7 Best Sensor Cards 2023 – Buying Guide

The innovations of sensors in a card are the fabulous choice for the creation of secure and easy to use a card. By using this, customers will free of tension from seamless hardware combination and maximum industrial design freedom for fastly create day-to-day applications.

Factors Should Be Considering Before Buying the Sensors Card

Accuracy and precision 

Before purchasing any product of a sensor card, you should consider how closely the sensors detect the data of a card.


Many sensors cannot do their work accurately or might be effect by non-ideal conditions. So, you must have checks out that the present sensors in a card that do processes in environment condition.


Always choose such a sensors card that can easily convert physical energy to electrical energy and never create any errors in processing.


It is preferable in a modern system that the instrumentation system converts analog to digital data. So, ensure that the sensor cards detect and change the data to digital data without making any trouble.


When it’s a matter of the processing, then you choose a product of sensor card and make sure that the process of sensing and conversion of data done without any error.

It’s all about one touch, one you.

Card with the sensors is like conversion sheets that convert into visible light from invisible radiations. They are essential for the alignment of UV and IR lasers and laser components, offering a wide range of wavelength and power level to the sensor card.

If you think that How Many Sensors in A Card? Then you must consider that there are multiple sensors in a card, and there are many products of sensor cards like:

  • IR Beam Viewers and Sensor Card
  • High Power Infrared Sensor Card
  • Ultraviolet Sensor Card
  • FRONIUS Sensor Card
  • Optical Sensor Card
  • & Many More

Top 5 Products of Sensor Cards

1. High-Temperature Infrared (IR) Sensor Cards-980 nm to Green


  • High sensitivity and damage threshold
  • Cover wide spectral ranges
  • No bleaching and activation needed

Product Description.

This infrared sensor cards have many emission, excitations, and sizes. Its detection sensitivity is 50-100 MW and working with the principle-infrared up-conversion substrate-plastic laminated. This card is made with efficient up-conversion phosphor and used in many consumer applications.

  • “People love this infrared sensor card, and some use it to sense IR on fiber optic cable to protect their eyes, and they love their work.”

2. 850 – 1550nm Infrared Detection Card (Sensor Card)


  • It safely enables you to detect the presence of invisible infrared light.
  • It points out the fiber optic cable or any other light source at the sensor card that whether the infrared light present or not.

Product Description

This card optimized for wavelength between 850nm ~ 1310nm, and by using this, you will visually detect an infrared light presence when a light shined upon this card. Without harming your eyes, it will detect the presence of infrared light.

The size of this card is bigger than a credit card (108*65mm), and the paper holder of a sensitive-pad is smaller (81*41mm).

  • “Customer loves this product, after using this because with its 10G-SR, and LR optics it works like a champ, and it also best than an old method of holding a piece of paper. And to eliminate the dumb stuff, it’s a great time-saving tool.”

3. HILETGO RFID Kit – MI Fare RC522 RF IC Card Sensor Module + S50 Blank Card + Key Ring for Arduino Raspberry Pi

Amazon.com: Guhui RFID Kit - Mifare RC522 RF IC Card Sensor Module ...


  • It has durability and low cost
  • Ensure stable, reader distance, and reliable work
  • It is easy to use & can be loaded into many reader molds
  • Suitable for the users who want to design the RF card terminal

Product Description

This product integrated to read and write chip that is to contactless communications, and it is the best choice for portable handheld devices development and smart meters. It potentially handles framing and error detection. It supports up to 424kbit/s transmission rate.

  • “People love the MI Fare RC522 because it made by the best manufacture and has a reasonable price. People also swap this with MISO and MOSI pins, and they found the perfectly swapping of this. It is a great setup because it leaves all the GPIO pins on the Pi free to use with sensors and motor boards etc.”

4. Infrared (IR) Sensor Card-Wide Wavelength Detection (800-1800nm) Credit Card Size


  • Sensitive and easy to use
  • Reasonable price
  • Superior quality

Product Description.

This infrared sensor cards have specific excitations – 800 -1800nm emission and credit card size. Its detection sensitivity is 50-100 MW and working with the principle-infrared up-conversion substrate-paper. This card is made with efficient up-conversion phosphor and used in many consumer applications. And for getting the best-performance, expose a card to the sunlight for a short period.

  • “People like the function of this sensor card and mostly used this in an industrial sector on fiber optic cable for the safety of eyes, and they love its work.”

5. Sun Meter UV Sensor Card – 6 Cards, Plastic Cards


  • Reversible color present
  • Reusable
  • Easy to carry
  • High-quality product
  • Monitor UV intensity anytime, anywhere

Product Description

With the time the skin or health problems is appear, this credit card size UV meter sensor card designed with remarkable UV sensitive strips. When the UV radiation exposed for only 10 secs, it changes its color from white to purple. It designed to react to the wavelength of lights between 290-325nm.

  • “This UV meter card tested by the people, and they like this card work because it performs too good as a UV indicator. It is a reusable card and instantly changed color in the UV radiation or sun.”

Sensors in a card is a technology to secure storage and authentication. Its emergence and application are also everywhere, and nor this, it also enhancing storage, security, and protection. Sensor cards have computational, communication, and networking capabilities, and they perform their function perfectly.