How Long Do Trolling Motor Batteries Last?

The maneuverability of your boat can be really smooth if you have the right trolling motor battery. It is basically a packed unit coming with an electric motor, controls, and propeller, and fastened to an angler’s boat. It may be attached at the bow or the stern.

Electric trolling motors come with a power capacity of 12-volt, 24-volt, or 36-volt brushed DC electric engine. For using a power capacity of 12-volt profound cycle batteries planned explicitly for marine use. The propeller is equipped straightforwardly onto the prop shaft.

How long Does It Take To Charge A Battery Of A Trolling Motor?

The time it takes to charge a battery of trolling motor relies on the amperes upheld by the charger. The higher the amps the rapidly it gets charged. As a rule, AGM or deep cycle batteries require longer hours to get completely charged when contrasted with Lithium-ion batteries.

And the span of a battery run time relies on what sort of battery it is and how long does it stay re-charged. Notwithstanding, as a general guideline, the span of a battery’s charge is comparative with its utilization and size. If it is a bigger battery, it will last generally more without recharging.

Way To Charge & Maintain A Marine Battery


Insights of the Best Trolling Motor Batteries

The best trolling motor batteries are very beneficial for enhancing the workability of a trolling motor. For increasing the longevity and runtime of batteries of a trolling motor, you must buy the best one.

You need to have certain acknowledgement that can make the batteries long last–mainly, including; battery type, size, voltage, and peak power draw.

Type Of Battery

Trolling motors offer two types of batteries including lead-acid wet-cell and AGM batteries.

Lead-Acid Wet-Cell

Lead batteries are the most typical ones and come at a cheap price. These batteries can easily deal with draining and recharging. Lead batteries offer longevity of a minimum of one and half years. These batteries are sensitive to spillage and vibrations.

AGM Batteries

The absorbed glass mat (AGM) batteries are properly sealed and offer longevity of about 4 to 5 years. Likewise, these batteries have a longer run time on a single charge as compared to lead batteries. There is no stress of doing maintenance regarding this type of battery.

Size Of Battery

Whenever we talk about a trolling motor’s battery, a car battery comes in our mind. A battery of a trolling motor is more like a rectangular box that is generally 7 inches deep, 10 inches long, and 8 inches tall. It also has two terminals located on the top.

Battery size is genuinely significant as the connection between the exhibition of a battery and its size is genuinely relative. Where a bigger battery will work for longer hours, they can be excessively massive for kayaks. Finding some kind of harmony between the functionality of a battery and the size can be of more noteworthy advantage with regards to picking the correct size. The lightweight motor’s battery is more helpful with regards to taking care of and support.


It relies upon your prerequisite of trolling motor. Before making a purchase on a battery, consider the voltage necessities of your motor. When you know about the necessities you can without much of a stretch pick the correct battery with the correct voltage. 12 Volts or 24 Volts batteries are recommended for trolling motors.

Run Time

Run time is quite possibly the most essential part of picking a battery. Bigger batteries give longer use and consequently, you need to know your prerequisites while picking the best battery for your trolling motor. There are no particulars or speculations with regards to run time, just what you lean toward is what is important.

Amperage Hour Rating

Amp-hour is the rating- provides amperage a battery can accommodate for 60 minutes. In little batteries, for example, those are used in standard AA-sized batteries, the amp hour rating is generally provided in Milli-amp hours, or mAh. We prefer a battery of at least 100 amp hour rating for a trolling motor.

Run Time

Voltage Amp Hour rating



70 — 85



85 — 110



95 — 125

How To Get A Longer Run Time Of A Battery?

There are some ways that can make your battery run longer and these include the following:

Minimized Usage

Minimizing the pressure on the battery is very vital to enhance the runtime. Make sure to turn off all the unnecessary things including lights, fishfinder, and anything like this.

There are also some tips you need to follow:

  • Do not confuse battery types as these may include old batteries and new batteries as well.
  • You need to charge batteries at the earliest opportunity after each utilization as keeping batteries in a drained state will diminish their life span and execution.
  • Intermittently check wet-cell battery liquid levels and top-off depending on the situation.
  • After that, make sure to check terminal connectors occasionally for indications of erosion, and clean with a glue of preparing pop and water.
  • Keep batteries in a cool place and keep a stream charge.


The best trolling motor batteries must last longer, and you need to be very careful while buying one. For better Kayaking, consider important factors including type of the battery, recharging span, buildup, connectivity, voltages, size, and amp hour rating. You can get to a better purchase if you consider these factors.