How Bridge Speakers Work?

Bridging the speakers with the amplifier output terminals is very popular today, and this technique owns by many car owners. It allows the amplifiers to provide more powerful mono-signal to the speakers or subwoofers.

The bridging technique doubles the available voltage of an amplifier, which produces more power as compared to the amplifier used without bridging.

As we know that bridging speakers produce power or double the sound, but we ever think, how bridging work? Where does all more power come from?

  • Suppose, in your car system you have 2 channels amplifier, then you will see 4 terminals, 2 positives and 2 negatives. So, the channel 1 amplifier labeled A, which is for positive and B, which is for negative, even the channel 2 amplifier labeled C, which is for positive D, which is for negative. To make the bridge lets, connect the amplifier with the speaker.
  • Now, connect the speaker wires. For this, connect the positive speaker, which leads to A terminal and the negative speaker, which leads to D terminal. You can do this step by using a screwdriver. Next, place the speaker wire linking the terminal’s top and bottom portion and then put the terminal screws in place. These connections combine the two channel powers and double the power output.

  • And if you have 4 channels amplifier, then you will see 8 terminals, 4 positives and 4 negatives. If you really want to bridge these 4 channels amplifier with the speakers, then the process of bridging is quite similar to the previous bridging of 2 channels amplifiers. But there is some little difference in bridging of these amplifiers of 4 channels with speakers.
  • Same like if you have five or six channels amplifier, and you want to bridge this with the speaker, then you will see different numbers terminals. And the process of the bridging is same as always, but a minor difference occurs.
  • The more amplifier channels you have, the more you have options, and the more power you will get. This bridging speaker technique maximizes the power output of an amplifier, and your speaker will more increase the volume.