Daniel Defense vs. BCM – What’s the Difference?

If you’ve been part of the firearm community, you’ve probably encountered people arguing about what’s better, Daniel Defense or BCM. Both are fantastic rifle manufacturers with an outstanding track record of producing premium firearms. However, to the uninitiated, the two can seem very similar. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to compare the two producers, identify the differences and maybe end the age-old “Daniel Defense vs BCM” debate.

We’ll examine each brand thoroughly and review some of their best rifles to better understand what makes them unique. Afterward, we’ll compare them both directly.

So then, let’s scope into the comparisons Daniel Defense vs BCM!

Daniel Defense Rifle

Daniel Defense Delta 5 Bolt Action Rifle Review

Not many rifle companies are as big as Daniel Defense. This gives the Georgian company a significant advantage most of its competitors simply don’t and can’t afford to have.

You see, this brand makes most parts of their guns themselves. Components such as the barrel are master crafted to maximize their compatibility with the rest of the gun.

This is why guns from Daniel Defense are extremely optimized in a way that most of their competitors can’t be. Their level of performance is nothing short of astounding.

You’ll be able to tell as soon as you squeeze the trigger for the first time. As parts are built specifically for the guns, they are put together incredibly well.
Moreover, you’ll hardly see a broken Daniel Defense rifle since it’s so well put together. Of course, this also means that it’s hard to disassemble and even harder to reassemble.

So, it lacks in some customizability. Furthermore, the self-manufactured parts make the guns more expensive. However, at the end of the day, Daniel Defense Rifles are well worth the money.

Recommended Daniel Defense Rifle to Buy

Okay, so we have an idea of what Daniel Defense can offer, but that’s not enough. We need to go in deep to compare it to the BCM rifles. So, let’s review some of their greatest rifles to get a better grasp of what they offer.

Daniel Defense DDM4 V7 Semi-Auto Rifle

Daniel Defense DDM4 V7 Semi-Auto Rifle

The moment you lay your eyes upon the DDM4 V7, you’ll bear witness to master craftsmanship unique to Daniel Defense. Everything about this semi-automatic is precision-engineered to be the deadliest weapon you could ever get your hands on.

This entire rifle is outfitted with top-tier aluminum along with the Mil-spec upper and lower to offer increased durability at a lightweight. In fact, overall weight efficiency is one of the DDM4 V7’s best features. It manages to stay relatively light despite how much firepower it can dish out with every shot.

The stock is hollow but heavy enough to maintain the balance of the rifle while also reducing its weight. As for the barrel, it’s made from chrome-moly vanadium steel.

This gives it the strength to constantly shoot high-caliber rounds like they’re nothing. The barrel is after all, custom-made by Daniel Defense to offer the best performance it can.

Want to mount a scope? Sure, you can place it anywhere along the uninterrupted Picatinny rail that starts from the receiver all the way to the handguard. This way, you can place a scope that suits your personalized taste the most. What makes this rifle feel distinct from ‘Daniel Defense’ is its durability.

Nearly every part of this rifle was made to complete a specific set of functions. They act as the perfect cogs to the machine, granting the DDM4 V7 the versatility, strength, and features to be the ultimate rifle.

However, that also means the rifle is harder to disassemble as it’s clearly meant to stay intact. The use of high-quality materials and custom parts makes it more expensive as well.


  • Incredible build quality that lasts for a long time
  • Stays lightweight without compromising power
  • Custom-made barrel for superior accuracy and fire-rate
  • Long picatinny rail allows you to personalize scope position
  • Already-powerful barrel is covered by a handguard to help you maintain balance as you shoot


  • Not a budget friendly weapon
  • Pistol grip might be angled a bit too shallow for some

Daniel Defense Delta 5 Bolt-Action Rifle – 6.5 Creedmoor

Daniel Defense Delta 5 Bolt-Action Rifle – 6.5 Creedmoor

We’re shifting from a semi-automatic to an incredible bolt-action rifle. Everything from design to layout to quality is proof of Daniel Defense’s unparalleled manufacturing capabilities. The Delta 5 isn’t just one of their greatest firearms, but it’s outright among the best rifles we’ve ever worked with.

How so? Well, let’s start off by talking about the outstanding precision. You’ll find your bullets find their mark with every shot. This is because of their superb barrel design. It’s fully concentrated on delivering vicious shots with pinpoint accuracy at exceptionally long ranges. Hunting will feel much more fulfilling.

Next, there’s the trigger. Their unique Timney Elite Hunter trigger might be one of the best models we’ve ever worked with. It’s adjustable and allows you to tap into the rifle’s full potential as it wonderfully sends each bullet out with unmitigated precision. All of its components are similarly master-crafted.

The rifle opens up a lot of avenues for adjustability. You can resize the stock to something that fits your particular needs. The comb height is also changeable to personalize the rifle to your particular preferences. And like we mentioned before, the trigger also offers a good deal of customizability.

From what you can see, the Delta 5 manages to counter some of the age-old issues of Daniel Defense rifles. It offers a lot of opportunities to customize. Even their fantastically cold hammer-forged barrel is use-interchangeable.

Nevertheless, at its base fore, this is a highly precise and accurate long-range rifle that earns its reverence.


  • Many adjustable components
  • Unparalleled range and precision
  • Unique trade-marked trigger design adds even more accuracy
  • Outstanding cold hammer-forged barrel provides intense
  • Perfect for shooting while prone due to handle design


  • Recoil might need time to adjust to
  • You’ll need a really big budget

BCM Rifle

There’s a lot that separates Bravo Company, better known as BCM, from other firearm factories. It was founded by a veteran marine who wanted to support Private Security Professionals. They have come a long way since then as they rose up the ranks to become among the best rifle manufacturers there are.

What sets them apart is their extremely cost-effective build. You get a wide range of rifles to choose from with vastly unique configurations. No two of their rifles ever feels the same. Prices range a lot too. So, if you’re on a budget, you can still find a solid BCM rifle to get your hunting done.

They are excellent gun builders that put together the most compatible components to deliver the most affordable but high-quality rifles. As such, if you’re looking for a lot of variety, flexible prices, and specialized performance, then BCM has you covered.

Recommended BCM Rifle to Buy

Although we briefly covered some of the details of BCM rifles in general, the best way to learn about them would be to examine some of their best products. So, we’re reviewing two of their fantastic rifles and taking a closer look at what makes Bravo Company so special.



Where can we even begin with this rifle? Should we start with the outstanding ergonomic build or the incredibly durable build quality? There’s also the fantastic weight distribution and the superb flash suppression. Out of everything else, we need to start off with its fantastic overall design.

Every part of this outstanding AR is meant to deliver the smoothest shooting experience of your life. Even though you’ll be pumping out high caliber rounds one after another, this superior recoil resistance will keep you steady and accurate.

Handy features such as the adjustable stock give you the customizability you need to bring out your optimal shooting performance.
Essentially, the gun transforms and becomes a part of you. The extractor is smooth and efficient. It’ll never jam as you unload lead upon your targets. These kinds of benefits are unique to BCM.

If you want to change parts, that’s possible too. While disassembly isn’t easy, it’s more than possible to replace certain components to personalize the performance.

The firearm comes with a built-in iron sight that can be put up and away quickly and easily. BCM’s MID-16 MOD 0 guarantees convenience in every way possible.

Its switch to release the magazine and to adjust safety is easy to access from the trigger. Speaking of which, the pistol grip is firm and offers a firm grip while you fire away all your rounds.

Don’t get us wrong; this rifle is loud. However, it’s not as loud as it could be. BCM has managed to maintain all of its firepowers while somehow decreasing its sound.

This only serves as proof of the care and quality they put in each of their rifles. Overall, the gun has fantastic durability and an even better layout. All of its components mesh together beautifully to give an unbeatable rifle experience.


  • Minimizes recoil impact through its impressive stock
  • Reliable pistol grip keeps the weapon balanced
  • Magazine release and safety buttons can be accessed quickly from the trigger
  • Quality build that hardly breaks apart
  • Relatively quiet compared to similar models


  • Gas block is not adjustable
  • Does not have a rear right

Daniel Defense vs BCM Comparison

Daniel Defense Delta 5 Bolt Action Rifle

Now that we have a solid idea of what each of these products offers, let’s compare Daniel Defense vs BCM directly.


Daniel Defense is probably best known for their barrels. They are very good quality and somehow quite light. These also help enhance the accuracy of all your shots and make you a better marksman in general.

Unfortunately, BCM cannot offer the same level of quality in their barrels. Of course, they add great ones into the build, but the advantage for Daniel Defense cannot be ignored.


BCM’s accessory support is on a whole other level. All models can be highly customized with a ton of accessories to make them significantly more personalized to your preferences.

However, Daniel Defense does not have the same lineup of accessories as Bravo Company rifles do. This means you’ll have fewer chances to customize.


The first and most immediate difference is the price. Generally speaking, BCM rifles are cheaper than Daniel Defense. This is because Daniel Defense produces its own parts and is extremely well put together.

However, this does not mean that BCM rifles are cheaply made and are of low quality. In fact, for its price, their rifles are highly accurate, reliable, and durable. Nevertheless, some marginal benefits still do apply to Daniel Defense’s quality.

Make sure you take that into consideration as you choose what to get.

DI Systems vs Gas Piston

BCM utilizes the tried and true Direct Impingement systems for their rifles. This indirectly moves gas from a cartridge to the bolt carrier for repeated shots. Due to the lack of a piston, this makes your firearm much lighter than gas piston-based rifles. It also needs to be cleaned more frequently.

Gas pistons are Daniel Defense’s preferred type of gas operation. This uses a piston to convert a portion of gas from a fired cartridge to the energy that removes the used-up case and replaces it with a new one. It’s a much newer style of operation that’s faster and cleaner. However, it adds weight to the firearm.


Overall, both brands offer many unique advantages. Though they are not without their own faults. Now that you’ve gone through our Daniel Defense vs BCM comparison, you’ll be able to evaluate their traits and pick your ideal rifle. So, choose! The shooting ranges await.