How to Hunt Jackrabbits

How to Hunt Jackrabbits

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Rabbit hunting is the third most common method of hunting in the United States, behind only wild turkey and deer hunting. Few people do it in Oregon, but they can because rabbits and hares are plentiful, and there is no closed season or bag restriction. They even taste fine!

Although rabbits spend the majority of their lives underground, jackrabbits spend the majority of their time above ground. You can chase jackrabbits in much of their area. Since they are called nuisance animals in many countries, there are few limits on how many you can kill. In certain places, what you need is a new hunting license, a rifle or shotgun, and some jackrabbit hunting experience.

Rabbits are abundant, but if you spot any, you can normally save a handful for potential meals of delicious rabbit stew. It’s a great way to get new hunters and kids out there, particularly during a season when there aren’t many hunting opportunities.

You don’t need a pack of dogs to go rabbit hunting; you can be just as good with a single shot and a pocketful of shells. You’ll be well on your way to bagging a few cottontails if you learn rabbit defense tactics, consider their hiding spots, and be careful.

Hunting is said to be a thrilling sport, but what could be more thrilling than hunting a jackrabbit? If you’re involved in jackrabbit hunting and want to learn more about it, I’ll help you out by outlining some strategies for catching this kind of hare.

Let’s see what I’ve got planned for you.

Hunting Jack rabbits

how to hunt jackrabbits

1. Obtain the required licenses.

Many nations have put hunting restrictions in place, and in order to hunt, you must have a valid license. To be secure from the authorities, you must have a licence to hunt the hare on either private or public land. The only validation available is a warrant; whether you are hunting on your own property, no license or other paperwork is required.

2. Know the hunting Seasons

The first thing to consider is your preferred hunting season; in certain countries, there are no seasonal restrictions on shooting; however, in places where there are restrictions, there are specific reasons for these limitations, such as if those parks are closed due to fire risk or whether the area is set aside for performing research and that the research is to be conducted without being threatened by hunter activity.

3. Gather the necessary resources

Hunting jackrabbits would necessitate getting the required hunting equipment; however, not all instruments can be used for jackrabbit hunting. However, you’d have to consider what sort of guns you’d use in the chase.

To begin, you’ll need a shotgun or sniper; the best rifle for hunting hares is the pellpax storm x deluxe pack, but you can also use other rifle models depending on your budget. The most popular shotguns are 12 and 20 gauge shotguns with open chokes. The open choke must be used in conditions where jackrabbits hide in brushy areas; it is the safest choice in this situation. Other items used include a whistle, binoculars, and puppies, which are all optional but extremely helpful during the search. You’re set to go on the hunt after you’ve collected all of these tools.

4. Locate a hunting spot

The two types of jackrabbits enjoy different environments. The white-tailed jackrabbit prefers hills and cliffs, while the black-tailed jackrabbit prefers valleys and flat, open country such as farm fields. Jackrabbits like these areas and they escape predators by using speed and keen senses.

You must select the kind of jackrabbit that attracts you based on the habitats of the two types of jackrabbits and then seek permission from the local authority before hunting on land other than your own.

5. Learn some Hunting Techniques

The most difficult part of locating jackrabbits after you’ve arrived at their habitat, particularly if you’re new to this type of operation, is scouting for them. As a result, you can at least learn some rabbit hunting ‘kung fu’. The crucial thing to note is that jackrabbits often disappear under small patches of foliage. When it gets light, the jackrabbits come out into the open to sunbathe.

Before venturing out into their territory, you should be familiar with jackrabbit hunting techniques. First, locate the highest point and use your binoculars to locate the jackrabbits. Aside from that, you should look for them under the bushes, where they normally live. Whistling is another useful instrument for finding the jackrabbits. Whistling’s shrill noises lead jackrabbits to raise their ears in an attempt to locate the source of the whistle, and this is when you can see them. It’s also a smart idea to look for jackrabbits by following their footsteps and fresh dung.

Hunting with more partners is beneficial; in this situation, divide yourself according to the tasks available; for example, one will beat the brush while the other waits from the other side for the jackrabbit to come out of the brush and points the shotgun at it to take a shot.

Dogs are a good choice for working with jackrabbits because they have a keen sense of smell and can trace the hare’s scent for a long time. Before chasing the jackrabbit, they would chase it out of the jungle. When chased, jackrabbits, like rabbits, fly in counterclockwise circles, which will help you because you will be able to anticipate the pattern of its flight and then spot yourself with your shotgun to cut the circle off.

6. Be cautious

You should be extra careful when you’re out in the bush. Walk in the direction of the wind to have a good hunt. This is because the wind removes your scent and the sound you make when you walk, and if it comes into contact with the jackrabbit’s sensitive ears, they will run because they view it as a threat.

Take long pauses while walking near the jackrabbit area, wait a few minutes, and then resume your stroll. This is a strategy that will assist you in avoiding being discovered by the hare.

7. Master the art of shooting

There is nothing that can prevent you from going home empty handed if you can’t shoot to kill. If you don’t shoot well, your hunting experience will not only be disappointing but also discouraging.

You must learn to take a shot because the jackrabbit is always on the move and there is no time to fire at the hare and shoot it down. All you have to do is spot the darting jackrabbit, draw your rifle, and fire all in one motion.

When a jackrabbit races around open land, you should think about your options as soon as possible. It is preferable to try and shoot the jackrabbit in the head. This shot guarantees a first kill while still preserving the meat of the other body pieces.

It is best to stay alert during the hunt because the jackrabbit can move when you and your partners have relaxed your guard. As a result, you must hold the pistol in a shooting stance with the trigger hand on the grip at all times because the hare will make a fleet rush for cover anytime.

8. Learn to dress a jackrabbit

Up until this point, you should have made your first kill. So, what next? It is time to dress your poor jack rabbit.

When you hunt a jackrabbit, you must dress it before cooking it. There are many ways to dress the jackrabbit; you can dress it in the field or take it inside; but, the proper place to dress the rabbit is in the field and let it cool for some time before taking it inside; you should be aware that the jackrabbit sometimes has a lot of fleas, and dressing it outside would stop the fleas from spreading into your house. Furthermore, dressing the jackrabbit in the field after killing it would help you preserve the meat properly and keeping it simple to do.

To properly dress the rabbit, first grasp the back skin of the jackrabbit with your fingertips and then make a simple cut through the skin to and from while avoiding including the meat.

Second, use your fingertips to peel the jackrabbit’s skin in any way, being careful not to let the furry side of the skin contact the carcass.
You then remove the whole part of the remaining skin including that of the tail.

You must closely examine the liver to see whether there is any spot that may suggest that the jackrabbit is infected with tularemia. This will assist you in avoiding disease transmission.

Create a deep slit into the sternum’s bottom and a straight cut all the way to the tail. After that, make a slit to the bottom side of the sternum and up to the throat. The dressing should be performed properly so that no body organs are pantured.

The head must then be removed, followed by the foot, which must be removed by cutting under the heel.
After thoroughly dressing the jackrabbit, store it in a cold spot to keep it fresh all the time.

Hunting tips

how to hunt jackrabbits

As you have noticed in this post, there are several factors that must be considered in order to hunt successfully and safely. and I will showcase them for you shortly;

  • Always have your weapon primed and pointing in the right direction to stop shooting your companion due to the commotion while the jackrabbit is on the chase.
  • Be sure your finger isn’t hitting the trigger until you’re about to fire. You could pull the trigger just to squander your cases.
  • It is better to handle any weapon as though it were armed in order to be cautious when handling them.
  • When you shoot at the target, be certain of the target and everything nearby; this will ensure that you do not destroy creatures that you did not wish to kill.
  • When hunting, wear protective clothing. The majority of healthy cottontail thickets have one thing in common: thorns. Unless you’re hiking with puppies, kicking up mice, or retrieving downed game, some kind of tag would be clawing at the ears, fingers, thighs, and other sensitive areas. Wearing protective gear will make the outings more fun and less uncomfortable. Many rabbit fans like blue jeans, but they have no security. No matter where or how you hunt, a decent pair of briar-busting breeches with thorn-proof cloth covering the front should be considered necessary equipment.
  • Seek out the Rabbit’s Eyes. Stalking rabbits as they sit in their forms is a lot of fun, particularly if you’re hunting with kids who aren’t yet proficient at bagging running rabbits. The key is to notice the bunny before it notices you. Given the rabbit’s excellent disguise, this can be difficult. An old hand at this game has a rule: look for their eyes rather than their whole body. A rabbit’s round, dark eyes stand out against the crisscross of cover, and are quickly seen by a hunter who strides quietly, closely inspecting both brush and weeds. You can miss rabbits huddled in their shapes, but you’ll also see a few at close range until you see the eye.
  • Ask permission before hunting any time you visit, and observe any laws the landowner imposes, such as not shooting at the quail coveys he’s cultivating.
  • Try out the Leapfrog Hunting Method. This is where you drive to another rabbit hideout after covering one brush patch or overgrown fence row in an hour or so. You’ll probably find more rabbits if you jump from one location to another during the day.


Although searching for jackrabbits can be a fun activity, the hunt can be more difficult since the creatures are small and very sensitive, and they can run before you even see them. In order for you to have a successful search, you must have patience.

After providing you with all of the details, I hope that this article will be of great assistance to you in your search for jackrabbits. Good luck!

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