Top 6 Best Cabin Tents With Screened Porches 2023 – Buying Guide

The best cabin tents with screened porches are famous for family-friendly camping. Tents having screened porches enhance the livability and headroom, thus, increasing the enjoyability of the trip.

To buy the best cabin tents with screened porches, there are some significant factors to consider including the following:

  • The Size
  • Shape and Layout
  • Comfort
  • Weight
  • Ventilation
  • Durability
  • Easy to set up a tent
  • Weather-resistant
  • Price Range

For your feasibility, we have prepared a list of the best cabin tents with screened porches considering the above factors.

A Buying Guide To The Best Cabin Tents With Screened Porches


To buy the best cabin tents with screened porches, there are some important factors to consider. These factors include size, shape and layout, comfort, height, durability, ventilation, storage, easier setup, weight, weather, material, and price range. Considering these factors, you will be more tactful while making your purchase.


  • The size of a cabin tent varies from the number of persons and rated sleeping capacity depends on the size of a tent.
  • A tent’s sleeping capacity is reduced by taking a subtraction of 2 from the rated capacity. It works perfectly for the family tents. This enhances the area of the floor per person.

The following table will help you in better understanding:

Rated Capacity

Floor Area Per Person

Tent Floor Area

Comfortable Capacity

4 persons 30 square feet for a single person 60 – 70 square feet

Accommodates an adult couple

6 persons

20 square feet for every youngster and 20 square feet for every child 90 – 100 square feet Accommodates a family of 4
8 persons 25 square feet for every youngster and 17.5 square feet for every child 120 – 130 square feet

Accommodates a family of 6

Shape & Layout

  • These tents are designed with aluminum poles making a sturdy framework. A cabin tent is made of nylon or polyester that is waterproof in nature.
  • It comes with a canvas rainfly that encases the framework- making walls and roofs of the cabin.
  • These tents are mostly separate rooms with internal dividers.
  • Also, cabin tents are heavyweight and can cause difficulty in setting them up.


There is nothing to worry about comfort in a cabin tent as it has straight walls creating more space. It also provides a higher roof. With larger living space, it makes family camping easier and you can spend more time comfortably.


The weight of a tent depends upon its capacity. The higher the number of people, the bigger the tent you will need. And, this way, the tent will weigh more.

The following table will help you in better understanding:

Person’s Capacity


1 person tent

3 pounds

2 person tent

4.5 pounds
3 person tent

6 pounds

4 person tent

8.5 pounds
6 person tent

20 pounds

8 person tent

23 pounds
9 person tent

27 pounds

10 person tent

33 pounds
12 person tent

42 pounds

16 person tent

44 pounds


  • A cabin tent with screened porch should come with a lot of roof vents along with mesh windows.
  • With such a ventilation system, you will enjoy a cool and comfortable summer night.


  • A cabin tent is fabricated with plenty of mesh windows, making a sturdy framework.
  • A cheap cabin tent would not stand harsh weather conditions. So, buy a decent tent with decent durability.

Easy To Set Up

  • A cabin tent with screened porch is difficult to set up, so make sure the tent you plan to buy is easy to set.
  • Color coding of poles helps in the easy assemblage.


  • Some of the tents are water-resistant or some are waterproof.
  • Usually, the water resistance level ranges from 800 mm to 10,000 mm.

Price Range

  • The lightweight (4 to 6 pounds) tents usually cost between 100 to 200 dollars.
  • When it comes to ultralight tents (less than 3 pounds), usually cost between 200 to 500 dollars.

Top 6 Best Cabin Tents With Screened Porches


For your feasibility, we have assembled a list of the best cabin tents with screened porches. All of these products are chosen by comparing some significant factors like weight, size, height, material, waterproofing, and price range.

1. Core Instant Cabin Tent- Best Tents With A Screen Porch For A Family

Key Features

  • Weighs 27.62 pounds
  • Made of polyester
  • 50 x 15 x 12 inches
  • Closure Type: Zipper
  • 3 seasons tent
  • Accommodates 9 persons
  • 78 inches maximum height
  • Instant set up
  • Core H20 block technology
  • Adjustable ground vent
  • Features room divider
  • Electrical cord access port

The base, which is at the heart of the CORE, makes erecting this large cabin tent a breeze. This is due to the fact that it is pre-assembled. It just takes a minute or two to get up and going. It’s incredible that a tent can accommodate nine people at the same time. Aside from getting so much room and the opportunity to set up quickly, the CORE appeals to tall people.

Many tents’ ceilings force tell people to crouch or bend their knees to avoid hitting their heads on the roof. That won’t be a problem here thanks to the 78-inch center height. People inside the tent will still enjoy privacy thanks to the dividers that divide the rooms. Plus, all the standard quality tent features are included, such as water-resistant heat-sealed seams, a rainfly, and a floor that holds the ground dry inside even though the pitching location is a little damp.


  • 1-person easy setup
  • Easier assemblage
  • Stable in windy and rainy weather conditions
  • Plenty of windows


  • Thin bottom trap
  • Rainfly could be of better quality

2. Core Lighted Instant Cabin Tents- Best Cabin Tents With Screened Porches

Core Lighted Instant Cabin Tents- Best Cabin Tents With Screened Porches

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Key Features

  • Weighs 36 pounds
  • 68D Polyester
  • 168 x 120 x 84 inches
  • 84 inches maximum height
  • 14 feet floor length
  • 10 feet floor width
  • 140 square feet floor area
  • 3 seasons tent
  • Built-in LED lighting
  • Three brightness settings
  • Instant setup
  • 1-year warranty

If you need natural light during the day or just want a panoramic view of the stars when lying down in the tent, this tent will accommodate you. The built-in lighting system in the Core is incredible. With a click of a button, you can switch between high, medium, and night-light modes, thanks to a panel on the tent wall. The yurt has also lighting, much like your house.

It comes in a range of sizes, allowing you to camp comfortably with a small group of 6 to a wide group of 12. This is due to the fact that it has space dividers for the residents’ privacy. And in the sun, it performs admirably. Yes, you have the mesh windows and roof to do that. In the other hand, it incorporates an adjustable intake venting mechanism to ensure that the temperature is maintained at a comfortable level at all times.


  • 60 seconds instant set up
  • Plenty of mesh windows
  • Three brightness modes
  • Durable and sturdy


  • Some complain about batteries

3. Coleman Elite 6 Screened Tent- Cabin Tents With Porch

Coleman Elite 6 Screened Tent- Cabin Tents With Screened Porch

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Key Features

  • Weighs 35.8 pounds
  • Made of polyester taffeta 75D
  • 3 x 15.8 x 8.2 inches
  • Closure Type: Zipper
  • Steel made poles
  • 67 feet maximum height
  • 65-floor area
  • Three seasons tent
  • Accommodates 6 persons
  • 2 queen airbeds
  • WeatherTec system
  • LED system
  • Three brightness settings

There is a 966 ft. television space to sit in if you want to admire the natural lighting. On those warm nights in the tent, it has enough room for you to rest, lay down, and relax. The Coleman, like many of their things, has a high-quality, impenetrable tent. It has flood-resistant zippers to hold the water out. The welded floors often ensure that there are no openings for water to get inside and wet stuff.

In heavy rain, the polyester 75D taffeta keeps you dry and safe. Not just that, but the tent’s bases are still very durable. In comparison to others, it withstands stronger winds well. The tent is also very comfortable to live in, with rolling walls, a mesh roof, and the screen space itself. The ventilation on this thing makes it breezy on hot days, unlike the cheap ones, because it doesn’t build up heat as the cheap ones do. When you need to keep warm, the tent material will even serve as a cover to keep the sun inside the shed.


  • Water-resistant
  • Durable
  • Three brightness settings


  • Set up takes time

4. Wenzel Klondike Tent- Camping Tents With Screened Porch

Wenzel Klondike Tent- Cabin Tents With Screened Porch

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Key Features

  • Weighs 26.38 pounds
  • Fiberglass framework
  • 192 x 132 x 78 inches
  • Closure Type: Zipper
  • Rectangular shape
  • Accommodates 8 persons
  • Fiberglass and steel pole materials
  • 10 feet floor width
  • 8 feet floor length
  • 78 inches maximum height
  • Three seasons tent
  • Flap zippered windows
  • Easy to set up

The Klondike is made of polyester cloth to keep water out of the interior. The tent’s polyurethane lining, as well as the rainfly, perform admirably. However, you must pay consideration to the tent’s sewing consistency and webbings, which ensure that the tent does not break or leak.

There is a lot of air going in the tent thanks to the full mesh roof and windows, making it ideal for summer camping. And in the most severe storm, the fiberglass and steel structure provides you with a roof so you don’t get stuck in it. And this isn’t a small screen space. This 8-person tent has a 9-by-6-foot screen room where three people can sleep comfortably. There is a standard cabin-type tent accommodation for the remaining 8.


  • Spacious
  • Stand up tent
  • Easy to set up
  • Breathable fabric


  • Not waterproof

5. Coleman 6 Persons Tent With Screen Room- Best Tents With Screen Rooms

Coleman 6 Persons Tent With Screen Room- Best Cabin Tents With ScreeColeman 6 Persons Tent With Screen Room- Best Cabin Tents With Screen Rooms

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Key Features

  • Weighs 32 pounds
  • Made of polyester
  • 41 x 10 x 10 inches
  • Closure Type: Zipper
  • Accommodates 6 persons
  • Fiberglass made poles
  • Four seasons tent
  • 2 queen-sized airbeds
  • Offers separate floorless screen
  • Has bug free lounging
  • WeatherTec System
  • Patented welded floors
  • Rainfly and carry bag included

The tent is made of a water-resistant 75-denier polyester film that prevents water from passing in. There are no chance things will ever get inside the Coleman with those inverted seams and welded floors. The tent’s frame tubing is strong enough to resist bending even in high winds, and it will hold the structure in place.

Meanwhile, the mesh openings in the tent material seal the sun out. Within the shelter, you will enjoy the pleasant weather without being disturbed by bugs. In terms of space, it’s big enough to accommodate two queen-size airbeds inside and still have room to spare. It can comfortably accommodate six people, making it ideal for family camping.


  • Spacious
  • Fits a queen mattress
  • Hinged door
  • High ceiling
  • Tub floor and meshed tent


  • Bulky
  • Difficult to assemble

6. ALPHA Camp Family Tent- Camping Tents With Screen Rooms

ALPHA Camp Family Tent- Camping Cabin Tents With Porched Screen Rooms

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Key Features

  • Weighs 17 pounds
  • Made of the sealed flysheet
  • 27 x 8.6 x 8.6 inches
  • Closure Type: Zipper
  • Accommodates 6 persons
  • Large D style door
  • 2 windows
  • Top mesh panel
  • High-grade steel made poles
  • Decent wind resistance
  • 5 minutes easy setup tent
  • 1-year warranty

Despite the fact that it is a cabin-style tent with plenty of headroom, it is smaller and much faster, and simpler to set up than the other screen porch tents on this list. It’s easy to set up in a matter of minutes, and it’s much lighter to carry around; it’s ideal for hitting the road.

The Alpha Camp has a four-pole configuration with pre-attached telescopic main poles, making it ideal for 3-4 people and their gear. Simply secure the end poles, stake the ropes, and, if desired, attach the rainfly, and you’re ready to go. The wide windows in the tent often allow for excellent ventilation. The tent is very spacious on the inside.


  • Lightweight
  • Easier assembling and disassembling
  • Four poles configuration


  • Tight zipper
  • Cheap materials


Finding the best cabin tents with screened porches is pretty tricky and if you have to buy the best one, consider the above-mentioned buying factors. These factors include weight, size, capacity, storage, ventilation, and price.

In our recommendation, the best cabin tent with screened porches is Core Instant Cabin Tent. This tent is suitable for tall people and it allows easier assemblage. Also, it worth every single penny.

Types of Tents


There are six common shapes and layouts available of cabin tents and those include the following:

  • Ridge or A-frame
  • Dome
  • Tunnel
  • Geodesic
  • Cabin
  • Pyramid

Every shape has its own pros and cons, let us dive right into them.

Ridge or A-frame

Ridge tents are designed of thick canvas that is stretched through the horizontal pole and is supported by the vertical pole of a tent.

These A-frame tents use aluminum poles that are lightweight. Also, these come with flysheets fabricated of nylon or polyester that are waterproof in nature.



Easily deal with rain

Not so livable

Robust in harsh weather conditions; waterproof

Easy to set up

Assemblage takes time


Dome tents are designed of two adjustable poles crossing the top and can be bent to the floor. Usually, the rainfly is placed at the top of the poles.



Cheap in price

Does not stand harsh weather conditions

Easy to set and lightweight

Larger packs are not stable
Compact pack downsize with decent headroom

Smaller vestibules

Tunnel Tents

This type of tent provides larger space and headroom along with livability. Tunnel tents are made of adjustable poles looping from one side of the tent to the other.



Easy to set up

Only suitable for car camping

Good headroom with livable space

Stable in windy weather

Can not stand bad weather conditions

Geodesic Tents

A geodesic tent is basically a dome-shaped tent that comes with more poles. It provides more stability when more poles cross each other. These tents are specifically designed to stand winter camping.



Stands bad weather conditions


Lightweight and durable

Difficult to put together
Decent headroom

Not suitable for more people

Cabin Tents

These tents are made of nylon or polyester and provide a livable space in which you can easily stand.



Plenty of room


Cheap in price

Difficult to set up
Standup tent

Made of cheap materials

Pyramid Tent

The simplest shaped tent, pyramid tent, comprises one central pole along with a draped rainfly. The rainfly stakes down at the edges of the fly.



Simple to set up

Lack of vertical walls


Limited headspace
Stand bad weather conditions

Do not have a built-in groundsheet

Benefits Of Buying Tents With Screen Room


There are some ultimate pros of using camping tents with a screen room. These include;

  • More space
  • Additional storage
  • Protection from insects and bugs

More Space

Tents with screen rooms are amazing for family camping as they are specifically made for minimally 6 people. When it comes to the screened porch, know that it provides more room for livability and square footage.

Additional Storage

Camping tents with a screen room come with plenty of space to store gear. The additional storage space does not only help you in keeping your stuff protected but also you can place your muddy boots there.

Protection From Insects & Bugs

These tents come with many mesh windows and provide ultimate protection from bugs, mosquitos, crawlers, and other creepy insects.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best cabin tent with screened porches?

The best cabin tents with screened porches are lightweight, provide more space, additional storage, and an easier setup. Also, these tents are waterproof and water-resistant in nature. In our recommendation, the best tent with a screen house is Core Instant Cabin Tent. This tall tent is suitable for tall people and it allows easier assemblage. Also, it worth every single penny.

What is a screen room in a tent?

It is a part of a cabin tent that is used for storing or placing equipment. It comes with a fly at the top and when it comes to the walls, they are without panels but sturdy. Know that it does not completely prevent rain. These tents are highly recommended if you plan to camp in dry areas.

Can one person put up a tent?

If you are camping all alone or with a family, there are many tents that offer easier assemblage and can be put together by one person easily. So, it totally depends on the tent that you are planning to buy.

If you are looking for ways to install your tent, the following video will help you in it:

Are pop tents any good?

Pop tents are a very convenient option to go for. These are designed to just pop up and they take their shape in no time. Usually, these tents just need to be tied down. Pop-up tents mostly accommodate two persons and offer the ultimate easiness of usage.

How much does a good tent cost?

A tent’s price depends upon its features including size, weight, and whatnot. The price increases with the number of features. The price of tents mostly ranges between 35 to 1000 dollars.