How to Set Up a Grow Tent? – 2023 Guide

Setting up a first grow tent can be challenging for many beginners, but it is not much difficult. Indoor gardening is getting more popular all over the globe. It is very beneficial for the people who live in snowy areas or who want to grow plants in winter. A grow tent is the perfect solution to recreate the natural environment for plants according to your conditions.

However, a grow tent is only the exterior of your indoor garden before you start growing cannabis or other vegetables; you need some necessary equipment to organize a suitable plant-growing environment. This process is typically called dialing in.

Room hygiene and cleanliness

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It is essential to clean the place or room where you are going to set up the growing tent to make the environment hygienic, and it can affect the organic process. If you skip this, then it will be easy for fungi and insects to attack your plants. You need to sterilize and clean the roof, walls, floor, and windows to get healthy growth. Once you have completed this process, then let the room ventilate and dry. Now you are ready to mount your growing tent.


You need a grow-tent. They usually come with aluminum bars that hold the structure of the tent. Connecting the bars with plastic pieces is so easy as they have numbers written on them according to their match. After completion of this process, open the fabric of the tent and place it over the aluminum bars structure. Slip down the material slowly because it will keep safe the fabric from ripping. Once you have covered the structure of the growing tent with cloth, then close the zips properly.


An extractor fan is another essential piece of equipment, connects the cables and is set up inside the tent structure using clamps or rope. Now add the intake fan with flexible aluminum ducting and keep it in a straight line to get enough fresh air for your plants.


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Carbon filters are effortless to set up; the process is the same as the extractor fan. You can also set up carbon filters later when plants move into the flowering stage. Before setting up the carbon filter, take your plants out of the tent and grab a ducting tape and attach it with the opening of the filter and then attach it on the top of growing canopy alongside the extractor fan. Make sure you do it one side of the tent to avoid overlapping with your lamps.


Ducting hose will work as a vacuum to extract the stale air from the tent. Keep it straight for better output; every bend in the ducting hose will slow down the extracting process. Set up a ducting hose to a window outside of the extractor fan.


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The next step is choosing and fixing the growing lights. Find out the growing light with multiple modes and use a chain or string to set up the growing light into the tent, these chins, ropes, or movable clamps will help you to maintain the distance of the light from the plants. You can quickly lower down and raise the lamps according to the plant stage and needs.


This is very simple and easy to put a fan into a growing tent. It depends on your choice of what fan you prefer in a tent. You can mount it with clamps or use a standing fan if you have enough place for the fan in your growing tent.


The timer is not so much necessary item, but it is beneficial and keeps you away from extra efforts. You can set a timer for the lights according to your schedule. The timer will automatically turn on/off the lights; as doing it manually, you may end up messing up with your plant’s light schedule. A proper light will grow healthy plants.


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Once you have installed and tested everything, it is time to add a temperature monitoring device to keep the required temperature in control. Just place a device into the growing room and plugged it to get the humidity and temperature in real-time. Some temperature devices allow you to save the highest and lowest readings of the heat to check the parameters that your plants are experiencing when growing lights are off.


A growing tent is the best way to grow healthy plants in off-seasons. Adequate knowledge is necessary before you start the process. You must know the plant’s requirements and environments you have to provide. Several digital devices are available in the market that can help you in the growing process. Make sure you install and use the equipment properly.