Top 10 Best Gun Safe Under 1500 2023 – Buying Guide

Guns are sensitive things and you should not want to peer your child playing with them. Every year loads of kids get killed due to wrongly stored weapons. Apart from this, there is tons more motive to keep your guns properly. Gun safes are the first-class way to stable your weapons from any form of undesirable accident. They come with multiple degrees of protection to make sure the safety of your guns. Besides, they’re constructed with strong and thick materials to offer a heavy resistance against drills and cutting tools for the duration of a housebreaking attack. Nowadays, the majority of gun safes encompass biometric access, voice recognition, digital lock combination, etc. Advanced function to offer the best stage of protection to your firearms.

Another purpose why gun owners purchase safes? Someone who has a unique and high-priced gun series will certainly need to steady their prized possessions from thieves. If you’ve ever had your gun stolen, you know what I’m talking about. Believe me, owning a gun secure can save you the latter from happening.​

The main characteristic you need to search for the best gun safe under 1500 is the temperature resistance. The higher the temperature resistance, the better. But for whatever motive you decide to buy a gun safe, this evaluation is will help you make a clever decision and guide you towards investment in a terrific gun secure under $1500.

Things To Consider Before Buying


Don’t suppose that the larger the size is the better the safe will be. It truly relies upon the range or quantity of firearms you have got. If you have got a median variety of firearms then as opposed to going for the big size you have to cross for the first-rate and unique size. Some safes have removal selves and different options to beautify the indoor room so that some other valuables may be stored alongside the firearms. Large size or small size that simply can’t be a nice issue but you should purchase in step with your necessities. To fix your necessities first then restoration the dimensions and opt for it.



Factory guarantee is of the route a big benefit for you. But a poor quality safe regardless of comes with assurance or not should be enlisted to your list. So many gun safes are to be had within the marketplace with a protracted period of warranty but that doesn’t imply that they may be long-lasting. First of all, you need to make sure of the sturdiness and then you could search for the assurance. Safes constructing with long-lasting metals and also providing assurance can be your satisfactory selection. So don’t be persuaded by way of being satisfied with having assurance as a substitute be facilitated with both guarantee and sturdiness. In fact, if your safe has durability it does not need assurance at all.


I have referred to already that fine does now not depend on cash in phrases of the products like a gun secure. You can own an amazing gun safe within a completely particular price range. If you study earlier than going to purchase a gun secure you could find masses of advice about “Best gun secure under $100, Best gun secure under $500, Best gun safe under $300” and so on. So all you need to do is to be sure that you are not spending a large quantity on a low pleasant product. In this for fair price tag according to the quality pass for some famous and dependable brands who’ve been serving human beings by way of establishing themselves as a dependable source for a protracted time.



That is the big difficulty indeed! Quality of   a safe relates so many troubles for discreet attention such as frame production, Locks, Door metals, hinges, mounting, fireproofing potential, and so on. If any of these issues is lacking the pleasantness of a gun secure will impede certainly. Each and each of these options has to be consciously considered in order to make sure they are high-quality. Remember gun guarantees your safety and safe ensures gun safety and consequently your protection is ultimately ensured via the gun safe. So do not compromise with nice as you already informed that finances are only a factor however not an obstacle in buying an incredible gun safe.

Additional features

Every product will no longer function same alternatives and benefits instead of they arrive featuring options that fluctuate from merchandise to product and brand to brand. Therefore research and test are virtually an effective issue in this case so that you can have an overall concept of which brand offers what and which products characteristic what’s new. Some merchandise will make you virtually privileged featuring some additional options alongside the apparent ones. Some crucial features the satisfactory first-class secure have to have are described below:



Fireproofing gun security will protect your security from any type of affray for a certain period of time. Some safes have a long duration of resistance capability however not all safes have that. To test the resistance length while considering the fireproofing option. Generally, safes having sturdy frame creation provide a great-prolonged resistance length. Along with the resistance length diploma of temperature is also a totally crucial enormous issue in this case.

Biometric Access

This is the satisfactory locking option so far. With this locking gadget, you can resistant any surprising get right of entry to inside the fullest sense. It gives fingerprint locking which includes the optical or thermal scanner to memorize the fingerprint. It ensures the short get admission to when surprising happens by way of allowing you to have the access with just a punch. It accommodates a couple of fingerprints in case you need to proportion the get right of entry to some of your sincere fellows.

Strong construction


Body production of a secure ensures its durability and accelerates the safety potential alongside the lock. Fully-lined metal-made frame construction guarantees the resistance to any pry-open strive and boom fire resistance potential. Be positive that your safe has a complete metal frame creation or different strong metal production that is enough to make hopeless any intruder with their attempts.

More room inside

A decent interior measurement will let you prepare your firearms orderly so you can easily get them for your emergency. Apart from this, to shop your valuables and different necessary add-ons in conjunction with the firearms some safes provide extra room. Some safes will make you definitely facilitated by means of offering elimination shelves so that you can enhance and personalize the interior dimension consistent with your demands.

Thicker metal wall


Be sure the door of your safe is thick and constructed with solid metal. The secure walls also have to be constructed with fully-lined metal or different stable metals. If the outer creation of the safe is susceptible then it will not be a matter how strong your lock is. Because burglary cannot be resisted most effectively via the robust locking machine considering pry open strive could be an outstanding choice for the intruders as an alternative.

Top 10 Best Gun Safe under 1500


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  • Affordable
  • Terrific choice of size options
  • Advanced lock protection features


  • Bolt size could be a bit more secure

The Winchester organization was founded in 1866 in New Haven, CT. If you’re a gun fanatic with a nice collection of guns, I’m sure you’ve heard of this respectable name. Over the years, the corporation has efficiently produced popular firearms, rifle and spotting scopes, binoculars, and the main topic on this review: gun safes.

Consider a Winchester emblem in terms of investing in your next secure. With the Winchester Ranger Deluxe, you’ll get all-around extraordinary security at a fantastic price with top-notch capabilities and top-notch first-class.

This heavy responsibility secure weighs in at 560 pounds and has greater than 12 wallets to store additional accessories, in addition to your guns. There’s clearly no need to worry about an interloper breaking into this terrible boy with its 9 1.25-inch locking bolts. These are some of the best cheap guns safe. This is also the best priced gun safe.

In addition to the strong bolts, the Winchester Ranger makes use of a 12 gauge metallic plate with one-inch thickness — guaranteed to shield during a hearth for up to one hour at 1400 degrees Fahrenheit.

While some gun owners take into account this a high-priced safe, it’s absolutely the most inexpensive model made by means of Winchester. What’s fantastic about the Ranger Deluxe is the fact that the manufacturer offers the identical advanced lock protection capabilities used inside the pricier models. And they also offer you a selection of electronic and mechanical locks. This is a top-rated gun safe.

Each Ranger model comes complete with an accent door panel, adjustable cabinets, and auxiliary shelf covers. Whichever Ranger model you could choose, you’ll advantage a wonderful gun safe with top quality features at an awesome price. These are said to be the most secure gun safes.

Customer review’s

This product gets a 5 out of 5 for its best usage.


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  • Drill resistant steel plates
  • Protected by spring back locks
  • Offers a maximum of two combination locks


  • Relatively high price

Since 1981 the Mesa Safe Company has been a leader inside the safe industry. And for over forty years, Mesa has produced the best pleasant safes with all-metal creation. In addition, they most effectively use the highest first-class locking systems.

If making a decision to buy a gun secure with the aid of Mesa, you’ll get housebreaking and fireplace security that is particularly designed for multipurpose use — robbery and hearth emergencies. Designed with know-how by using a former locksmith, you could rest assured your valuables, guns, handguns, and files could be nicely covered for years to come.  These are considered high-quality gun safes.

The Mesa collection of all metallic construction housebreaking and hearth safe gives a selected design that mixes the security features of housebreaking secure and the warmth resistance of a hearth secure. The hinges of the gunfire protection secure are relentlessly strong and offer a strong metal plate this is certain to guard against the maximum excessive blaze.

The Mesa Burglary and Fire Safe function as a tough mechanical dial lock that is blanketed with the aid of a drill-resistant hard plate. The large one-inch diameter lives to lock bolts and durable heavy-responsibility hinges further deter from any ability break-ins. These are to be considered as best home gun safes. These can also be considered high-quality gun safes.

This agency gives a lifetime warranty however is limited to definitive damages. With this terrific security, you’ll get peace of thoughts fire protection coupled with strong metal creation and unremarkable hinges. There’s no threat a burglar will try to pry open this heavy-obligation gun safe.

Last but no longer least, the Mesa Burglary and Fire Safe will guard against a fireplace for up to 2 hours at a maximum of 1830 tiers Fahrenheit. Incidentally, hearth-resistant safes are designed especially for those that live in warm climates or in areas where wildfires are common.

Customer review’s

It is very reliable and works well for securing something important.


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  • Remarkable and reputable Steelwater quality
  • Fire protection up to 60 minutes
  • Exceptional customer service


  • No digital combination lock

Located in South Carolina, the Steelwater organization produces extra-large gun-safe nice-made gun safes with a couple of features, all at an inexpensive price. The proprietor of Steelwater has five years of enjoying in regulation enforcement later went on to examine the locksmith trade.

Years later he opened his personal lock and secure organization where he learned how to service, restore and open safes. With this revel in over a span of 22 years, he created a gun secure that is fireproof, drillproof, secure, and reliable.

Steel water stands behind their products and makes use of the simplest the best quality materials. All of their safes come with a lifetime fireplace and theft protection guarantee and the business enterprise will absolutely update the safe in the event that it is broken as the end result of a break-in or even if your secure gets broken in a fireplace.

The Heavy Duty 22 Long Gun Safe by means of Steelwater is first-class made, durable, and pretty attractive. Rugged and strong, this safe offers exceptional safety in your guns. Tough and hearth-resistant up to at least one hour, the door additionally expands to tightly seal the contents of the secure. It can be considered the best long gun safe for the money of less than 1500.

With indoors cabinets both detachable and adjustable, you can without difficulty station 14-18 long guns. And without the shelving, you can healthy as much as 22 long guns, simply as its call states. The drill-resistant door is secure and the 12 gauge steel lets in the safe to look unbreakable tough.

Although this secure is heavy (555 pounds), it’s no longer the heaviest one on the market — and it’s virtually now not portable, but it’s going to live put. The company clearly recommends fastening this secure into position the usage of the covered bolt holes. At 555 pounds, you don’t want this secure to fall and harm its contents or you!

Customer review’s

Customers said that this is a secure safe, highest rated gun safes and gives exceptional support for gun safekeeping.


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  • Multiple pockets to keep your firearms safely stored
  • Customizable interior for your needs
  • Molle strips for ammunition and valuables storage
  • The factory storage door is included
  • Additional keys included


  • Keypad sometimes may not work properly

The Stack-On Armorguard 40-Gun Safe comes whole with a digital lock machine which includes a working light for opening, low battery, and access errors capabilities. So in case you input your passcode incorrectly three times, it will routinely time out.

This safe is fire-resistant for up to 30 minutes at 1400 tiers Fahrenheit. Also equipped with a four-manner locking gadget and 1.5-inch tapered live-locking bolts for added security, the Stack-On 40-Gun Safe capabilities an electrical socket for charging.

The out of doors body of this Armorguard 40-Gun Safe is coated with black end paint and is silver-lined. It has great features which include backlit, automated lock, and visibility of numbers without electricity. The interior features carpeted barrel rests and a factory-set-up door organizer with pouches, and consists of cubicles for gun storage and the rest for other vital accessories. This is considered in the top 10 gun safes.

The Stack-On Armorguard 40-Gun Safe best gun safe under 500 is California Department of Justice approved and gives you first-rate confidence to keep your guns secure from fire, theft, and unauthorized users. This is one of the best inexpensive gun safes.

Customer review’s

People give it 4.5 for its workings because it’s a gun safe under $500.

5. V-line Brute

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  • Provide quick access with keyless push button lock
  • Anti-pry clamshell design with ¼ inches pre-drilled mounting holes
  • 12 gauge handle lock protection and 360 degree clutch knob
  • Customizable foamed interior


  • Body construction could have been a bit stronger
  • Interior relocking system could be included

This is a superb wonder from V- line, particularly for pistol and handgun users. This first-rate “Brute” quick get right of entry to container protects your weapons and valuables from mishandling with its sturdy frame construction and brilliant security system. Being constructed with 10 gauge stable metal this pistol container is fairly capable to fight returned to any pry-open attempt bolted right down to the strong ground. It comes with a push-button lock consisting of heavy 12 gauge handle lock protection. It can be considered in the best gun safes under 1000.

Other critical troubles are consciously included together with outsized lock block and deadbolt in addition to the 360-diploma rotation grab knob. It is designed with rugged textured tactical black powder coating. For extra protection heavy-obligation, gas-related commencing strut including notable duty welded pin assisted hinges. The top gun safes under 1000 foamed customization interiors are fair enough to protect the stored guns and accessories from outer strain and attacks. Mounting holes and silk-screened together with the laser-cut accent logs make it a really perfect one to purchase.

Customer review’s

This is a very good gun safe for house use and provides everybody great security also the best safe under 1000.

6. Stack-on SS-22-MB-E

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  • The huge interior capacity allows to store up to 22 rifles and shotguns
  • Carpeted interior and steel locking bolts
  • Electronic locks provide quick access
  • Concealed hinges for greater access
  • Removal shelves to enhance the interior
  • Low battery warning


  • No interior spring-loaded lock

Stack-on has been an honest hub in phrases of gun optical and security for a protracted time. This heavy-duty gun safe comes with an Electronic lock that provides a brief get right of entry in the occasion of an emergency. It is tasted by way of the California Department of justice firearm safety gadgets and listed because the safest shelter of guns and other valuables by way of meeting the requirements of California penal code 12088.

It makes you facilitated with 2 way locking inclusive of the 1” live locking bolts with the extra than 6 locking points. To guard any outer catastrophe the interior is fully carpeted. The biggest advantage you will have with this security is the large interior potential where you could save as much as 22 rifles alongside the other valuables accessories.

The shelves are customization and you could beautify the interior space according to your needs. Other necessary troubles which include steel locking bolts for extra security, commencing operational mild and hid hinges for accelerating the access to the contents were consciously included. These are considered to be the best small gun safe.

Customer review’s

It’s a very good and efficient gun safe.

7. Canon safe All Rifle 5936

Cannon Safe All Rifle 5936 All Rifle, Charcoal Grey

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  • Huge interior allows up to 42 guns storing capacity
  • 45 minute fire rating
  • Locking bolts and interior hinges for greater security
  • Electronic locks for easy access


  • No interior light

It can be your ace in the hole within a very modest budget. The product has possessed nearly all the necessities extra or fewer other high-priced ones have. This guarantees unbeatable security for your weapons and valuables presenting electronic locks along with 4-inch locking bolts. For extra access, it additionally comes with tru-lock internal hinges and for more protection, it possesses the triple hard plate that protects the principle lock from any pry open try and therefore resists burglary. As an aspect note, it offers a 45-minute fire-resistant capability. The good cheap gun safes interior shelving allows retaining the rifles prepared and is derived with a chrome three-spoke handle. With this best gun safe under 1000 large indoors capacity you may shop and prepare a complete 42 massive and small rifles and handguns.

Customer review’s

It’s best to the budget gun safe. It provides good security with good cheap gun safes.

8. Steelwater AMLD593024

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  • Interior LED that ensures easy access even in the low light condition
  • Keypad light
  • Fire and drill resistant
  • Internal spring-loaded bolt locking
  • Durable construction and thick door
  • Huge interior


  • Irremovable interior shelves
  • Keypad lock

This is another tremendous durable and secured gun safe from Steelwater. Without a doubt, it is going to be your worthiest funding and maybe the nice gun secures below 1500 dollars. Like the preceding ones, it also possessed almost every minor and major option and has not left any threat for burglar and any surprising disaster. It comes with a keypad lock that provides an EMP-proof digital keypad along with a keypad light that ensures fast access even inside the low light condition. It can be considered the best gun safe for the money under 1500.

This fireproof safe has a 1-hour fire-resistant functionality at 1875°F. To defend the guns and valuables from any pry-open tries 20 solid metallic locking bolts that are sufficient length to be most powerful are included consciously. This extraordinary durable secure built with 12 gauge stable metal with composite built 5 1/5 “ thick door includes three layers of fireboard. It gives a large interior capacity that lets you save up to 22(111/11) lengthy guns max and in a mean 14-18 lengthy weapons with different valuables.

A drill-resistant difficult plate is there to shield the lock from any unexpected attacks or punches. For greater security, the inner spring-loaded pre-locking machine is likewise there. For clean mounting, ½ diameter anchor holes 1 ½ “ metallic locking bolts, thirteen chrome activated bolts including 7 additional inactive bolts are consciously covered.

Customer review’s

Secure and safe with some of the best affordable gun safes.

9. Steelwater AMEGS59226

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  • Strong body and door construction with 1-hour fire resistance and drill-resistant hard plate.
  • For extra security interior relocking system in the case, the main lock is punched or being pry opened.
  • Anchor bolts for easy mountain and other necessary hinges and bolts are consciously added.
  • Up to 16 ( 8/8) guns can be stored with others valuables


  • If coming with a biometric locking system would be better
  • No chances for interior storage extension as the shelves are irremovable.

Our first performer is Steel water gun best gun safe under 1000 dollars secure which has left no single choice you have preferred to have. This drill-resistant and fireproof gun secure comes with a drill-resistant difficult plate and 1 hour fireproofing at 1875°F. Its durability is beyond query as it’s far constructed with 14 Gauge metallic with a frame composite 5” thick door together with 2 layers of fireboard. To ensure the highest security and withstand any pry open attempt this safe possessed a door seal to seal out the smoke and water and make bigger thickness inside the invent of fire.

The door is robust at the equal time smooth to guard the indoors from any outer attack. To combat back in opposition to any burglary attempt an inner spring-loaded re-locking device is there. But the burglar could have a totally little risk because the drill-resistant tough plate is likewise there to defend the primary lock from being drilled. The locking machine will make you facilitated with its easy but tough protection offering E.M.P proof digital keypad with the 3-eight digit programmable user codes which include the double-bitted and drill resistant bypass key.

Other minor but essential troubles include Interior LED light, fully carpeted interior to keep secure the indoors accessories from outer pressure, metallic constricted shelves, for clean mounting ½ diameter anchor hole and 1.5” diameter 10 locking bolts and 7 chrome plated with 3 inactive bolts to make certain the last locking security.

Customer review’s

People said that easy and secure to be used the best gun safes on the market. It’s also easy to install in your home.

10. Vaultek VT20i Biometric

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  • 16 gauge heavy-duty carbon steel construction.
  • Advanced digital security features include a fingerprint lock and combination lock.
  • Smartphone app for lock and unlock as well as check the charge and log history.
  • Two physical keys if the user doesn’t want to use the advanced lock features.
  • Additional backup keys to access if the key is forgotten.
  • Mountable at any surface for extra security.


  • The Bluetooth software is not so functional

The VAULTED VT20i Biometric Handgun Safe comes with a lot of digital features to maintain your guns safe. It is a perfect desire for the ones who handiest want to shop one or two handguns and often want to travel with them. Through it is small and transportable secure it has enough strength to provide the best degree of safety for your guns. It has a biometric scanner that can preserve fingerprints for up to 20 distinctive people. This is truly a handy characteristic to allow all the adults of the family to get access to the gun every time needed. There is also a clever app with this app that lets you lock and free up the security as well as take a look at the charge from your cellphone screen. There is likewise a virtual keypad aggregate lock for ensuring top-stage safety.

The VAULTEK VT20i Biometric Handgun Safe runs on a chargeable lithium-ion battery which can offer a four-month large battery backup. There is likewise a set of laser reduce backup keys which can help you get admission to the gun despite the fact that the battery dies. The gun safe is transportable but you could additionally mount it in a secure vicinity for added safety. The body of the gun secure is constructed with 16 gauges heavy-duty carbon metal which makes it nearly impossible to break out. The VAULTEK VT20i Biometric Handgun Safe is a perfect preference for unmarried handgun owners at a low-priced price.

Customer review’s

This is the best gun safe under 1500 good and secures the best portable gun safe safe choice for gun safety.


After reading the above reviews, it have to be easier for you to pick out a suitable gun secure. All the gun safes mentioned above come with notably protective capabilities and solid constructions. As a result, you can cross for any of them primarily based on your price range and desired size. There are many premium gun safes. However, in case you are nevertheless in confusion and want us to indicate one to your weapons than we will advise you the Steelwater Heavy Duty 22 Long Gun Safe. This is usual the best gun secure beneath 1500 in our list and ideal for storing a big variety of guns at a time. It will offer your weapons with the high quality possible protection in a mid-range price range.

However, when you have one or two small handguns that don’t require loads of room then we will advocate you cross for the V-Line Brute Heavy Duty Safe. The small-sized compact gun safe is constructed with superior substances and come with all of the required security functions though to be had at a cheap price. We have provided some good suggestions for lowest price gun safes.  These are only 10 gun safe fireproof but we will welcome more suggestions best gun safe manufacturer as well as best gun safes on the market and also some of the best gun safe brands. As gun owners, there are many factors to keep in mind before you purchase a quality-made gun safe. There are many options for best portable gun safe and highest rated gun safes. Do you want one that is transportable or one this is rigid and will stay put? Electronic or manual lock? Ten guns or fifty? Bells and whistles or plain and simple?

There are multitudes of gun safes to be had and all of them serve an equal purpose: to properly store firearms and keep them away from unauthorized users. For this review, I’ve found four brilliant ones, but if I had to select the exceptional best gun safe under 1500 that has it all, it would be the Steelwater Heavy Duty 22 Long Gun Fire Protection Safe.

You will find that all of those gun safes have beneficial features, however, after reviewing closely, they’re just not pretty as good because of the Steelwater Heavy Duty 22 Long Gun Safe. It may be expensive, however, it’s so well worth it. There are many best bedside gun safes. There may be some more cheap fireproof gun safes and also extra-large gun safes.

Steelwater has such nice popularity and dedication to their customers, and compared to the other alternatives on this review, this secure absolutely ticks all the boxes. It’s truly an average tremendous preference for your next gun-safe investment.

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