Top 8 Best Dado Blade Set to Buy 2023 – Buying Guide

As the famous adage goes, “Chop your own wood, & it will warm you twice”. But woodworking requires special tools and saw is one of the basic tools demand for woodworking. The most common use of saw is cutting the wood into smaller units of your desire. That is where the dado blades come into play. Having a dado blade set is safer and much more time-efficient. We took all the essential features of a dado blade set into consideration, from size to compatibility to warranty to what not- and came up with this list of top 6 best dado blade set.

Buyer’s Guide

Dado blades are supposed to be easy blades.

Few significant aspects should be assessed while purchasing a modern blade. This can be valuable in improving your woodworking precision

  • Type of blade

Stacked and wobble blades are the 2 main types of dado blades. However, serious woodworkers prefer to have stacked dado blades. They are unmatchable with their Safety measures and precise cuts.

In such dado blades, two circular blades having 18 to 40 teeth each are stacked against one another. “Chipper” blades having only a few teeth are set in between these two primary blades.

These blades are not required to be exceptionally accurate.

On the other side, wobble dado blades only consist of one circular blade. This sharp blade is fixed on its pivot. The end goal is that it can wobble to and fro between a defined bunch of angles. This hollows out the whole horizontal width of this section through a cut span.

Therefore, you will get a wider cut if you are having a steeper angle of the wobble. Also, it should be modifiable on wobble blades.

Often, wobble blades are not used for important woodworking tasks. This is because in most cases the cuts generated with wobble blades are less accurate.

  • Size of blade

Dado blades are available in 2 sizes; six inches & eight inches’ blade. Eight inches’ dado blade is required for deeper grooves. Exactly why it is preferred over a six inches’ dado blade.

The number of teeth is also an important factor to consider. The teeth count of the blade is directly proportional to the cutting smoothness, & accuracy. The abundance of teeth on the chippers likewise influences the coarseness of the core of the cut. Although for proper assembling it is not that essential.

  • Compatibility of blade

Your saw must be consistent with the size of a blade you select. Only six-inch dado blades can be used with the portable circular saws and the bench saws.  On the contrary, the eight-inch dado blades are not compatible with them due to their lack of power.

While both six and eight-inch dado blades are compatible with the contractor saw. Although with “full plate”, an eight-inch stacked blade or a fully circular chipper should not be used. But they are massive than blades with non-circular chippers.

Any of the dado blade sets can operate with the cabinet saws. The insert plate also plays a huge role in compatibility. It houses the opening through which the blade projects on the saw.

  • Material of the blade

The durability and the weight of a dado blade are dependent on its production material. Therefore, the material is also a deciding factor in the compatibility between the saw and the blades.

TiCo carbide blend or C-4 carbide is used to manufacture them. To ensure the cutting efficiency & durability, it has a special surface coating. Stainless steel is used in lesser blades that can become dull more rapidly.

Top 6 Best dado blade set to buy today

ImageNameFeatures RatingPrice
Brother HL-L2300D Laser Printer☞Max Resolution: 2400 x 600 dpi
☞Speed: 32ppm
☞Connectivity: USB 2.0, Ethernet & Wi-Fi Connectivity
4.9/5View Product
Canon Color imageCLASS MF644Cdw ☞Max Resolution: 600 x 600 dpi
☞Speed: 22 ppm
☞Connectivity: USB 2.0, Ethernet & Wi-Fi Connectivity
4.8/5View Product
Canon imageCLASS MF216n☞Max Resolution: 600 dpi
☞Speed: 24 ppm
☞Connectivity: Ethernet; USB
4.8/5View Product
HP OfficeJet Pro 8710☞Max resolution: 1200 dpi
☞Speed: 22 ppm
☞Connectivity: USB, Wireless, Ethernet
4.7/5View Product
HP DeskJet 2622☞Max resolution: 4800 x 1200 dpi
☞Speed: 5.5 ppm
☞Connectivity: USB
4.7/5View Product
Canon 2986C002 PIXMA TS6220☞Max resolution: 1200 x 2400 dpi
☞Speed: 15 ppm
☞Connectivity: USB, Bluetooth
4.6/5View Product
Canon PIXMA TS9520☞Max resolution: 4800 x 1200 dpi
☞Speed: 15 ppm
☞Connectivity: USB, Bluetooth
4.6/5View Product
Epson Expression Premium XP-600☞Max resolution: 5760 x 1404
☞Speed: 15 ppm
☞Connectivity: USB, Bluetooth
4.5/5View Product

1. DEWALT DW7670 – Best Dado Blade Set

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Dewalt is a well-known name in hardware products. This eight-inch stacked dado is never going to let down their reputation for excellence. It is often compared with the Dado king’s blade based on the quality of the cuts and its durability. Although Dado king almost costs twice in comparison to this one.

There are 24 teeth in each outer blade. Exceptionally smooth cuts without cracks are generated using them. The weight of the dado blade set is kept low by the four-tooth winged chipper. This makes it compatible with almost any 10-inch table saw. The chipper generates incredibly even cores to the cuts. That’s why after the grooves are ready assembling is simple.

There is also a set of stainless steel shims with the blade. This is appreciated because they make it so easy to adjust the width of the cuts. We also liked the case that the blade is packed in. It is no lesser than any of the cases that come along with the eight-inch blades, also higher in price. It is going to serve you beyond your expectations.

There’s no question mark on the durability of the blade. It’s constructed with solid carbide. Its edges are not going to get dull for years. 30-days money-back guarantee for the blade is part of the package. Dewalt’s customer care service is also up to the mark. You’ll surely get a response as a result of any complaint.


  • Exceptionally accurate
    smooth cutting
    Shim set made of stainless steel
    Offers a thirty days money-back guarantee
    Solid long-lasting case


  • The delivery system is not reliable the blades are often delivered in damaged condition

2. Oshlun SDS-0842 – 8 inch dado blades

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This eight-inch Oshlun’s stacked dado blade has a price under $100. Oshlun is always praised for the cutting strength it delivers and the excellence in formation.

Professional-grade C-4 carbide used to manufacture the blade. It has incredibly greater durability as compared to the same price, stainless steel constructed dado blade.

The outer blades consist of 42 teeth. You are not going to mess up while joining your boards because it cuts exceptionally smooth edges. There’s one thing to note down that blade can generate minor score marks on the exterior edges. You can cut deeper in order to avoid it.

To prevent the blade from wobbling you should also use a zero-clearance plate on your saw. Grooves ranging in ¼-inches to 29/32-inches can easily be cut down using it. Shim set with it makes it compatible with the exact width you want. Keeping in mind its modest price, it also owns a storage case.

Some of the users complain about the sturdy construction of the blade. There’s nothing to worry about when Oshlun is offering a lifetime warranty.


  • Outer blades contain 42-teeth
    Chipper is 6-teeth circular
    Lifelong warranty and storage case


  • Belt-driven saw is required to operate heavy chippers
    Produce score marks on wood

3. Freud 8″ x 24T – best dado blades for table saw

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This blade set from Freud is for professional woodworkers. It is an amazingly accurate dado blade with exceptional durability. You can’t find a better dado blade in this price range.

In this price range, most of the dado blades are composed of C-4 carbide or stainless steel. A stunningly high-density mixture of titanium cobalt is used in Freud’s production. That’s the reason why it is so long-lasting and provides smooth cuts. Teeth are prevented by the wear and tear using the silver I.C.E coated blades.

Due to an included adjustment knob, the blade is quickly adjustable. Thanks to the inclusion of the shim set, the width of the cuts is also finely adjustable. Its winged design Is the main reason for being lightweight. Also being lightweight makes it compatible with any contractor saw.

Only an issue you can deal with is its storage case. It’s said to be comparatively fragile for the cost of the blade. Carbide blades also bang against each other in the case and this can cause damage to the blades.


  • Amazingly smooth cuts with no crests
    TiCo production of high density
    Silver I.C.E coating is used
    the knob is width adjustable


  • Costly
    The storage (case) is not up to the mark

4. Freud 6″ x 10T – 6 inch dado blades

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The manufacturer’s signature high construction excellence is ensured in this six-inch stacked dado blade. It is available at a price that newcomers can easily afford. It is the best fit for woodworkers with small table saws.

10 teeth are there for each blade. The amount of teeth is enough to get flawlessly smooth cuts. Extraordinary flat grooves are produced with the winge-style chippers likewise in Freud’s eight-inch blade set. After the cut, no ridges are left to handle.

Freud’s high-quality titanium with cobalt carbide is used in manufacturing the product. Moreover, it contains a silver I.C.E coating. These features collectively make it an incredibly long-lasting and reliable blade.

The width adjustment knob is missing in the package. Also, some users had a problem with Freud’s width chart for the shim. Measurements on the shim are also not readable. A hard plastic case is used to enclose the blades. The case can’t be fully trusted so you can use an extra plastic storage case.


  • Lightweight for regular table
    Constructed using saws TiCo carbide
    No ridges on the smooth cuts


  • Shim set is inaccurate in marking
    No enclosed plastic case

5. IRWIN Stacked, 8-Inch- best dado set

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IRWIN tools deliver this dado blade set to not only cut through a vast range of woods but also metals. It’s an eight-inch stacked dado blade set at a reasonable price. Often it is used to cut through metallic roofing coverings.

Accuracy is one of the key features of this blade. It’s not even going to splinter the paint on the metal nearby the cut. Blades are coated to make them heat resistant. Therefore, you are not going to deal with a heated blade when cutting through metal.

Oversized carbide is used to make the blades. Furthermore, blades can be freshened up by re-sharpening the carbide. Non-stick coating on the blades makes cleaning the sawdust much efficient.  Three oval-shaped shoppers each having four teeth are part of the set. They are amazing while generating smooth-bottom cuts.

Using this arguably the best dado blade set you have to take care of safety measures. It spits out a considerable amount of wood dust and pieces. So always use protective eyewear while using this one. A dust mask is also suggested to have extra care.


  • Wood and metal both can be cut
    The heat-resistant coating prevents the blade from heating
    Smooth-bottomed cuts
    You can re-sharpen the carbide


  • Wood dust and splinters are spotted out
    Thicker cuts than blades with extra teeth

6. The Mibro Group- top choice stacking dado blade

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This Mibro Group dado blade set is one of the cheapest ones. Yet it is a long-lasting and high-quality blade set. It is compatible with most of the table saws as it’s having a 8-inch stack. Mibro Group increases the cutting power and durability by using carbide tips to the blades.

Two outside circular blades, six chippers, seven metal shims are part of the package.

Four chippers are ⅛-inch and the other two are ⅙-inch, all having two teeth. You can adjust the width by using the shims. This will also increase the accuracy of the cuts. The compact plastic case prevents the blades from any type of damage.


  • Chippers are Carbide-tipped and durable blades.
    7 metal shims ensure accuracy
    Handy and reasonable
    high-quality blades
    The compact plastic case


  • Thin spacers are pointed and can effortlessly chop your fingers.
    Occasionally it can make some irregular grooves from the core blades.


Any of the dado blade sets reviewed above will be a great addition to your kit. Each set offers all the required features at a pretty reasonable price. Dewalt DW7670 and Oshlun SDS-0842 are the most recommended amongst all.

It is one of the most hectic jobs to search for an item of your choice. Now you don’t have to hustle in search of the best dado blades. These blades are selected after weeks of research. You can choose any of the blades reviewed above according to your requirements.


  1. What are the kinds of joints that dado blades can make?
    Dado blades can be used to make rabbet joints. In order to fit one piece of wood’s edge into the groove of another piece of wood, these blades come in handy.
  2. Do I require an 8 inches’ blade for my 10 inches saw?
    No, by raising the diameter of the blade form eight inches to ten inches you will end up increasing the blade weight. Hence, you will then require a stronger saw to support them.
    Exactly why, dado blades are made in 8-inch diameters.
  3. With a dado set which saw kinds can I use?
    You can use table saws or circular arm saws. But the type of dado blade to be used differs from saw to saw. Six. Inch dado blades are best with the home table or bench saws. They are competitively light in weight. Six-inch or eight-inch dado blades work with contractor saws.
  4. Does cutting change with the kind of wood and if yes then how?
    Dado blades are manufactured using high-quality material. Therefore, it can cut any material.
    You just require to evaluate the cord of the tree fibers and inspect how quickly the saw takes off. When you realize all that, only improve the speed accordingly.
  5. Are Warranties Regular?
    ​Certainly. Maximum factories include five-plus year assurances or life assurances. The higher the warranty, the better regarded the group. The size of it indicates how much belief the corporation puts in its blades.
  6. How to take care of Mistakes?
    In any job, excessively intense cuts are natural stuff and they shouldn’t be dealt with extremely theatrical. Only turn off the saw and examine the problem.
    Hold an intense breath and evaluate the severity and formulate a strategy on how to proceed. In some circumstances, getting rid of the whole chunk may be needed. When not, only boost the depth or the width and everything will be fine!