How to Install a Roll Pin

A roll pin is a versatile and adaptable device that can be used for both modern and mechanical purposes.

The poles attach themselves by being pounded into an opening and have a high degree of pressure to keep a secure joint. In contrast to a standard pin, a roll pin has an opening down the side or a winding arrangement that allows its diameter to be compacted. Pins are designed to be pounded into openings smaller than the diameter of the pin, so the closures are positioned so the pin will start in the opening. By hammering it in, the pin applies power to the opening and keeps it in place.

Roll pins can be used differently. First, they are broadly utilized in territories where there is probably going to be vibration, like motors or guns. Rehashed vibration can make strong pins extricate, and since they have no real way to apply power on their pit, they can drop out. In light of the adaptability of a roll pin, it’s susceptible to loosening.

Solid pins differ from roll pins in terms of ease of use. For instance, if you’re penetrating a pit for a solid pin, you need to get the distance across of the opening definite to parts of a millimeter, or it’ll essentially fall out. However, there some leeway with the roll pin since it compresses and fits into a little scope of diameters.

The installation and removal of a rolling pin can be difficult if you don’t know how to go about it. It requires skills, experience, and tools to install or remove a rolling pin. In this article, you will get insights into how to install and remove a rolling pin.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Install a Roll Pin

how to install a roll pin

Before you install a rolling pin, you must have the right equipment for the task. Some of the tools required include a vise, hammer, bearing carrier, bearing, and roll pin punch.

Here are the steps for installing a roll pin:

  • With the help of a vise, compress the roll pin till no space is left in its slot.
  • Using a mallet or hammer, tap the bearing carrier onto the roll pin till the pin begin to enter into the bearing channel. At this stage, make sure you are utilizing the right bearing carrier.
  • Ascertain whether the bearing and the bearing spacer are aligned with the roll pin and insert them into the bearing channel
  • Unclamp and reposition the roll pin upwards and continuously tap down the bearing carrier till the bearing and spacer are completely held around the roll pin.
  • Use a roll pin punch to help you with seating the roll pin into place.

What is a roll pin punch?

It is crucial to note that a rolling pin is hollow, and pounding straight onto the pin can spread out the end and harm it. A roll pin punch makes this work easier.

Roll pin punches have a “ballpoint” end that spaces into the roll pin and a thicker tip on the opposite end that you can pound onto, similar to a chisel. The ballpoint upholds the roll pin’s shape by filling the opening and prevents the pin from breaking while inserting or removing it. They’re regularly made of steel for sturdiness, and they arrive in a scope of sizes.

Purpose of a roll pin punch set

Roll pin punches are the absolute most widely utilized devices in mechanical designing workshops. There are different sorts of punches, including the pin, drift, and center punch, to refer to a couple.

A pin punch is utilized to install or remove roll pins from a chain. With many roll pin punches, it is simpler to play out an entire scope of uses with unequaled exactness.

Where can I buy roll pin punch sets?

You can get the best roll pin punch sets at Home Depot, Amazon, and Walmart. Most online general retailers will likewise stock them, so it’s truly an instance of identifying the best deals on the market. Rather than getting them brand new, it would be help if you looked on eBay to set aside some cash. The odds are there are some excellent deals on quality sets, and since they are simple items, getting the secondhand ones won’t be an issue. Ensure to confirm that they are fully functional before you make any purchase.

In case you’re utilizing these for gunsmithing, sellers of guns may likewise stock roll pin punch sets explicit for gun upkeep. Similarly, if you intend to utilize them for vehicle fixes or comparative tasks, industry-explicit locales will stock these apparatuses as additional items.

What to Consider When Buying Roll Pin Punch Sets

how to install a roll pin

Here are the factors to consider when buying roll pin punch sets.

Strength and Durability

Since a pin punch intended to be pounded more than once, it should be made of hard material. Carbon steel is amazingly sturdy, so it makes a decent material for roll pin punches, particularly if it’s heat-treated for added sturdiness.

Sets produced using carbon steel will withstand rehashed use throughout a significant period; however, high carbon content implies that they may rust easily when subjected to dampness, so buy those with a corrosion-resistant coating.

When buying a set of tools, it is crucial to consider its resilience. Observe the materials utilized in assembling various brands and gauge your alternatives cautiously. Note that chisels and punches produced using premium steel is ideally tempered and convey excellent results.

Additionally, heat-treated steel is known to keep up its shape and edge for a more extended time. The striking end is adequately hard to withstand any damage arising from being struck repeatedly. The working end is sufficiently versatile to oppose twisting when being used.

Your Needs

Eventually, your necessities should assume the main part in directing which pack you ought to put resources into. Depending on what you want to accomplish with the punches, it is essential to look into aspects like the size, shape, and devices’ diameter. 

Work Environment

Indeed, your workshop’s condition is another pivotal perspective to consider if you work inside or near a sparking environment; consider utilizing punches made of aluminum or copper-beryllium.


Very much like with most devices, even the best pin punch set will require routine upkeep. This guarantees it lives through its normal life expectancy.

As a rule, punches are contrastingly tempered, and the working end is more robust than the striking end. This subjects the striking end to damages; therefore, this vulnerable end should be dressed to forestall damage.

The size cavities you will be working with

In case you’re not very sure, the most well-known scope of sizes out there is 1/16 to 5/16 of an inch, which covers every one of the ordinary uses like gunsmithing, machinery, and vehicle fixes. You’re probably not going to require anything more modest.

The shape of the tip matters a lot in their effectiveness 

Many pin punches are erroneously promoted and yet they don’t have the convex end. If the pin punch has a level end, it’s not suitable for roll pins, as it can sneak off and twist the pin. If you have a standard pin punch set, you might have the option to utilize it for roll pins for one-off work, but over the long haul, it will harm both the pins and the punches and render them useless.

How to Remove a Stuck or Broken Roll Pin

Roll pins are commonly used in car engines and firearms.  It’s easy to remove a roll pin by pulling it out of its housing with your fingers or a wrench in most cases. However, if the pin is stuck or broken, you may need to resort to more aggressive methods to remove it.

Here is how to remove a stuck or broken roll pin

  • Use an aerosol oil spray: A broken or rusted roll pin may be hard to loosen. In such a scenario, utilize aerosol oil to loosen up the pin. When spraying the oil, direct the canister’ tube onto the side of the roll pin and wait between 5 to 10 minutes for the spray to penetrate through the metal around the pin.
  • Use a roll pin removal tool: If aerosol doesn’t help, use a roll pin removal tool to loosen the pin. The tool is specially designed to remove broken pins from their housing within metallic pieces.
  • Freezing and heating the roll pin: This method is ideal if it is in a small object. To do this, place the metal-containing roll pin in a freezer for around 5 hours. Remove it from the freezer and use a propane torch to heat the stuck pin till it is red hot. This will loosen the roll pin and enhance its removal.
  • Use a pin punch: Select a pin punch that matches the diameter of the roll pin. Strike the end of the pin punch to loosen the roll pin. If it isn’t successful, tap the pin punch in the opposite direction until it loosens up.

Safety Tips When Installing or Removing a Roll Pin

Here are the safety tips to help you when installing or removing a roll pin.

Ensure you wear defensive eyewear at whatever point you’re managing high-speed work like pounding or utilizing power apparatuses.

Make an effort to pound the pin punch vertically. This will make the ballpoint end to go a specific path towards keeping the pin in place, but if you’re not hammering vertically, it will twist and sneak off, possibly causing injury. It’s ideal to utilize an elastic hammer to forestall any terrible mishaps additionally.

Try not to utilize your roll pin punch set to pound onto level surfaces. This will rapidly twist the ballpoint end and make it difficult to utilize it for its necessary size.


Which punches hold up well to gunsmith type use?

There are various phenomenal brands for gunsmiths. Probably the best ones incorporate the Starrett and the TEKTON punch set. For the most part, brands suitable for mechanical use are also applicable to gunsmith undertakings.

Would I utilize my punch set to etch on steel?

If you are utilizing heavy-duty punches, you can easily etch on steel. As a dependable guideline, use your punch to deal with softer surfaces than the working end material.

What is the hardness of heat-treated punches?

The tempering of various brand instruments can vary significantly. Be that as it may, the dominant parts of steel punches are solidified to about DC53-DC57.

Final thoughts

Knowing how to install and remove a roll pin is crucial in ensuring your business’ smooth operation. Additionally, owning the best roll pin punch set is vital if you desire commendable results when working on different mechanical projects. Before you buy a pin punch set, consider critical factors, such as durability, maintenance, and work environment