Geissele Ssa 2023 – Review & Complete Buyers Guide

Getting that perfect and comfortable grip on your rifle’s trigger is a phenomenal feeling. You might be a hunter or part of a law enforcement organization. Whichever force you are a part of, it is of utmost importance that you acquire a quality trigger.

Not only should the trigger assure your finger’s comfort, but also it must provide the same consistent results with each pull. For this reason, we have selected an appropriate trigger for your convenience.

Our Geissele SSA review will cover all the necessary and essential features of this super-semi automatic trigger.

Geissele SSA Review

This particular trigger contains impressive features that will ensure that your firing experience is satisfactory. Instead of a single-stage trigger, this includes a two-stage trigger. The operating system of this trigger will provide you a break after setting the first stage.

Furthermore, the bow of this trigger has a curved shape.

This curved shape provides your fingers with a comfortable yet secure balance. It is also a versatile product that works with several types of rifles like .223 AR-15, 5.56 AR-15 rifles, or .308 AR-10 rifles.

Additionally, the core component of this trigger is a heavy-duty steel material.

Therefore, you will be experiencing profound durability.

You can rely on this trigger to last a long period without its performance deteriorates over time.

The primary material of this product provides longevity.

However, we understand it can be tough to comprehend the functions of a complex trigger like this.

Hence, let us get into the features of this product that make it stand out among the other market triggers.

Two-Stage Non-adjustable Trigger


Its non-adjustability is the most crucial feature of this product. This trigger involves two distinct firing phases. You can effortlessly understand the timing of your firing. As a user, this allows you to pinpoint your targets even more intricately.

Essentially, with traditional one-stage triggers, you do not get the extra break.

However, with a two-stage trigger, your weapon will discharge only after hitting the first break wall. By measuring this trigger-breaking movement, you can improve your accuracy significantly.

Even though you can avoid the hassle of breaks in between shots with conventional triggers, it is still wiser to use a weapon that allows you to have control over your finger movement.

Curved-Shaped Trigger Bow


The shape of your weapon’s trigger can remarkably change your shooting standard.

Geissele SSA comes with a curved shape that maximizes your fingers gripping ability. You also get a comfortable yet locked finger position.

Essentially, this shape will allow you to shoot continuously without any sudden slip.

You can prevent accidental shots from happening with this ergonomically shaped trigger.


The core component or building block of this trigger is a heavy-duty tool steel. Tool steel is mainly a mixture of alloy and carbon steel. It is also notable that this trigger is EDM wire cut from that combination of steel.

With conventional cutting tools, producing intricate designs of a trigger can be challenging. On the other hand, the EDM wire cut creates precise patterns without destroying the trigger’s material.


The most important feature of any trigger is its capability of retaining good accuracy.

The manufacturers have efficiently created this trigger. You will instinctively reach for the same position of the curve-shaped trigger each time.

Therefore, even during stressful situations, you can maintain the same level of accuracy.

Ultimately, this precision will terminate the possibility of frequent accidental shots.

Compatible Parts


Let us summarize all the parts that come with this trigger.

• Initially, you will find a hammer spring with this device. This spring allows the device to signal and commence a quick lock-time. Which further activates the ammo ignition.

• You will also find some adjustment screws that will not become loose automatically.

• All the springs will be in a confined position.

• With all weapons, you will find that there is a safety component. You can effortlessly install this trigger without additionally removing that safety element. These are the basic structures that you will find in your trigger.


  • ̌Can disassemble the trigger for cleaning easily
  • Perfect for mid and close-quarter combats
  • Provides excellent shooting accuracy
  • Two-stage trigger will give you reliability
  • You can achieve compatibility


  • Non-adjustable
  • Relatively expensive for some users

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an SSA trigger?

SSA or super semi-automatic trigger is a type of trigger that allows you to check your precision and accuracy before shooting. There is a two-stage feature for its automatic mechanism that will enable you to partial control instead of automatically shooting.

Is this trigger too heavy?

As with any triggers, the weight factor matters significantly. Geissele SSA triggers weight 4.5 lbs.

Therefore, it is neither heavy nor lightweight, and it has a medium level of heaviness.

Your hands will get used to their grip quickly. Although, switching from this trigger to another one might create some adjustment issues.

Are SSA triggers adjustable?

No, SSA is non-adjustable. With this type of feature, you can ensure a smooth break between shots. Automatic weapons have an adjustable trigger that provides continuous shots.

However, for a more precision-based option, you can go for this non-adjustable trigger.

How safe is it to use this trigger?

It is super safe. The whole purpose of creating a two-stage non-adjustable feature is to ensure that the user can safely maintain balance over the trigger.

During stressful events, often adrenaline rush can cause misfiring. The springs are locked in positions to avoid such unwanted situations, and you can catch a break between multiple shots.


All in all, this is an excellent non-adjustable trigger that allows you to maintain breaks in between firing and provides a proper grip. Hopefully, our Giessele SSA review has given you a clear idea of its functions.

Now, unlike using weapons with a single-stage trigger, you can maintain control over your weapon.