10 Best Fitness Tracker for Weightlifting 2023 – A Smart Way to Keep Fitness Track

Fitness tracking technology is escalating at a swift rate. With the best fitness tracker for weightlifting, you can now track various exercise routines and sports.

Best Picks
Garmin Forerunner 935 Sleek Sport Watch Running GPS Unit -Black (Renewed)
Good Choice
Suunto Spartan Sport Wrist HR
Don't Miss
Garmin 010-01689-00 Forerunner 35; Easy-to-Use GPS Running Watch, Black
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Garmin Forerunner 235, GPS Running Watch, Black/Gray
Garmin Forerunner 935 Sleek Sport Watch Running GPS Unit -Black (Renewed)
Suunto Spartan Sport Wrist HR
Garmin 010-01689-00 Forerunner 35; Easy-to-Use GPS Running Watch, Black
Garmin Forerunner 235, GPS Running Watch, Black/Gray
Best Picks
Garmin Forerunner 935 Sleek Sport Watch Running GPS Unit -Black (Renewed)
Garmin Forerunner 935 Sleek Sport Watch Running GPS Unit -Black (Renewed)
Good Choice
Suunto Spartan Sport Wrist HR
Suunto Spartan Sport Wrist HR
Don't Miss
Garmin 010-01689-00 Forerunner 35; Easy-to-Use GPS Running Watch, Black
Garmin 010-01689-00 Forerunner 35; Easy-to-Use GPS Running Watch, Black
Also Consider
Garmin Forerunner 235, GPS Running Watch, Black/Gray
Garmin Forerunner 235, GPS Running Watch, Black/Gray

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However, fitness trackers are suited for somebody who does a lot of cardiovascular-based sports like swimming, running, or cycling. When it comes to tracking weightlifting, very few companies have worked on supporting weightlifting.

List of the Best Smartwatches For Weightlifting

1. Garmin Forerunner 935

Garmin Forerunner 935 Fitness Tracker


  • Automatic repetition count
  • HR sensor
  • Tracks training status


  • You have to manually add the exercise it won’t track it automatically


  • This watch is extremely lightweight, weighs only 4.9g and you can wear it for the whole day easily
  • If you use it as a watch it can last for 2 weeks, and if you use this watch in GPS mode the battery will last up to 24 hours
  • It also measures your training status, and show results whether you are undertraining or overdoing it

This fitness tracker for weightlifting automatically connects to Garmin Connect, an online platform that allows you to track your progress and even enables you to share your progress on social media.

The training evaluation is done on the base of your previous indicators and the exercise routine, it will indicate whether the training is productive it also mentions if you are overdoing it or undertraining.

The fitness tracker for weightlifting also includes a built-in barometer and electronic compass.

Customer Review

If you want to wear your weight lifting watches for the whole day then this is the one for you. It is also a very strong training tool.

2. Suunto Spartan Sport Wrist HR

Suunto Spartan Sport Wrist HR Fitness Tracker


  • Long battery
  • Waterproof
  • Durable
  • Support 80 sports


  • The heart rate monitor is not that accurate


  • In training mode, it has a battery life of up to 12 hours
  • This watch also provides GPS route navigation
  • The watch is strong with its sleek design and it is also water-resistant
  • It has different interval modes and supports 80 sports

This best sports tracker watch will help you outperform yourself. This watch will adjust itself according to your feedback and will enlighten you with personalized insights regarding your physical activities.

Plus, on using this best smartwatch for working out you can stay motivated with your personalized songs. As you can store 300 plus songs in this watch built-in memory.

You can keep a check on your weight lighting routine through the PurePulse monitor that tracks your heart rate.

As weight lighting exercises can make you sweaty thus this best fitness tracker for weight lifting is made water-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about the watch during intense workouts.

Its Versa Lite Edition features are a great contribution in making this one of the best smartwatches for fitness. Take for example the fact that the watch can guide you as to which workout routine to do and will track your movements to provide further insight.

You can select the activity mode from the watch and turn on the GPS to further enhance your activity tracking.

The design of this best heart rate monitor for weight lifting is slim and stylish. Plus, it allows you to access your apps via the watch and will also notify you in case you get a notification.

Customer Review

These weight lifting watches have helped me a lot and encouraged me the work out. Its big display helps a lot, highly recommended!!

3. Garmin Vívomove HRGarmin Vívomove HR Fitness Tracker


  • Connects with smartphone
  • Compatible with all Operating systems
  • Up to 5 days battery life


  • Dial dose not lit
  • Small dial


  • This watch also uses TOPO maps to navigate the adventures
  • The watch also monitors your heart rate and has Pulse Oximeter
  • Tracks the physical force and time needed to recover

Amazing offer isn’t it? So make sure that you purchase this watch from an authorized dealer of Garmin. Better yet get it from the link that we have provided.

On getting watch you will also get the charging cable, black silicone band, the required documentation and your authorized warranty.

Being the best fitness tracker for gym workouts, its touch screen will provide you information regarding your heart rate.

This best watch for weightlifting has a unique design. Thou it looks like a regular watch with hands for hours and minutes, but these hand will move out of the way if you swipe left and your information will be displayed.

Instead of getting a chest strap to keep your heart rate in check you just need to buy this one of a kind watch.

With this best fitness tracker for weightlifting strapped on your arm, you can monitor your heart 24/7, manage your fitness routine, keep a check on your stress levels and get a relaxation timer.

The watch will also keep a check on your calorie intake, steps taken, distance traveled and etc.

You can also make use of the smart features on this best activity tracker for men and ease your life up.

Customer Review

These weight lifting watches have helped me a lot and encouraged me for the workout. Its big display helps a lot, highly recommended!!

4. Garmin  Forerunner 35

Garmin Forerunner 35 Fitness Tracker


  • Easy to use
  • Built-in GPS
  • Automatically upload data on Garmin connect


  • Not for high-level training


  • Bu using the technology it monitors your heart rate for the full day
  • It also has built-in GPS that tracks the time and place of your training
  • It also tracks your daily activities like calories burned, step counter, etc

Out of all the best-rated fitness watches, this one has the finest warranty. Not only does it have a full manufacturer warranty but also one year extended warranty.

This best fitness tracker for strength training comes with a built-in GPS. You don’t require a phone connection for this watch to track down your location and speed. Even if you are under a tree this watch will catch up too.

And this is why we consider it as the best fitness tracker for men and women.

Like other fitness watches for men and women, this one monitors your heart rate too. Plus, you don’t need any additional strap for the watch to monitor your heart rate. It’s Garmin Elevate technology enables it to monitor heart rate perfectly.

As far as its display is concerned it is sunlight-visible and has MIP (transflective memory-in-pixel). Plus, its display has high resolution and is perfect for both indoor and outdoor viewing.

As this watch is compatible with smartphones thus you can connect your cell phone with it.

The vibration alert on this best watch for interval training will notify you regarding your exercise milestones, running prompts, and pacing progress. Plus, the watch keeps track of your location and physical updates.

This best watch for fitness can do this with the help of its in-build GPS and tracking mode. You can use these features to keep a record of the types of exercises you did and where.

Lastly, this best fitness tracker watch is waterproof up to 50 meters.

Customer Review

I’m using this smartwatch for quite a while now, it is great. It has a very comfortable wristband so you can wear it for the full day.

5. Atlas Wearables WristbandAtlas Wearables Wristband Fitness Tracker


  • Watch is water and sweat proof
  • Calculates burnt calories
  • Good Battery life


  • Sometimes unable to keep a record


  • Comes with Coaching, Cardio, and freestyle Mode
  • Lithium Battary included
  • Limited number of exercies
  • Battery life good enough for 3 hours

As the best smartwatch for fitness, it has all the bases covered.

This watch is an expert at recording your weightlifting metrics. Thus it eliminates the hustle of keeping track manually. Plus, this best fitness tracker for men and women automatically identifies the type of exercise you’re doing or the amount you are lifting and records it.

As far as the data that this watch can record and display is concerned, then you would be surprised to know it can record your muscle focus, velocity and rep count. Plus, the glass on the watch is implanted with a heart rate monitor.

Furthermore, you can customize your workouts and get a 3-D view of the fitness program you’re opting for.

In doing so you will be able to see that which muscle group you have worked on and what intensities have you focus on. If that isn’t enough then you can refer to the detailed graph that the watch will provide you on your heart rate.

As if that wasn’t enough, then get ready for the final amazing feature. It is waterproof up to 30 meters too.

6. Garmin Forerunner 235Garmin Forerunner 235 Fitness Tracker


  • Long battery
  • Large display
  • Smart notifications


  • The display is less bright


  • This watch helps to track time, speed and heart rate along with other things
  • The features also include live tracking and social media sharing
  • The watch has a battery life of 9 hours

The best watch for fitness is by non-other than Garmin. This company has manufactured the best smartwatch for fitness and you are sure to encounter a few watches of them in this list.

This fitness tracker for weightlifting will keep your heart rate in check. Its display type is sunlight-visible and transflective memory-in-pixel (also known as MIP).

Thou it’s the same size as the model 225 but it has a comparatively larger screen. To be precise this best fitness tracking watch has a 44% larger screen. Plus, you can customize the screen and your training schedule.

In case you connect a device to this best wearable fitness tracker, you will be able to receive audio prompts. Thus you can connect to your smartphone and receive information about your lap times and lap.

Plus you can notifications on receiving text messages, calls and other reminders.

If you utilize this best watch for working out in the standard mode its battery will last you for 9 days while on GPS mode it will last you for 11 hours. Overall, this is the best fitness tracker for weightlifting.

Customer Review

I love this watch, it performs exactly how it is advertised and it has a classier look to wear it on casual days as well.

Things to Consider for Best Fitness Tracker

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  • This is significant, particularly since the structure is fundamental to improving as an and more grounded weightlifter.
  • A few watches may slow down your wrist development which could hurt your general wellness progress, so make a point to get a watch that fits the wrist decent and calmly.


  • Ensure that it has all that you should be followed during your exercise.
  • This can be diverse for everybody, so it may assist with exploring what definite highlights the watch needs to make sure you aren’t squandering cash on capacities you don’t require.

Top-notch materials

  • Weightlifting is overwhelming work, and you need a sturdy wellness accomplice that won’t break after a basic knock or drop.

FAQs | Best Fitness Tracker For Weightlifting

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Will fitbit track weight lifting?

Fitbit can’t track the weight lifting precisely. It’s the latest technology, which can provide the exact rating of heartbeat and blood flow. Fitbit has a built-in timer that can be adjusted while exercising. It has LED lights that notify about the resting time.

Does Garmin track weight lifting?

Garmin is a soft silicone band, which counts steps, records runs and tracks sleeping schedules. It has a strength training system, which records the workout sessions on the Garmin device through its sensors. You can manually click on the screen to start and stop the process.

Do fitness trackers work for weight lifting?

Fitness trackers generally detect the body sensations and estimate body oxygen. They track the physical energy while working out. The fitness trackers monitor the heart rate, pulse rate, and blood flow. Garmin Fenix 6 Sapphire and Polar Ignite Fitness Watch are the best fitness trackers.

What is the best watch to work out?

FITBIT CHARGE 4 is an excellent fitness tracker watch. It can monitor the heart rate and used for different sports as well. It can be taken to the gym and while you’re doing cardio or yoga. It comes with GPS to track the runs, rides, hikes, and other activities.

What’s better Garmin or Fitbit?

Fitbit is an advanced technology and suitable for general uses. It represents information such as heart rate and blood flow in a simple way. It provides complete sleep stages. Whereas, Garmin often straggles while sleeping and doesn’t provide accurate data.

Yes, it can but you have to add weighting as an exercise option.


It’s important to exercise daily, so getting a watch that will motivate you and update you regarding your physical activities will surely assist you greatly.

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