Top 10 Best Sleeping Pad for Hammock 2023 – Review

Who said you can only use the hammock while camping. Whether it be camping, road trip, or your backyard leisure time, a good hammock for sleeping is your best friend if you have the right sleeping pads. To make the best out of your hammock when it comes to resting or sleeping, always go for durable and reliable sleeping pads that no only offer ultimate support to your back but also is easy to use and maintain afterwards. 

Not every product is the same, which makes it difficult to choose the right one but not anymore. We have prepared a guide for you to help you with choosing the best hammock sleeping pad.

Buying Guide – Sleeping Pad for Hammock

Let’s have a look into what makes any sleeping pad for hammock the best.

Type of sleeping pad

Seeing the need and demand these pads come in three different types normally.

  • Closed-cell sleeping pads

These pads have thousands of air bubbles that offer insulation and cushioning to keep you warm by offering insulation and give a night of better sleep. These bags are light in weight and are cheap at the same time. The only problem with them is that they are not very thick and comfortable, but yeah they are indestructible.  

  • Inflatable sleeping pads

These sleeping bags are made up of nylon mostly, filled with air. They are shockingly light in weight and are compact; making them easy to carry around. On the other side, they need to be inflated manually and there are chances of getting punctured but they are easily repairable. No worries!

  • Self -inflating pads

Just like inflatable sleeping bags, these self-inflatable sleeping bags are also made up of nylon that is filled with an open-celled foam core. The benefit that they offer is that they are self-inflating, which does not require any effort from your side. These are light in weight and also offers a generous amount of cushioning and comfort, keeping you away from the cold.


  • As much as a hammock is essential, a sleeping pad is important to make the best use of a hammock. It is very important that the sleeping pad which is placed in the hammock should be light in weight.
  • Majority of sleeping pads ranges from 9.1 oz. to 1lbs in weight.
  • The ideal weight for padding is between 9.1 oz. and 1lbs as it should be moderate neither heavy nor light.


These bags come in all the different sizes depending on the need and requirement of the user. Always make sure to find the one that fits perfectly into your hammock giving you adequate comfort and functionality. 


  • Inflation plays an important role for a sound sleep during camping as some of the pads come with high volume inflation valve and a deflation valve for helping to adjust the airflow.
  • It is suggested to have a sleeping pad with these features as it can give a fast blow to the pad while requiring only a few breaths, saving your time and energy.


  • The R-value (retaining heat value) of a sleeping pad is important when it comes to the inflammation part.
  • A good quality sleeping pad should be able to insulate your body and can even retain your body heat to keep you warm through the night.
  • An ideal R-value for a heating pad is 5.5.


  • There are two types of sleeping pads available in the market. The air pads and the foam pads.
  • The foam pads are usually easier to install and more convenient. However, they are bulkier and more difficult to carry around.
  • An airbag sleeping pad is the best as they are portable, lightweight and easy to carry. Furthermore, you should look for the pad design, primarily the surface texture of the sleeping pad which is designed to prevent slipping in your hammock.


  • Sleeping pads come in two shapes. The mummy shape and the rectangular shape.
  • Since you will be using your pad in the hammock, it is advisable to look for a hammock that has additional support or wings to fit around the hammock.
  • Also, the bend that sleeping in a hammock creates, make pressure areas. Make sure that your pad can deal with that.

If you are still not sure which one to get for yourself, we have gathered the most amazing sleeping pads for a hammock for your convenience.

There you go!

Our 10 best sleeping pad for Hammock

Mayfair 13EC 006 Best Soft Toilet Seat☞ Dimensions: 17.2 x 15 x 3.4
☞ Weight: 4.4 pounds
☞ Vinyl padded seat
4.3/5View Product
Dorigan Padded Toilet Seat☞ Dimensions: 16.5 inches
☞ Weight: 1 pound
☞ Comfortable padded seat
3.8/5View Product
Mayfair 1386EC 000 Padded Toilet Seat☞ Dimensions: 17 x 15 x 3 inches
☞ Weight: 4 pounds
☞ Comfortable padded seat
4.4/5View Product
Mayfair 13EC 000 Soft Toilet Seat☞ Dimensions: 17.2 x 15 x 3.4
☞ Weight: 4.4 pounds
☞ Comfortable padding
4.3/5View Product
Achim Home Furnishings ☞ Dimensions: 17 x 15 x 2.8
☞ Weight: 2.4 pounds
☞ Vinyl comfortable padding
3.4/5View Product
Ginsey Cushioned Elongated Toilet☞ Vinyl foam
☞ Plastic core material
☞ Subtle chocolate color
3.8/5View Product
ULTRAGEL Cushion Toilet Seat☞ Dimensions: 16 x 14
☞ Weight: 2.4 pounds
☞ High-quality
3.7/5View Product

1. Klymit Insulated Static V Sleeping Pad

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  • Side rail movement inhibitor
  • Expansion zones for improved comfort
  • Puncture resistant
  • Easy to setup
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Not good for tall people
  • It leaks slowly

It is quite easy to set up this sleeping pad. It only that about 10 inhales and exhales and you are pretty much done.

The surface is coated with anti-bacterial lamination that prevents the growth of pesky little bacteria that can cause bad odor and can degrade the material. The insulation is made up of high-quality polyester and is designed to decrease heat loss by limiting the air movement.

Customer reviews

With a high rating. this pad is rate best for its easy installation and excellent insulation.

2. KLYMIT Static V2

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  • Compact and lightweight
  • Durable material
  • Side rail provides additional support
  • Includes a repair kit
  • Easy to set up
  • Deflating is time-consuming
  • Does not have the ball socket valve

This is one of the best ultralight sleeping pad you can get on the market. It weighs just over one pound yet still manages to deliver durable quality.

It comes with a V chamber design which increases the insulation and limits the air movement. With an R-value of about 1.3, this pad will be best suited to warmer areas.

The polyester is 30D which makes it resistant against damage and puncture. Even if you do puncture it, then you need not worry as it also comes with a repair kit. The side rails provide additional support and security. It also comes with loft pockets so when you sleep those gaps are filled and it gives you good support for your back. This can be the best camping mattress for a bad back.

Customer reviews

A promising product that has lived up to customer’s expectations because of its quality and durability.

3. ECOTEK Outdoors Hybern8

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  • Extremely lightweight
  • Built for all seasons
  • Quick inflation
  • Bulk elimination design
  • Includes a repair kit
  • Price may not be for everyone

Hybern8 Ultralight Sleeping Pad by EcoTek is designed to give you the comfort you deserve after a tiring hiking day. Whether it be a tent or you just want to hit the hammock, this sleeping pad will deal with it all. The pad has FlexCell technology used to trapping the air and providing better insulation.

Made with a premium polyester blend, this pad will be highly durable. It inflates in just 10 to 12 blows and deflation is also quick.

Customer reviews

Among the best backpacking sleeping pads, this one stands out on its own for its quality material, durable built and extra comfy design.

4. Outdoorsmanlab Ultralight Sleeping Pad

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  • Pros
    • High-quality valve for quick and smooth inflation
    • TPU coating for protection
    • Waterproof
    • Weather-resistant
    • High comfort level
    • Durable
    • Does not hold air for long, may require inflation again
    • Not well suited for low temps

If you are looking for a budget-friendly pad that won’t be too heavy on your pockets, then you have come to the right place. The Outdoorsman Lab Ultralight sleeping pad is just the right choice for you. It has an R-value of 2.2 which means that it will work exceptionally in summer.

Made with a 20 D high-quality nylon, this pad has a thickness of 2 inches which is excellent for insulation. Despite that, it is very lightweight and adjusts with your body quite well owing to the interconnected air cells.

Customer reviews

As one of the best hammock for camping, customers have given this comfortable sleeping pads some positive reviews on Amazon.

5. ENO – Eagles Nest Outfitters

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  • Complete insulated design
  • Insulation wings
  • Nylon body
  • TPU coating for protection
  • Best inline self-inflating pad
  • May not be compatible with other brands

Eagles Nest is designed keeping in mind comfort and cushioning that adjust as your body goes.  This is a self-inflating air loft mat and provides support to your whole body and especially your shoulders by adjusting to the natural contours of your body

It comes with insulation wings that can fit well with a hammock and it can also be used as a regular sleeping pad to use in a tent. The innovative design gives you complete insulation and you will stay warm all night. Although it is pricy for a reason, as it made up of TPU coated nylon and one-inch core foam for increased durability and to keep it waterproof.

Customer reviews

Many customers have rated it high as the most comfortable sleeping pad. The comfy design and durable material are what gave this pad a high rating.

6. Therm-a-Rest Trail Scout

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  • Self-inflating lightweight sleeping pad
  • Available in various sizes
  • High-quality foam for maximum heat retention
  • Durable and comfortable
  • Not Suitable for backpacking

Therm-a-Rest Trail Scout camping mat uses foam core to work its way around. It has one of the best foam paddings for camping and is the best foam sleeping pad. The expandable core provides additional protection to your spine and your whole body. Coming in several sizes, it gives options to many people who possess different height and different body weights.

Although it has an R-value of 3.7, it works just as well on a cool night. Customers have reported that it managed to keep them warm all night during winter.

Customer reviews

This best inflatable sleeping pad is rated best among the thick foam camping pads. Its quality foam and excellent insulation give it the rating it deserved.

7. Sea to Summit

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  • Comfortable best sleeping pad for hammock tent
  • Best r value for sleeping pads
  • Air-sprung cells for additional insulation
  • Muti valve for easy inflation
  • Includes an air pump sack
  • It makes a lot of noise.

Sea to Summit sleeping mat is a high-quality durable mat designed for comfort and to keep your body at ease during camp sleeping. This pad is known for its excellent support which it can deliver through the 331 air cells and another set of hybrid cells which combined, give additional support and comfort.

With a high R-value of 4.2, this mat is an ideal choice for camping in cooler nights. It is made up of antibacterial materials that will eliminate any type of microbial growth and will keep it good as new.

Customer reviews

Among the best camping mats, this pad received many positive rating by customers especially because of its air-sprung cells that provides excellent insulation

8. Klymit Hammock V Sleeping Pad

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  • Additional side rail wings
  • Air pad designed especially for hammocks
  • Non-slip zones to hold hammock in place
  • Tear, puncture and abrasion-resistant
  • Not the best option under low temperatures.

Klymit Hammock V pad is specifically engineered to use with a hammock. It gives a high amount of insulation and retains most of the body heat.  The 20D solid nylon built ensures that it stays away from any potential puncture and saves you from a ruined camping experience.

The side rails are for additional perks that provide a lot of room for body movement. This also gives good support to your spine your hips. The R-value is however low and it will work well in summer. Also, it is much heavier than traditional pads.

Customer reviews

Rated as the best sleeping pad for side sleepers, this high in demand product has scored many positive ratings on amazon.

9. BIVARO Best Budget Sleeping Pad

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  • R-value of 2.1 suitable for medium temps
  • Water-resistant
  • 40D industrial grade nylon
  • TPU coating
  • Best for all sleeping positions
  • Include an ebook on hiking
  • Nothing against this one

BIVARO is a brand trusted for its quality products. It aims to provide quality products that can maximize your experience. This brand knows what it takes to make a great outdoor experience. The company has used some top-notch materials in this product to make sure that you get the most out of your hiking experience.

The BIVARO Ultralight Sleeping Pad has a higher warmth factor than other pads which means that you will feel the warmth at every inch of your body. It has a soft surface with a texture that makes it grip onto the hammock and doesn’t let it slip. It is also the best backpacking sleeping pad for bad back as it can adjust to any sleeping position.

Customer reviews

BAVARO sleeping mats for camping are always the top of line sleeping mats. This product is no exception and has scored extremely well in customer reviews.

10. AlphaBeing Camping Sleeping Pad

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  • 40D TPU coated nylon
  • Equally sized air cells for better body support
  • Puncture resistant
  • Very portable
  • May require an air pump to fill in

AlphaBeing Air Sleeping Pad is also a quality mat on this list. It is one of the most comfortable and one of the most affordable mats on the market. With a 2.2 inch thickness, it provides excellent support and great insulation.

The whole thing is coated with TPU and is made with tear-resistant  Nylon. It has as a man as 120 air cells which are sized equally to maintain a good body posture while sleeping. It provides better ergonomy than most of the other pads.

The whole thing is very very lightweight and therefore it is an excellent choice for those campers who like backpacking. It will occupy just a very small amount of space inside your bag pack and you won’t even feel the weight.

It is leakless and has a strong valve that does not let the air out. Once you have filled it can stay like that for days. It is known to remain fully insulated for two days.

Customer reviews

Rated as the best cheap sleeping pad that doesn’t compromise on the quality and lets you sleep all night comfortably.


This article aims to provide the best and the top inline sleeping pad for a hammock. These products are wisely chosen after having reviews from customers who have used the products. These sleeping pads are known for their comfort and durability and will take your hiking experience to the next level. Before buying, do check out our buying guide so that you are not left out of any facts you need to know before buying.