Top 8 Best Sleeping Bag for Hammock 2023 – Buying Guide

For our adventurous campers that require a good night’s sleep before going back into the wilderness, we have assembled a list of the best sleeping bags for hammocks. These are super comfortable and will keep you warm even during intense conditions as they have been made out of premium quality materials. So, let’s get started:

Things to Consider Before Buying

Even though we have already selected the best sleeping bag for a hammock so that you can have the best sleep after spending the entire day in the wilderness. We will further assist you by listing the factors that one should absolutely take into consideration.

1. Warmth

  • Look into the warmth the sleeping bag can provide and retain at the same time in the enclosed place
  • We recommend that you look for a hammock sleeping bag that has an excellent insulation system
  • Try to avoid ones that have extra space in them as they might contribute towards loss of temperature

2. Temperature Rating

  • Some product comes with temperature rating but doesn’t rely on these rating fully as they can be misleading
  • The temperature companies usually mention 15°F more to than the lowest temperature it usually is

3. Weight

  • Space and weight should be a topmost concern as the sleeping bag for hammock camping shouldn’t be the heaviest item in the backpack
  • We recommend that you don’t pay much attention to the weight to warmth ratio, as some lightweight bag provides the best warmth.

4. Fitting

  • Those of you that have claustrophobia should avoid mummy bags as you might feel suffocated using them
  • Too tight ones might make you feel suffocated while loose ones might make you feel cold because of the empty spaces
  • To measure your height before purchasing the bag can cross-check it with the measurement of the sleeping bag for the hammock

5. Bags Filling


Proper insulation is required to keep one safe and warm during nights that can be chilly and windy, something you should know about bag filling are:

  • Some examples of excellent filling include StormLoft insulation and soft cotton insulation.
  • Two kinds of insulation are down and synthetic
  • Down insulation bags are comparatively more expensive and offer better warmth
  • Down insulation ones also last longer when you take proper care of them
  • Synthetic bags are cheaper, weigh more, and are bigger in size

6. Zipper

  • Your hammock tent sleeping bag should have a smooth zipper
  • The zipper system should be able to refrain any entry to air

Top 8 Best Sleeping Bag for Hammock

1. Mummy Sleeping Bag with Compression Sack by WINNER OUTFITTERS

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Key Features:

  • Material: Polyester
  • Has a coating shell
  • Waterproof

Being the best hammock sleeping bag this one is ultra-soft and is able to keep you warm even during extreme weather. It comes with a hollow fiberfill which makes sure that the bag is pro-environmental, non-allergenic, and has amazing insulation.

Even in near-freezing temperatures like 20F, these sleeping bag hammocks will keep you warm. The sleeping bag and compression sack load into one sack which is easier to clean and is skin-friendly.

Its mummy design makes the bag weigh only 2.8 pounds and it comes with a carry bag that is travel-friendly and a compression sack that makes it convenient for you to store or carry the bag.

Plus, it has an SBS double zipper and has zipper draft tubes and draft collars which keep the air trapped

Customer Reviews:

Customers have rated this product on the basis of comfort, sleep quality, lightweight, water resistance, accuracy, and durability. In all the departments the product has a 3.8 or above rating.

2. Outdoor Vitals Aerie

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Key features:

  • Offers multiple uses
  • Waterproof
  • Drawstring and hanging loop are included

This best hammock for sleeping can be used in 5 different ways: as a hammock, under the quilt, a hammock pod system, a technical blanket, and a sleeping bag.

This best sleeping bag for hammock camping is constructed with the lightest material and offers the highest quality. Plus, its grid baffle design locks, it down into places thus one never has to suffer from cold spots.

Its construct from the premium materials which are lightweight assists in compressing the sleeping bag into the backpack.

Outdoor Vitals go beyond their way to get customers the best products. Complying with this theory they offer a lifetime warranty which can be activated by following the instructions provided after purchase.

Customer Reviews:

By features, customers have ranked this on the basis of value for money, comfort, and lightweight. In all three features, this product has received a 4.3 and above rating

3. Sea to Summit Ascent Down Sleeping Bag

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Key Features:

  • Down Insulation
  • Best for 3 seasons camping
  • Features 3 zippers

For those of you that want to stay warm in a hammock, this is the best option available. This mummy-shaped sleeping bag is able to fit any person that is as tall as 6”4’.

Even though its design is mummy but its fit is relaxed so you will have room to sleep in various positions. Other features that provide warmth include vertical chest baffles, oversized draft collar, zipper draft tube, and a shaped hood.

It has three zippers which are foot zip, full-length main side zip, and half-length opposite side zip.

Other prominent features include an internal pocket, storage bag, and a compression bag.

Customer Reviews:

One customer remarked about the product: “This product worked amazingly. My body temp was perfect. I didn’t sweat and I didn’t get cold. This is an awesome product and definitely worth the price”

4. TETON Sports Firefly Underquilt Sleeping Bag

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Key Features:

  • Durable compression sack
  • Has amazing product support
  • One size fits all hammock

Thou we can’t settle the quilt vs sleeping bag debate for you but what we can do is show you an under-quilt sleeping bag that you can purchase from amazon.

This bag has a hat that you can use to stay warm and it is one size fit all design that makes sure that it fits all individual hammocks.

The bag includes everything that one might require to add to a hammock. TETON Sports offers a durable compression sack with the bag so you wouldn’t have to roll it up or stuff it. Check out the instructional video of this company to see how one should stuff it in the bag.

Customer Reviews:

Users were totally satisfied with their purchase and they loved how they could call the company up in case they had any queries.

5. Outdoor Vitals StormLOFT Down MummyPod

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Key Features:

  • Material: Ripstop polyester
  • Easy Switches
  • Patented footbox

On purchasing this piece, you will love how it switches easily from a mummy sleeping bag right into a pod system and into a hammock. So, you will be getting 3 items at the price of one. Quite a bargain, don’t you think?

Furthermore, the patented foot box permits the hammock to run right out of the bottom of the bag and to be sealed. You can also zip it up so that it can be used on the ground plus the insulating baffles can be used to keep the feet warm.

The shoulder baffles in this bag have been redesigned so the cold air is sealed out and the user gets additional comfort while using it.

Customer reviews:

The gist of the reviews is that this product offers premium performance even in weather conditions that are adverse.

6. Snugpak Hammock Cocoon

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Key features:

  • Full-length zipper
  • Travel soft filling
  • Paratex and Micro Diamond treated

This sleeping bag in a hammock has been designed to have effective heat retention so you can sleep all cozy in it. Its Travel soft filling helps with heat retention and lightweight construction.

Plus, with the full-length zipper, you can customize your hammock so that it provides easy exit and entry. Paratex and Micro Diamond treatments deliver premium antimicrobial, antibacterial and water repellent properties.

Moving on towards the dimensions, its width is 34 inches and its length is 118 inches. Plus, the bag isn’t manufactured to be heavy and has a stuff sack.

Customer Reviews:

Customers have reviewed this product on the basis of water resistance, durability, and weight. In all three categories, this product was rated 3.5 and above.

7. KING SHOWDEN Hammock Underquilt

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Key Features:

  • Material: 20D Ripstop Nylon
  • Filled with hollow cotton
  • Loose design

You will be able to stay warm as this sleeping bag is filled with hollow cotton. Plus, you wouldn’t have to worry about this bag not fitting the hammock as it has been designed to snugly fit all standard-sized hammocks.

You would be glad to know that this bag has been constructed from premium materials such as 210T 20D Ripstop Nylon, 240T Polyester Pongee Lining and a WR water-repellant coating. All in all, this is an extremely compact and premium hammock.

Its design is also loose you will have no problem changing your position while sleeping. Furthermore, Its nylon compression makes it easy for you to stuff and storage the bag away.

Customer Reviews:

Out of all the features customers love how easy this hammock is to set up and remove.

8. Everest Double Camping Hammock with Mosquito Net

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Key features:

  • Material: Ripstop Diamond Weave Nylon
  • Heavy-duty mosquito net
  • Full Yosemite Pack

This particular product is one of the few hammocks that come along with a practical and integrated bug net that lets you enjoy nature and bug-free sleep. Plus, the sleeping bag has been designed with colors that provide camouflage of military grade.

As this bag has been designed out of premium material so you rest assured that it will be breathable, high-tensile, and ultralight.

For those of you that feel claustrophobic, this bag is the best option. Its unique design assigns a proper space to you without having to feel enclosed.

Customer Reviews:

With such amazing features and a 30-day money-back guarantee, the reviews are obviously in favor of the product.


With the guide and best products at your disposal, we will sign off with the advice that selects a sleeping bag that suits your body, price and weight.

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1. Can you wash the sleeping bag?

All the bags mentioned above are washable in a machine so you don’t have to worry about sleeping in a dirty bag. We recommend that you wash them in cold water and use a mild detergent.

2. How to stay warm in a hammock?

The bags mentioned above have been designed to keep you warm even during extremely cold weather. In case you have an idea of how low the temperature will drop then you can select a bag that has a temperature rating that will suit your needs

3. Are there sleeping bags specifically designed for the female body?

As female bodies are different from males so there are some bags that have been designed keeping in mind the female bodies but the bags that we have mentioned can be used by both male and females so that shouldn’t be an issue.

4. Should I get a loosely designed hammock?

In case you toss and turn during sleep and don’t want to feel restricted then you should totally go for a loose hammock