Top 8 Best Blow up Furniture for Camping 2023 – Buying Guide

Camping is not easy when going with your naughty kids to enjoy on the beach or at a safari park. You’ve to handle a lot of stuff such as food, drinks, pampers at the same time. At camping, we only look for comfort and peace of mind to enjoy quality time with our friends and family. The blow-up furniture for camping made it easy for you to have fun without indulging yourself with other stuff.

A blow-up outdoor chair can be beneficial for those who somehow are addicted to camping. This plastic blow-up chair will not take any extra space in your truck as it can be packed in a small bag for 1-foot space.

Things to be considered

  • Weight capacity

It depends upon the family members in a house. There are blow-up chairs that can only seat one man but if you are camping with the whole family or with a couple of friends, you need a 400-500 pounds’ capacity blow-up chair. This chair can easily seat up to 3 people. However, there are other heavy capacity chairs that can take the load of 5 people at a time.

  • Quality material

The most important factor that needs to be checked properly is the quality of the stuff in a blow-up furniture set. The quality blow-up chair is made of either nylon or polyester that are used in sleeping bags as well. The double layer of the material will help the chair tackle sharp stones and thorns at the camping.

  • Extra advantages to look for

Numerous features can be considered while purchasing the best blow-up furniture. One of the best features that everyone would love is the side pockets. These pockets will hold your smartphones, water bottles, and other small stuff that can be lost at camping.

If your camping is for a long period, make sure to have built-in or detachable pillows to add more comfort to your sleeping. A carrying bag can help you in easy transportation of the chair and will save your blow-up furniture from external damages.

  • Right size for you

Last but not the least, determining the right size for your camping or hiking matters a lot. You need to decide how many people are going to get comfort from the blow-up outdoor chair, if 3-5 people, then the size of the blow-up chair can take space from 7-8 feet. The average weight for a blow-up outdoor chair is 2-3 pounds which are quite ample to take anywhere on your shoulders.

8 Best Blow up furniture for camping

1. Wekapo Air Sofa

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The first blow-up outdoor lounge chair comes from the Wekapo. It’s a super-hot product that will suit your personality as a camper. This blow-up lounge is not less than any blessing for the people who love to spend time in the great outdoors.

A lightweight product that only weighs 2.6 lbs and makes it easy to carry anywhere. Whether you’re going to the beach, traveling, or camping, this blow-up lounge chair will not let you down in any situation.

The side pockets will encourage you to buy this blow-up chair as it will hold your magazines, tablets, and edibles. One can enjoy this inflatable couch as a picnic blanket, hammock, and floating pool chair.  Not only this, the Wekapo Air Couch Sofa comes with a 100% risk-free guarantee which eliminates all the fear of the buyers.

Key Features

  • Once inflated, can last for 6-7 hours
  • It has a stylish carry bag
  • It doesn’t need any pump for inflation
  • It has a well-designed pillow back
  • It covers only 1.5 feet of space when folded

Customer Reviews

This blow-up chair is super cozy and lightweight. It can fly away in wind so make sure to tighten it up with something hard. It doesn’t stick with the surface and doesn’t bother me to care about its maintenance. A multi-functional blow-up chair that can float on the water as well.

2. Alphabeing Camping Lounger

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At such an economical price, the Alphabeing Camping Lounger will be your partner at a pool party, camping, skiing, and in the parks as well. It’s a lightweight wind-filled couch that means you don’t have to carry any pump for air filling.

In just two simple steps, your couch is ready to give you a feel at home with its pleasant stuff. It takes no space when compared with a lawn chair or a recliner. Many people spent money on buying the best blow-up chair to have a congenial camping trip.

It has a nylon carry bag that will protect your lounger from external vandalism. When deflated, one can easily fold it and put it into the carrying bag for easy traveling. These benefits ensure the best quality outdoor camping with your beloved ones.

Key Features

    • It comes with multi-layer material
    • It’s super quick to inflate
    • It has a unique outlook
    • It’s water-resistant and odor-free
    • It can perform in harsh conditions as well

Customer Reviews

A value for money product that meets my expectations. There is nothing to be worried about its quality stuff except the inflate part as you’ve to do it without an air pump. It can be adjusted according to your size or desired length.

3. Fretree Air Sofa

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This Fretree Lounger just weighs 3 lbs. which means you can carry this to outdoor camping, hiking, and swimming. It can be named as the cheap blow-up furniture as it only costs you around $30 which means one can get comfortable with a tight budget.

This blow-up outdoor chair is designed with a headrest feature and will support your back, neck, and head at the same time. In addition to its advantages, there are separate pockets for I-pads, magazines, and sunglasses. An elastic strap for holding drinks and water bottles without any extra support.

If there is nice wind, it will take a couple of seconds to fill it up. In contrast, you can run in for some yards to give it the desired shape of your comfort.

Key Features

  • It comes with Anti-air leaking technology
  • It’s suitable for hiking, camping, and swimming
  • It has a nice bag to pack on
  • Its headrest feature stands against its rivals
  • It’s waterproof and quick to inflate

Customer Reviews

The Fretree Air Lounge is the number 1 seller at Amazon with a 4.5-star rating. If there is a little bit of a breeze, then this lounger is very easy to be inflated. At the start, you may not be able to inflate it completely but after a couple of tries, one can master it easily.

4. Chillbo Cool Inflatable Chair

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I know people are always looking for something affordable and stylish too at the same time. This Chillbo Inflatable Couch is made for you if you have a colorful personality and don’t go every time for black or white.

It comes in a variety of colors and sizes which means one can take this Inflatable couch at a pool party or can enjoy the comforts in any festival. You can hardly find so many color options in any other blow-up outdoor chair available in the market.

If you’re looking for a sensory item for kids, then the Chillbo can be used as the kid’s blow-up chair. It’s a super cozy and versatile sofa to get maximum comfort for camping.

Key Features

  • Nice and stylish outlook
  • Perfect fit for boys and girls
  • Easy to trap air
  • Tough and non-sticky stuff
  • Suitable for camping, adventures, and festivals

Customer Reviews

The instructions on the packaging bag are easy to follow. I love this product as it comes with a matching bag and stylish outlook. I’ve used this bag for camping and pool-party without any damage to its shiny and attractive appearance.

5. Mockins Camping Chairs

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The Mockins Camping Chairs are the best blow-up chairs for kids with their unique design. It looks like two arms that will hold the baby while sleeping or playing with the dogs. The Mockins blow-up chairs are made from PVC material that will protect them from leaking air.

The blow-up chairs are always versatile in design and made with quality stuff that is durable and lasts for a long period. The Mockins camping chair comes with a lifetime warranty of satisfaction. One can enjoy the whole summer on the beaches with their partners by having a pair of these Mockins camping chairs. It’s made of polyester which only weighs 2 lbs. and one can sit or even lay on it for hours.

Key Features

  • It has 3 different size pockets
  • Convenient to transport
  • Easy to fill up the air
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Suitable for kids as well

Customer Reviews

A lightweight blow-up sofa that can be gifted on Christmas. My daughter uses it and she finds it very pleasant and she likes to play with this sofa while running all over the home and filling the air in it. Once it’s filled with air, the whole family can sit together and enjoy watching our favorite tv show.

6. Amaforest Inflatable Air Sofa

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A perfect camping sofa for a small family to hang around together. It can support up to 900 lbs. of weight capacity without any air leakage. A family of four persons would love this inflatable sofa to enjoy it like an air mattress.

It’s constructed with polyester and nylon to give you a two-layer blow-up sofa which once inflated, will last for 7-8 hours. It has elastic side pockets to hold your accessories at camping.

Key Features

  • Anti-leaking inner layer
  • Ground nail for wind
  • Washable quality material
  • Pocket for personal items
  • Bottle opener

Customer Reviews

It’s really hard to find a product with a 5-star rating on Amazon but this blow-up chair has the most number of satisfied and happy customers. All the verified purchasers have different but positive experiences with this product. It meets all the expectations and worked as an all-rounder for camping lovers.

7. Intex blow up chair with Ottoman

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This brand is well recognized for making blow-up furniture. The Intex comes with a number of blow-up products such as Intex air mattresses, blow-up chairs, and so on. This value for money product will give you all the comfort you’re looking for a camping or even hiking.

The 2-in-1 package includes a large-size sofa and an ottoman for kids as well. For refreshment, there is a built-in cup holder to hold your drinks at the bonfire so you can enjoy the party.

A nice long back will support your back to prevent any back pain. It gives full support to your head, neck, and backbone to keep you in a fresh mood. This Intex blow-up chair will be your first choice whether you’re reading books, watching Netflix, or taking a nap after a tiring job.

Key Features

  • Large size cup-holder for remote, glasses, and mobile holding
  • Includes an ottoman
  • Rapid inflation and deflation
  • Compact in packaging and easy to clean
  • Perfect grey and black combination

Customer Reviews

I like its super quick inflation and deflation process. Although it’s very near to the ground and maybe uncomfortable for heavy people. Overall, a great product with ottoman support to have a nice nap on it while reading my favorite novels.

8. CleverMade Air Chair

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This self-inflating lounge chair comes in five different colors including blue, pink, and green. It’s most suitable for camping, beaching, or outing with your beloved ones. You don’t need any air pump to fill in the air.

The additional benefits to enjoy with this blow-up beach lounge chair include side storage pockets, a nice carry bag, and ground stakes to control it in heavy winds. A lot of people find the upper surface of the blow-up air furniture slippery. But in the case of the CleverMade, there is a net that will hold your body and will not let you down while sleeping.

Key Features

  • Huge capacity up to 500 lbs.
  • Strong net on the surface for comfortable sleep
  • Weighs less than 3 lbs.
  • Side pockets for holding gadgets
  • A strong nail for ground stake

Customer Reviews

Most buyers recommend this as the best outdoor blow-up furniture set for any occasion. The price can be fit in the budget easily and you can enjoy this cheap blow-up furniture at camping, hiking, swimming, and for a picnic as well. It might take some time while filling to its full size as it’s a bit bigger than the others.

The final lines

People like camping as it gives them a close interaction with nature and they explore the real values of life far away from the concrete jungle and their hectic 9-5 job routines. To be head over heels in love with camping, the blow-up furniture set will be the best option.

Features like full back support, easy inflation without any pump, side pockets for gadgets, and edibles make them necessary for camping, hiking, and enjoying a pool party. These blow-up beach beds are super affordable and give you numerous benefits upon one-time investment.


What is the best blow-up furniture for camping?

Several factors determine the quality of the blow-up furniture. However, a blow-up chair with head support, side pockets, and easy to carry bag can be the best option for camping.

What is the best size for a blow-up chair?

Well, this depends upon the buyer. If there are more than 3 people in the family, then you should go for a large blow-up lounge. The normal size for an air sofa is between 7-8 feet long and has a weight capacity of 800 pounds which is enough for 5 people.

What are the features of a camping chair?

There are many features of a camping chair but the main features include a ground stake to hold in wind, non-sticky material for long life, and a nicely shaped upper surface to avoid slippage.

Why are blow-up chairs important for camping?

These are important for camping as they do not take any extra space in the car and can be filled with air, anywhere, anytime. We all know camping takes a lot of energy while blow-up chairs will give you refreshments and comfort in the middle of the jungle.

How many types does a camping chair have?

There are no specific types of camping chairs but according to the products available in the market, they can be divided into two categories.
A blow-up sofa with a headrest mainly for laying and resting, the second is a blow-up chair with long complete back support for sitting purposes only.