How to Paint Wooden Bar Stools? – 2023 Guide

To give your kitchen a more creative look, you always use wooden bar stools. Our kitchen has a lot of neutral colors, so we always want to pop up the stool color to coordinate with our kitchen or dining room. Painting the wooden bar stools creatively gives your place a really smart look. Wooden bar stools are really easy to paint. No matter you want the colors for bar stools that blend with your kitchen or dining room. You can paint with different styles like you can paint the legs or base of bar stools with one color and the seat with another color.

If you decide what color will you paint to your wooden bar stools. But do you know how do you paint your wooden bar stools? Here are some instructions that will really helpful for you for bar stool painting.


  • Step: 1

To start the wooden bar stools paints, firstly, you need to lay down any sheet or piece of cloth to protect the surface from where you will be working on. Then use an orbital sander or a sheet of sandpaper to sand each stool thoroughly to remove any varnish finish, shiny lacquer, or any previous stain or paint.

You can do this step by starting with lower grit sandpaper and then move to the higher grit paper.

  • Step: 2

For painting the wooden bar stool, the cleaning of stools is necessary, so next, you have to remove all sanding dust from the stool by rubbing it with the use of any damp cloth or tack cloth.

  • Step: 3

Now, turn the stool upside-down for paint spray. To do this step, must put on your painter’s mask or safety glasses and spray the thin coats of paint almost two or three times. Then let dry the cost, and before applying the next spray coat, softly sand the stool bar.

Repeat this step on the top of a stool by turning it a right side up.

  • Step: 4

In spray on method, always hold the spray bottle almost six inches away from the stool and apply the thin coat of paint color that is present on a spray bottle.

  • Step: 5

Let the previous coat to dry completely before applying the next coat. Keep doing this process of paint bar stools by turning the stool over until you please with the paint color and coat.

  • Step: 6

If you want to spray the stools with the coat of polycrylic sealer, then using the same process of paint spray.


  • Step:1

If you want to paint the wooden bar stools with the brush method, then the first two steps of the painting are as same as a spray method. Mean applying the thin coat of paint with the brush and let the coat to dry. Before applying the next coat, slightly sand the coat and repeat this process until you satisfy with the coating or covering.

  • Step: 2

Now let the latex paint can to open and mixed by using the paint stick. Then apply the paint brush by following the wood grains. Applying many coats of paint for better or even covering and let the coat to dry fully before sealing.

  • Step: 3

To get the better result of wooden bar stools paint, apply the coat of polyurethane with the brush on an even layer of coat. It will protect the paint and seal the finish. Next, allow the coat to dry fully.

Wooden bar stools painting can easily compliment any style of your interior design. Whether you are going to paint your newly purchased bar stools or just want to update this. You can easily do any of the two methods, and by following these steps, you will perfectly paint your wooden bar stools.

A Paint method may change, and some people use the traditional brush method. But one of the common use of the wooden bar stool painting method is a spray method. Mostly people prefer this method because of the presence of small parts on bar stools.