 in
  • Height: 2.26 in
  • Objective Lens Diameter: 50 mm
  • Magnification: 6 – 24 x
  • Tube Diameter: 30 mm
  • Reticle Focal Plane: Second Focal Plane (SFP)
  • Exit Pupil: 2.08 – 8.3 mm
  • Field of View, Linear: 5.1 – 17.8 ft at 100 yds
  • Water Resistance Level: Waterproof

Primed for heightened hunting and tactical shooting antics, this beast of a machine dons an impressive MOA and is honed for accuracy, even at long ranges. Their superior, multi-coated, dispersion lenses deliver brilliant resolution and color clarity.

  • Optics Type: Declared a favorite among hunters and tactical enthusiasts, this model combines many of the finest elements in riflescopes to give you a leading optical system. The XR laminations afford heightened light focusing potential, while the tough coating insulates the lenses.
  • Benefits: Optimized for better precision and finger-adjustable clicks are the naked target-style turrets for your added benefit. The duplicable and reliable target-style windage and booster turrets feature subtension marks for improved and quick corrections.
  • Advantage of CRS Zero: Also featured is a CRS Zero Stop that permits the steady restoration to zero capability following brief elevation correction dialing. The fiber optic piece clicks on your zeroing yards and matches the other piece nearer your eye at the fore of your scope.
  • Magnification: An impressive 4x zoom affords magnification flexibility while the side focus parallax alteration gives excellent figure focus and parallax elimination.
    Durability: It’s body is constructed from dependable aluminum and is argon purged for internal fog- and waterproofing. A forgiving eye box with increased eye relief gets you on target quickly and easily.
  • Capability: The versatile and accessible riflescope will give you a superior experience in hunting, target shooting, or tactical applications. This type of reticle is also great for windy conditions and moving targets, unlike the traditional red dot reticle other scopes have.

Demonstrating epitomical efficiency, these rifle scopes deliver dual-purpose functions with superior flexibility, perfect for accurate holds at extended ranges.

Features & Benefits:

  • The Vortex Viper HST 6-24x50mm Waterproof Rifle Scope is ideal in long range performance from tree stands to mountain tops.
  • These riflescopes are machined from a solid piece of aluminum for strength, waterproofing, and straightness.
  • The Vortex Viper HST 6-24x50mm Fogproof Rifle Scope is equipped with durable, repeatable windage and elevation turrets built specifically for dialing and a hashmark based reticle for more precision in long range target


  • Highly Adaptable
  • Weather-proof
  • Great eye relief distance
  • Perfect for medium to long-range
  • Wide magnification range
  • Extremely durable
  • Turrets are very sturdy and easy to control
  • Great light transmission


  • Not ideal for beginners
  • Vision clarity can be better
  • Bulky

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3. Vortex Optics Viper PST Gen II

Vortex Optics Viper PST Gen II

Key Specification:

  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 31.2 oz
  • Fabric/Material: Aircraft Grade Aluminum
  • Length: 16 in
  • Width: 6 in
  • Height: 2.3 in
  • Objective Lens Diameter: 50 mm
  • Magnification: 5 – 25 x
  • Field of View, Linear: 4.8 – 24.1 ft at 100 yds
  • Optical Coating: Fully Multi-Coated
  • Weather Resistance: Yes
  • Water Resistance Level: Waterproof
  • Included Accessories: CR2032 Battery, 3in Sunshade, 2mm Hex Wrench

Taking extraordinary performance and substantial tactical features to new heights, this affords incredible flexibility, perfect for close and long-range shooting scenarios. Gunners fond of dialing their turrets for bullet drop and wind compensation will value the laser engraved turrets, adaptable parallax, and zero stop.

  • Optics Type: The thread optic torque index ensures you ease while monitoring your turret position. Shooters will be guaranteed to get highly functional, intuitive, and detailed hold points while maintaining clear optimal viewing. Additionally, they’ll get ten intensity levels with off positions between each setting.
  • Extra-low dispersion glasses incorporated increase the overall resolution and color fidelity for better performance.
  • For shooters looking to maintain control over all situations in short and extended ranges, this will afford a great advantage.
  • Weather Guard: Because they value a good performance, the designers constructed the scope from durable materials to keep your equipment in prime condition. An O-ring seal and argon purging keeps it moisture-proof and mist-proof, enabling you to function optimally even in wet weather.
  • Adjustments: The light dial is neatly integrated into the side focus adjustment knob for easier access and a centralized performance.
    Reliable and constant sub-tensions permit accuracy and ranging at all magnifications. Moreover, the illuminated provides precise aiming even with poor lighting; that way, you’ll be able to use it even at dawn and sunset.
  • Lenses Protection: The multi-laminated, antireflective coated lenses also enhance light transmission while tough coatings protect the lenses from scratches, oil, and dirt.
    Lastly, a tough anodized surface affords a low-glare matte finish and conceals the shooter’s position. Mount this bad boy and gain an unbelievable tactical edge in the field.

Features & Benefits:

  • See your target clearly in low light conditions.
  • Get the perfect shot at any distance.
  • Scope is waterproof, fogproof and shockproof.
  • 10 levels of intensity with off positions to customize your experience at the range.
  • Have a clearer view of the field or range.
  • Gain an unbeatable tactical edge over competitors with this scope


  • 100% water, fog, and shockproof
  • State-of-the-art illuminated optical technologies
  • The reticle is etched onto the glass for better protection
  • Works in any weather conditions
  • Lightweight and durable overall
  • Includes a parallax adjustment knob


  • Imperial units may be confusing for some

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4. Vortex Optics Viper HS LR 4-16×50

Vortex Optics Viper HS LR 4-16x50

Key Specification:

  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 21.4 oz
  • Fabric/Material: Aircraft Grade Aluminum
  • Length: 13.7 in
  • Width: 4.25 in
  • Height: 2.26 inField of View, Linear: 7.4 – 27.4 ft at 100 yds
  • Eye Relief: 4 in
  • Weather Resistance: Yes
  • Water Resistance Level: Waterproof
  • Shockproof: Yes
  • Fogproof: Yes

Want to extend your effective shooting range at distances where bullet drop and wind drift become critical? Then this one’s for you.

  • Build Type: Now, this scope was constructed with hunters in mind. Firstly, their capped windage turret perfectly maintains the scope’s sleek lines and prevents it from hanging on clothing, rifle cases, or pack scabbards.
  • Optics Type: You’ll be pleased to know that it also features an advanced optical system highlighted with a 4x zoom range for magnification versatility.
    Also incorporated is a forgiving eye box with increased eye relief that gets shooters on target quickly and easily. Built on an ultra-strong aluminum tube, you know you’re in for increased windage and elevation travel with necessary optimal adjustment.
  • Advanced Lens System: Their impressive Apochromatic Objective (APO) lens system uses index-matched lenses to correct color across the entire visual spectrum. Additionally, their customized hashmark design helps eliminate uncertainty on holdover and windage corrections.
  • Performance Variations: This makes it perfect for use at varying ranges where estimating holdover is a concern.
    It also comes stacked with useful convenience features. The anti-reflective coatings on all air-to-glass surfaces provide maximum light transmission for peak clarity and outstanding low-light performance. A handy fiber optic turret-rotation indicator provides a highly visible and tactile point of reference for turret rotations.
  • Adjustments: To simplify your life, they have also incorporated an amazing tactical elevation turret. This exposed elevation turret provides fast, accurate, and easily readable elevation adjustments to take your shooting to the next level.

For additional comfort, they cater to adaptable side focus. An adjustment mechanism located on the riflescope’s left side is made easily accessible from your shooting position, providing optimal image focus and parallax removal.

Features & Benefits:

  • Optical system highlighted with a 4x zoom range provides magnification versatility.
  • The Vortex Viper Scope has an ultra-friendly eye box with increased eye relief that gets shooters on target quickly and easily, because shooting opportunities can be measured in fractions of seconds.
  • Built on a ultra-strong 30mm one-piece machined aluminum tube, this scope is rugged and durable for any weather condition or hunting/shooting situation.


  • Ѕесоnd fосаl рlаnе rеtісlе fоr mіnіmаl ѕubtеnѕіоn quаlіtіеѕ
  • Fаѕt fосuѕ еуеріесе fоr ѕрееdу tаrgеt асquіѕіtіоn
  • 30 mm tubе bоdу for maximized internal adjustment and strength
  • Zеrо rеѕеt turrеt
  • Eхсеllеnt соlоr rеѕоlutіоn аnd fіdеlіtу
  • Fіbеr орtіс rаdіuѕ bаr
  • Convenient fаѕt-fосuѕ
  • Great pаrаllах ѕіdе fосuѕ


  • Неаvу

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5. Leupold VX-5HD 3-15x44mm Rifle Scope

Leupold VX5HD

Key Specification:

  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 19 oz
  • Fabric/Material: 6061-T6 Aluminum
  • Length: 13.5 in
  • Brightness Settings: 7
  • Adjustment Type: MOA
  • Adjustment Click Value: 0.25 MOA
  • Parallax: Side Focus
  • Optical Coating: Guard-Ion Rain Shedding
  • Attachment/Mount Type: Ring
  • Weather Resistance: Yes
  • Water Resistance Level: Waterproof
  • Field of View, Linear: 38.2 – 7.9 ft at 100 yds

Representing the pinnacle of in-house lens designs, this model system is built to deliver unbelievable image quality in the harshest of lighting conditions for a relentless performance.

It simplifies shots by eliminating the need for holdovers or ballistic calculations, by using a dial that is customized to your rifle and ammo.

  • Build Type: This scope is made for anything and everything. Its vast magnification range lets you take full advantage of any situation. Crank the power down to three for thick timber hunting, ratchet it up to 15 for your trek across the open plains, or go anywhere in-between during your range days.
    Undoubtedly, this beast of a machine has the versatility to dominate them all.
  • Light Management: Their Twilight Max HD, light management system adds up to 30 minutes of shooting light, best in class glare reduction, and edge to edge HD lens clarity.
    With their side focus parallax adjustment, you’ll enjoy fast, easy parallax focusing from any shooting position.
  • Durability: For high durability, you can rely on their guard-ion hydrophobic lens coating to protect your scope from scratches, moisture, and dirt.
    Furnished with an impressive body tube with incredible strength, explore a greater range of windage and elevation adjustment. When it’s time to pull the trigger, you’ll want the accuracy and additional elevation that the two-turn CDS ZeroLock 2 dials deliver.
  • Additional Features: Also featured is a proprietary Argon/Krypton gas blend, which nearly eliminates thermal shock, and reduces gas diffusion inside your scope better than the nitrogen technology.
  • Lenses Quality: In addition to superior optics, the lenses are produced with none of the environmentally damaging by-products typical to standard glass production.
    You’ll get an extremely vivid color, life-like clarity, and higher overall performance, thanks to the calcium-fluoride lenses. Also, these non-lead based lenses is that they’re lighter in weight.
  • Sensitive Reticle: Another cool feature is their sensitive reticle. It’s designed to automatically switch to standby mode after 5 minutes of inactivity, then reactivate whenever the rifle is moved. This eliminates the need for excess movement reaching for buttons while extending battery life.

Features & Benefits:

  • Waterproof and fogproof at 100%.
  • In addition to providing better resolution, improved contrast and superior optical performance, blackened lens edges reduce unwanted glare and diffusion.
  • A water, dirt, and fingerprint-shedding lens coating, Guard-Ion Rain Shedding Coating is available for lenses. The surface is extremely scratch resistant and durable.


  • Lightweight, rugged performance
  • 100% waterproof, fog-proof, and shockproof
  • Eliminates backlash and stress on the scope
  • Ballistic Aiming System for accurate long-range shooting
  • Unparalleled low light performance
  • Improved thermal-proof design


  • Pricey

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6. Trijicon TR23 AccuPoint 5-20×50

Trijicon TR23 AccuPoint 5-20x50

Key Specification:

  • Reticle Focal Plane: Second Focal Plane (SFP)
  • Exit Pupil: 10 mm
  • Field of View, Angle: 19.1 – 5.1 degrees
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 26.9 oz
  • Width: 2.9 in
  • Parallax: 10 yds to infinity
  • Lens Material: Glass

Extend your range in any lighting condition with this great riflescope. The design adjusts the brightness level and contrast of the reticle aiming point to current lighting conditions. Tried and tested, this model is perfect for tactical shooters, varmint hunters, and law enforcement snipers.

  • Build Type: Now, it also offers battery-free illumination (courtesy of fiber optics and tritium) and features easy-to-use external adjuster controls for windage and elevation adjustment. It remains incredibly eye-friendly over extended use when scoping and shooting.
  • Also featured is a standard duplex crosshair, which presents a vivid aiming point without the need for batteries. Their model also compensates for bullet drop and provides a reference for follow up shot compensation for enhanced accuracy.
  • Lenses Type: Multi-coated lenses provide superior clarity and light-gathering capabilities with zero distortion to give you the best shooting experience possible.
  • Weather Guard: Rugged all-weather construction protects against the toughest elements, ensuring tool longevity. Additionally, the second focal plane reticle maintains stability with an increase in magnification, providing accurate aiming. For all-weather protection, they are constructed from the rugged, aircraft-quality, hard-anodized aluminum body to enable you to take it out even in a bad climate.
  • Shooting Comfortness: Advanced fiber-optics speed target acquisition and extends available shooting hours to fulfill every shooter’s dream. Furthermore, the manual brightness override allows shooters to adjust the reticle to suit their preferences easily.
  • User Experience: An unmatched extended eye relief feature helps to protect you from the recoil of higher caliber rifles for a safer shooting experience. Its easy-to-use external turret controls for windage and elevation adjustment add to the scopes appeal.
  • Adjustments: Even more so, the included side parallax adjuster for enhanced accuracy at long range is sure to take your long-range shooting to the next level.
  • It flexibly accommodates various shooting positions and rifle configurations to suit your style superbly. Along with their purpose-driven design, they deliver impressive edge-to-edge clarity with illuminated reticles that provide a clear aiming with both eyes open for faster engagement.

For unbeatable brisk target acquisition, this reticle design is perfect for the most discerning hunters, ensuring quick ranging and holdovers.

Features & Benefits:

  • Easy-Focus Eyepiece.
  • Shooters’ individual prescriptions are accommodated by diopters.
  • The ability to aim confidently no matter what the situation.
  • Using Tritium and Fiber Optic technology, illuminated reticles are responsive to lighting conditions and therefore require no batteries.


  • Confident aiming in any light
  • Accommodates different shooting positions and rifle configurations
  • Adaptable adjuster styles to suit a variety of applications
  • Generous windage and elevation adjustment for maximum total travel
  • Ultra-durable for ensured reliability
  • Provides excellent light transmission, true detail with zero distortion


  • A bit bulky

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7. Burris Optics XTR II Rifle Scope – 5-25x50mm

Burris Optics XTR II Rifle Scope – 5-25x50mm

Key Specification:

  • Field of View, Linear: 4.3 – 21 ft at 100 yds
  • Eye Relief: 3.5 – 4.25 in
  • Weight: 32.1 oz
  • Fabric/Material: Aluminum
  • Length: 16.31 in
  • Width: 3.4 in
  • Height: 3 in
  • Lens Material: Glass
  • Optical Coating: Hi-Lume Multi-Coated
  • Weather Resistance: Fog Resistant
  • Shockproof: Yes

Designed for competition and tactical operations, this scope features a 5x zoom system, precision adjustments, and Zero Click Stop technology, helping you achieve maximum accuracy. All hand-fitted internal assemblies are triple spring-tensioned for absolute shockproofing, even under severe recoil.

  • Optics Type: With premium optical glass containing an index-matched multi-coat for light transmission boosting, you’ll get to enjoy a reduced glare and crystal-clear images. This makes it easier to distinguish animals with fur that blend in your environment.
  • Build Type: The nitrogen-filled body tubes are securely sealed to create a fully fog-proof and waterproof experience that will outperform the competition even in harsh climate conditions.
  • By utilizing a one-piece tube design, these scopes are incredibly durable and shockproof to handle the harsh recoil of your rifle. Plus, the triple internal spring-tension system lets the scope hold zero through recoil and vibrations.
  • Lighting Controlling: There are numerous reticle options to choose from to best fit your preferences, and all of the illuminated models have 11 brightness settings to accommodate your ambient lighting situation best.
  • Shooting Range: It’s perfect for long-distance shooting, with a clear, high-grade optical glass, allowing you to enjoy excellent and bright vision with lasting durability.
  • The incredible precision during maneuvers with an illuminated reticle that reduces the time to get on target in any lighting condition makes it perfect for target shooting.
  • Durability: It’s also an excellent rifle scope for its durability and versatility. The scope is made primarily from aircraft-grade aluminum and is designed to work in any type of weather.

You can choose between five different reticle types depending on your prior experience and preference, making this one of the more customizable rifle scopes for long-distance hunting on the market.

This scope also benefits from a set of excellent tactical turrets for windage, elevation, and parallax adjustment, which click clearly and rotate smoothly.

Features & Benefits:

  • This gun is designed for tactical and competitive rifle shooters who are serious, technical, and long-range shooters
  • As a result, the reticle size increases or decreases in proportion to the magnification selected; trajectory compensation, also known as first focal plane or FFP, is always accurate and proportional.
  • Parallax adjustment at 50 yds with ergonomic side focus. Long distance accuracy is improved by measuring to infinity


  • Can easily compensate for parallax
  • Has great lenses all around
  • Made to work in any weather
  • Very good windage and elevation turrets
  • Crystal clear vision
  • Great durability and versatility


  • A little heavy compared to many other scopes

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8. SWFA SS 3-15×42 Tactical

SWFA SS 3-15x42 Tactical Rifle Scope FFP Mil Quad Reticle 1/10 Mil Adjustments SS315X42MQ

If you demand rock-solid durability and crystal-clear glass from a brand you can trust for the best long-range scope for $1500, this is the scope for you.

This optic is rated to withstand the recoil from .50 caliber rifles and will make a perfect addition to either your next precision long-range setup or your new anti-material rifle.

  • Lenses Type: As with other high-end products, this scope delivers impressively clear lenses, affording you the best view while shooting. One of the notable points of this scope is the coating used on the lenses that are designed to enhance contrast and make spotting your targets easier.
  • Adjustments: Both the turrets and reticle are set in mRAD, so you can feel confident using both for adjustments either in the scope or on the fly. The turrets track perfectly, and you can get excellent elevation adjustment with the turrets once you’re zeroed. This means your scope will far out-shoot nearly every rifle cartridge in the market.
  • The scope comes with a throw lever for the power ring included making transitions to different targets faster while saving you an additional expense for the luxury.
  • Shooting Range: Experts recommend it as an excellent addition to long-range boutique cartridges so you can take full advantage of the extended range capabilities this scope provides. If you take long-distance accuracy seriously and want to head out hunting with your companions to take home new trophies, then this beast will come in very handy.

Ultimately, this optic is an excellent choice for long-distance shooting. Its durability, lightweight, and the illuminated reticle will all help you land your shot when it counts.

This scope sees a lot of use with both beginner marksmen and experienced hunters. It comes with impressive magnification settings and even better objective lenses for your benefit. These are great for both zooming in close to your target and zooming out to track them as they move.


  • Affords a great range of adjustability
  • Adaptable for use in any weather
  • Perfect for medium to long-range shooting
  • Wide magnification range
  • Reliably durable material
  • Speed and accuracy in all situations


  • Expensive

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9. Nightforce Optics 12-42x56mm BR Benchrest Series

Nightforce Optics 12-42x56mm BR Benchrest Series

Key Specification:

  • Objective Lens Diameter: 56 mm
  • Magnification: 12 – 42 x
  • Tube Diameter: 30 mm
  • Reticle Focal Plane: Second Focal Plane (SFP)
  • Field of View, Linear: 2.3 – 6.7 ft at 100 yds
  • Eye Relief: 2.9 in
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 36 oz
  • Length: 17 in

Whatever activities you might need your scope to fulfill, you can be guaranteed that this machine will perform it exceptionally. Their shooters are specialized for long-range and ultra long-range rearms.

  • Adjustments & Lenses: An adjustable objective also allows extra-fine to focus on adjusting parallax from 25 yards to infinity.
  • Target turrets are calibrated in true high-grade values and can be re-indexed to zero after sighting in. Their multi-coated objective lens provides the resolution necessary to distinguish fine detail at extremely long ranges.
  • Additionally, the precision scopes come equipped with a coil-plunger adjustment return system to maximize tracking accuracy and a quick diopter-style eyepiece for fast focusing.
  • A glass-etched illuminated reticle is included to generate high-quality ideal image contrasts. Another reason why this range of scopes has earned respect from many shooters is its unprecedented accuracy in the variable power scope.
  • Weather Guard: It’s been rigorously tested for perfection, maintaining impeccable speed and accuracy in all situations.
  • The sustainable quality from which it is made affords it complete water and weather resistance, allowing you to use it even in the harshest weather. Equipped with the best light management and resolution, you’ll manage great vision even at low light.

Each features a proprietary titanium beta erector spring that delivers three to four times the spring pressure than other scopes.
They’re also furnished with large, multi-coated lenses that provide the resolution necessary to distinguish fine detail at extremely long ranges. The eyepiece also provides fast reticle focusing.

Features & Benefits:

  • Elevation and windage with .125 MOA clicks
  • In a precision riflescope, light is managed and resolved to the greatest possible extent
  • Variable power scopes with unprecedented accuracy
  • The ability to react quickly and accurately in any situation


  • Waterproof, fog proof, shockproof
  • Comes with excellent BDC reticle
  • Adjustable objective allows you to eliminate parallax
  • Lenses are multi-coated for durability and clear views
  • Has great eye relief
  • Finger resettable turrets are easy to adjust


  • Thicker than other scopes

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10. Primary Arms PLx 6-30x56mm FFP – Illuminated MIL-Dot

Primary Arms PLx 6-30x56mm FFP - Illuminated MIL-Dot

Key Specification:

  • Objective Lens Diameter: 56 mm
  • Magnification: 6 – 30 x
  • Tube Diameter: 34 mm
  • Reticle Focal Plane: First Focal Plane (FFP)
  • Battery Type: CR2032
  • Battery Quantity: 1
  • Field of View, Linear: 16.6 – 3.3 ft at 100 ft
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 38.2 oz
  • Fabric/Material: A6061-T6 Aluminum
  • Length: 15.6 in
  • Width: 7.5 in
  • Height: 4 in

Whether you’re looking for a workhorse optic for tactical shooting, competition for your next hunt, the uncompromising clarity and quality of these rifle scopes will perform superbly.

Its compatibility with night vision accessories on the lowest setting makes it a great scope to combine with nighttime expeditions or tactical operations.

  • Adjustments: The design promotes set-and-forget zeroing for precise and repeatable click adjustments. Additionally, to protect your zero, the turrets have a locking feature.
  • This scope boasts a fantastic illuminated reticle. It also works great in full daylight hours on the highest setting. And it comes with a matching sunshade and flips caps for added value.
  • Shooting Range: Also, the minute center dot floats between the crosshair and guarantees a clear vision of your target even at long distances. To ensure that you take full advantage of its features, a handy manual is also included to maximize your experience. It also provides a wide range of use with different calibers at different ranges.
  • Aiming Point & Durability: The center aiming point is a chevron tip, allowing for an infinitely precise point of aim without blocking your target. For an optimum shooting experience, unobtrusive holdover grids are featured to offer unmatched long-range performance. Its lenses are coated for extra durability and better light transmission.

Furthermore, the scope as a whole is built with heavy-duty materials and top-of-the-line Japanese glass. It weighs over 38 ounces in total, making it a little heavier than average. But it’ll work in any weather.

Features & Benefits:

  • Glass of superior clarity from Japan.
  • No matter what magnification, the focal plane reticles remain true.
  • The tube is made of high-strength, heavy-duty material.
  • With the lowest two settings, the full red illumination is night vision compatible, and the highest setting provides natural daylight illumination.


  • The illuminated reticle is excellent all around
  • Made with durable materials and a hard-anodized black finish
  • Lenses are made with great clarity
  • Includes a few handy accessories
  • Multicoated lenses for durability
  • Light transmission is top-notch


  • A little heavier than average

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What You Need to Consider

Various considerations need to be made before purchasing an extended range of scope. These vary from caliber choice, optic preference, magnification range, and zeroing, among others. Let’s explore some of these considerations to help you choose the high-quality long-range scopes under $1500 that’ll suit you best.

Degree of Magnification

Degree of Magnification

The exact range that your gun can reach depends on the caliber of bullets that you use and the weapon itself. But your magnification settings also have a drastic impact on how accurate you can be at extended ranges.

For many rifles, magnification settings of around 10x or higher are a great starting point. Obviously, for lower-range weapons like a .22, this might be a bit overkill, but 10x is an excellent general target, particularly for novice hunters.

If you want a scope for a .22, you probably shouldn’t be reading this guide anyway. Folks who use even higher power firearms like the 6.5 Creedmoor, or even farther range weapons, will want magnification that can bring even more power to the table.

Many of the best long-range scopes will have upper magnification settings of around 20x to 30x.

Fixed or Variable Magnification

Some long-range scopes have only one magnification setting. These are called “fixed” scopes, while those that can flip through different zoom levels are called “variable.”

The fixed/variable difference is more of a preference than a factor that will drastically alter a scope’s price. You can indeed find many cheaper long-range scopes that only have one magnification setting. But plenty of affordable scopes also have loads of variation in their magnification.

We’d recommend variable magnification in most cases. This is useful since having the extra versatility to draw back your sight and see more of the terrain could be invaluable during specific hunting scenarios.

However, if you find a scope that has a magnification power setting at a range that’s ideal for your needs, there’s no downside to purchasing that model. Just be aware that you won’t be able to change how far the scope zooms.

Objective Lens

The objective lens size has a direct impact on how much light is allowed inside your scope’s tube. And the wider the lens, the more light is collected by the scope, and the better is your sight picture.

Bigger lenses create a brighter image for your eye and provide a wider field of view, even with high magnification power. Therefore, scopes that have high power magnification and a wide objective lens will let you see far away without compromising your field of view.

However, more substantial objective lenses will require a higher mounting on your rifle and are bulkier compared to scopes with smaller objective lenses.
A big lens might limit the types of weapons that you can mount on a particular scope. Besides, a big objective lens will alter the weight and balance of your firearm, although hunters who shoot from prone positions won’t necessarily experience this problem.

Try to balance the objective lens size of your chosen scope for your uses. Bigger is often better, but take care not to buy a scope that’s too big for your firearm.
We’ve tried to include scopes that do not have an excessively big objective lens.

Reticle Type

Reticle type is equally as important as the factors above. For starters, reticles appear on either the first or second focal plane.
First focal plane reticles will appear to change size as you switch between magnification levels. This function keeps the reticle’s estimation hash marks the same relative to the target, even if the size of the points appears to diminish.

They will always represent the same distance. First focal plane reticles don’t require you to perform quick mental math or guess as to the new values of those points.

Second focal plane reticles don’t appear to change even as you switch between magnification powers. These types of reticles are fixed at one magnification setting on a given scope: usually the highest power possible.
This design means that the estimation points on the reticle are only truly accurate for one zoom level.

Every other magnification setting will require you to adjust your estimates either with quick math or spatial guesswork. While this isn’t much of an issue with scopes that only have a few magnification settings to switch between, it can cause problems when switching from, say, 30x power to 12x power.

For these reasons, most experienced long-range hunters and shooters will prefer a first focal plane reticle more often than not. Although they take a little getting used to, they help maintain accuracy through a variety of magnification powers and don’t require you to guess as much.

The choice is ultimately your own, but remember that second focal plane reticles can be unwieldy on variable scopes.
Obviously, this point is moot for fixed power scopes since they only have one magnification setting anyway.

The scopes we believe are the best come in both first focal plane and second focal plane varieties. This way, you can find a scope that’s right for you, no matter your preference.

Many long-range scopes also have illuminated reticles. These can be great for accurate targeting in either low light conditions or the brightness of daylight.
Whenever a scope has an illuminated reticle, check to see how many different brightness settings come along with it. Various settings allow you to fine-tune the reticle for your eye.

BDC Reticles

Scopes that make use of BDC, or bullet drop compensation, reticles get a bonus point in our eyes. BDC reticles have a series of estimation points that are stacked in a vertical line directly beneath the center of your crosshairs.

These estimation points correspond to your rifle’s zeroed range and allow you to place a shot’s impact point at alternative ranges accurately.
Put simply, a 100-yard zeroed rifle with a BDC reticle might have elevation estimate points corresponding to 100 yards apart beneath the crosshairs. You can still fire a target at a 400yard distance using the BDC elevation points; use the third marking beneath the crosshairs as your aiming target and be amazed by the accuracy.

A BDC reticle is an excellent benefit to any long-range scope, and they don’t take much practice before you get used to them. While they don’t account for wind adjustments, they can take a lot of pressure off of elevation estimates.

BDC reticles are sometimes adjustable for different distance amounts, but they’re usually calibrated for specific ballistics, which is a downside. You won’t often be able to use the same BDC scope for different weapons firing different calibers of bullets.


The durability of your long-range scope often corresponds to how long it lasts. Durability is an essential factor when it comes to more expensive scopes. After all, you don’t want to purchase a brand-new model and have it fall apart after your first hunting expedition.

You should always look for scopes made with aircraft-grade aluminum or a similar sturdy metal for the body or main tube. These kinds of materials will last a lot longer than cheaper stuff and are often anodized or made to be rust-resistant.

An anodized coating is particularly remarkable since it decreases the glare of the scope can help you blend into your environment more efficiently, as well.
You should also check to see if the scope is water, fog, or shockproof. These scopes will be resistant to water, fog, and shock damage, so this kind of extra durability is a great advantage.

Moreover, you’ll be able to use these kinds of scopes in inclement weather and virtually any outdoor environment without worrying about them failing you.

Lens Coatings

Durability extends to the optics, as well. Some of the long range scopes will have optics made with a particular layer of Armortek coating or a similar material. This coating will prevent the optics from becoming scratched as quickly.

Other chemical coatings that might be placed onto your optics can improve light transmission across the board.
The more light that gets collected into the scope, the better your sight picture, so optics that can improve this factor are certainly better than their counterparts.

It’s usually a great idea to try to look for long-range scopes that have multicoated optics, combining both the protective and light transmission capabilities described above.

However, keep in mind that many scopes that have multicoated optics will be a little pricier than models that have optics with only one coating of material.

Eye Relief

The eye relief matters as well, particularly for rifles that have a lot of recoil with every pull of the trigger.
Eye relief is the distance between your eye and the scope where you can still see the full sight picture offered and thus maintain accuracy.
Try to find scopes that afford you at least 3.5 inches of eye relief at a bare minimum.

This will hopefully prevent you from accidentally receiving a bruise around your eye or on your brow as you lean in intently before taking your shot.
Remember to find a scope with even more eye relief if you wear glasses when you use your rifle.

How to Adjust Scope for Long Range Shooting

How to Adjust Scope for Long Range Shooting

At long ranges, errors in scope accuracy greatly affect magnification. When you zero your scope, you are aligning the sights of the scope with your rifle so that the bullet hits the target at a specific distance. Remember, a gun cannot be adjusted to change the bullet’s path; only the sight can be adjusted.

Mount Your Scope

There are different ways to mount scopes depending on the make and manufacturer of your rifle and scope.
Once mounted, make sure that the scope is level with your rifle. The vertical crosshair needs to be in perfect alignment with the vertical centerline of your rifle.

Adjust Your Eyepiece

An ideal eyepiece does not interfere with you getting a clear view through the scope. So, you should be able to easily adjust your eyepiece without any hassle. At the same time, it will protect your eye and socket area from injury or trauma due to the recoil.

Add a Bipod

It might be a good idea to use a bipod or stand. This helps maintain a position for any length of time, which can get tiresome. Also, a bipod will allow target sighting from a steady position.

Check the Turrets

Each click of the turret moves the impact of the bullet ¼ inch in the direction indicated.
This formula allows you to quickly figure out how many clicks you need to turn the turrets based on how many inches off you are from the target.

Tips for Shooting Long Range Accurately

Going back to basics will be a crucial aspect of improving your aim at a long-range. Finding a stable position from which to aim will grant you greater accuracy.

From a bench, bi-pods greatly reduce movement in your rifle as compared to balancing the gun on your arms/elbows. If you’re in the prone position, a sturdy backpack will give you support to place additional gear closer to you. Using a sand sock/bag under the buttstock will also increase your stability.

Looking out for scope shadow is a telling way to gauge properly. Scope shadow is a dark area that intrudes into your sight picture and denotes whether the scope is canted.

When your cheek is naturally resting on your buttstock, you should be able to look through your sight correctly.
Focusing only on the reticle and ensuring you have a sharp reticle will significantly improve your consistency when shooting long distances.

Finally, the last piece to consider is the trigger control, which starts with the proper placement of your finger on the trigger. The center of the pad or “meaty” part of your fingertip is the appropriate placement. Next, constant and repeatable pressure as you squeeze the trigger will ensure that the round will not be jerked.

Also, once the round has gone off, continued pressure should be applied for at least another full second. This is called follow through and is just as important as a good trigger squeeze.

Frequently Asked Questions

Mil or MOA?

The difference between the units of measurement above can matter a great deal. Judging distance between you, your target, and various estimation points are critical when it comes to long-range shooting.
Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference, which you can read better.

What is a spotting scope?

This is a telescope with high magnification, used for observing at long distances or for seeing detail at medium distances. They are ideal for watching slowly moving targets like floating ducks.

What is the best caliber for long range shooting?

Ultimately, distance plays the determining factor for which caliber will be most comfortable to shoot. The 6.5mm Creedmoor’s popularity has grown because of its light recoiling and high accuracy at long distances.

What accessories do I need for my spotting scope?

Steady binoculars are the usual companion for most shooters when shooting long range. A tripod to mount the scope is also a good idea for better stability.

How to best improve your long range shooting abilities?

Two of the most effective way are practicing and wind assessment. Take time to practice using dry-fire techniques at home, going back to basics. Secondly, developing a skill to predict wind drift, which most people lack, will give you an edge and make you unstoppable.

In Closing

Extended range shooting is acutely demanding, which is why it’s essential to equip yourself with the right tools to face the task. Arming yourself with the long-range scope on your budget, however, is guaranteed to make your experience ten times better.

With the appropriate accessories, you’ll be unstoppable, whether you’re clocking time in at the range or taking it to the wild.