PPQ vs. P10C Handgun – 2023 Comparison


Are you looking for a reliable and accurate handgun for home defense or competitive shooting? You’re just in the right place; this guide will give you a glimpse of two of the best pistols on sale– the PPQ vs P10C. Both of them are manufactured by different well-known companies, but they have something in common. … Read more

9 Best Holographic Sight 2023 Review – New Edition

Best Holographic Sight Review

If you’re using your firearm for long-range shooting, you can do well with attaching a holo sight. These devices increase your focus on the target and allow for accurate shots. There are many kinds of optics to choose from in the market. You’ll find red dot sights, holographic sights, and the most common reflex sight. … Read more

10 Best Scope for 600-800 Yards 2023 – Reviews

600-800 YARDS rifle scope

If you’re planning to include hunting or tactical shooting in your hobby and you opt for the long-distance range, then you need the scope for 600-800 yards. It is a sighting device that can provide you with a wide array of magnification settings to be flexible enough in whatever conditions. In choosing one, you need … Read more

10 Best XDM Trigger Kit 2023 Review – New guide

XDM Trigger Kit Review

A gun’s trigger plays a vital role because of the many ways it helps improve the overall experience. Gun owners can adjust the Best XDM Trigger Kit to improve accuracy and precision, as well as the ‘feel’ when shooting. However, if the pull of the trigger isn’t smooth, crisp, and quick, it can be quite … Read more