Bed Base Designs To Consider Before You Buy Memory Foam Mattress 2023 – Review

Most of the time, you are left with no choice but to invest in the right products for your sleeping routine. If you are thinking to buy a memory foam mattress, considering its advantages, then you should also look out for bed foundations that are compatible with it.

To get a better understanding of the right foundation, we should first look at the characteristics of the mattress we are using here

Characteristics of a Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foams have become very popular due to their molding properties and the high support they provide. Its high energy-absorbent properties allow the mattress to absorb heat from the body and soften the mattress according to a person’s shape and evenly distribute the weight of the body. Once the pressure is removed, the mattress comes back to its original shape. Hence, it is named “Memory” foam mattresses. This is why it is much preferred by people nowadays because they are much more comfortable and provide extra support to your back.

Since foam mattress is quite heavy, the base used beneath it is supposed to be strong to withstand its weight and provide the relevant support it needs.

Types of Bed Base

Bed bases come in four types including bedsteads or bed frames, guest beds, divan bases, and adjustable beds.


It does not let the mattress slip away and keeps it in place. Bedsteads come with a stylish bed framework and enhance the accentuation of the bedroom. It is designed of a wooden slatted base with a wire mesh.

Guest Beds

For guests, folding mattresses are the best alternative as it is required occasionally. Guest beds offer excellent flexibility and can accommodate smaller rooms.

Divan Bases

This type of base is further categorized into three primary types and those include sprung edge, firm edge, and platform or solid top divans.

Sprung edge base– is one of the most magnificent types as it comes with pocket spring systems (open coils). These mattresses are frame mounted and provide remarkable durability.

Firm Edge beds- are not so durable as they come with a rigid edge and offer accommodation for only one person.

Platform or solid top bases- offer exceptional support and there are some mattresses that must have this base for proper functioning. Indeed, this base is the best.

Adjustable Bases

Adjustable beds offer flexibility and are the best alternative for people with health problems or mobility problems. These beds not only provide adjustability but comfort and independence. An adjustable base is designed in a traditional or modern framework and also possesses double remote controls for easier maneuverability.

What Factors Can Make A Good Foundation?

Memory foam mattresses don’t usually need any special kind of foundation for it, but they do need the right support. The right base plays a critical role in your mattress’s life and comfortable sleep. So, if you are looking forward to buying the best bed frames for memory foam mattress, you need to consider their design, size, and material.

Which base design to use?

Framework & Design

Platform beds or frames are better recommended to use for a foam mattress. They can either be solid or slated. Solid bases provide overall good support. But as mentioned above, the important thing to keep in mind is that since these are heat absorbent, they need air to breathe. So, make sure the base you are using does not fully cover the mattress from below. Or you can find ways to make your base perforated, allowing the air to pass freely.

Slated frames or platform beds are the best choices for memory foam since they use slated pieces. They are placed equally distanced for evenly distributed support. For a better measurement, make sure the slats are no more than 3 inches apart and are 0.5 inches thick. This will give the mattress the support it wants.

Metal Base Platform

A metal base appears as though a stage bed, with a rectangular matrix configuration made of metal. Steel frameworks are sturdy, and some metal bases are even foldable.

Like stage beds, metal stage bases commonly don’t accompany a headboard or a footboard. Regularly, they’re somewhat taller than stage beds, giving more space to an under-bed place.

What is Better? Metal or Wood?

Wooden frames are the most widely recognized, they may list or twist around time. At the point when this occurs, your sleeping pad can create indents. New metal slats are sturdy and will not twist like some wooden ones.

If you select wood slats produced using strong pine or oak, distorting is exceptionally rare. Some metal supports are likewise flexible, so you can shape them to fit the specific width of your bed outline.


The size of your frame should be equal to that of the mattress. A smaller bed will cause damage both to the mattress and bed, and a larger bed will create a gap that is equally not good for your good night’s sleep.

When going to buy a bed frame, measure the dimensions of your mattress and add 2 to 5 inches according to how much the framework takes extra space. This will land you with precise dimensions suitable for the bed and mattress.

If we talk about the height of the frame, they usually come in all shapes. Slatted bases are usually low profile with no storage or drawers underneath, so they can easily be 3 to 10 inches, depending on the framework.

You can also add storage options if you want, they are usually very popular in platform beds and friendly on the budget.


Slats are usually made of metal, particleboard, or wood. Wood slats are more common and the best woods to use in a bed are Pine, Oak, Maple, Beech, and Mahogany since they are all high-quality and last long.

However, over a period of time, wood becomes saggy or can bend. In order to give durable support, metal slats are considered better and usually don’t bend like wood. Heavy-duty steel is used for the best support for the mattress.

Things to look out for:

Box Springs

Box springs have been widely used till now. But considering the support you need to give to foam mattresses, these are not usually recommended. This is because most box springs use coils that are spread too far away. This design is not suitable for foam mattresses and can cause them to sink between the spaces and de-shape. Unless you add support in between, you should probably dispose of your box springs and buy a bed frame instead with proper support.

Can You Place Mattress Directly On The Floor?

Also, to answer one of the most Frequently Asked Questions whether you can place the mattress directly on the floor or not, you can. But allow it to breathe by propping it up often on something or lean it against the wall. Or else, bacteria and mold can grow if there is no inflow of air or the environment is moist and can lead to some severe damages.

What Position Do You Sleep In?

The position you sleep in decides the type of mattress and base you need to go for.

Mattress Type

Sleeping Position

Memory foam

Side sleepers


Combination sleepers


Back sleepers


Stomach sleepers

Pillow top

Side sleepers

Does Bed Base Make A Difference?

The quality of a bed base does make a big difference as it ensures the extent of comfort, support, and ventilation. If you have a good bed base, it will not only give you a peaceful sleep but also enhances the longevity of your mattresses. A good base never fails to provide the right degree of counter pressure. As the bed base is the foundation of your mattress and if it is not right, it will sag your bed base and eventually results in subsiding your mattress.

How Impactful A Bed Base For Sleeping System?

If the base of your bed is saggy or slumpy, you would not have a peaceful sleep and you will have backache or you’ll feel tired after getting up. This system is interlinked between the bed base and mattress, if one thing does not work properly, you can not expect the other to be comfortable.

What happens if the foundation is not compatible?

If propped unevenly, your new memory foam mattress can do you more harm than good. The imbalance might cause it to lose shape or sag from where there is insufficient support. Such a thing causes body aches and back pains and it is usually a long time before one realizes what and where it is wrong. It’s a pretty common issue in memory foam when its setup is not correct. To get things worse, your warranty can be voided if the foundation you used is unlicensed or unapproved.


Buying a new mattress is not the only solution to your good sleep routine. There are a number of factors that need to be considered. The most important of them is selecting the right base design for your foam mattress.

Buying a mattress and a new bed without the relevant information can make you stuck in painful sleepless nights and the procedure of finding out what is wrong all over again. And to top it all, you will have already spent a lot of money before realizing the right practices.

Therefore, a new mattress (especially a Memory Foam) should mean a new relevant structure design for it. Whether you buy a new one or modify an existing one, both should complement each other well. After considering your needs and budget, you can also give your room a whole new style with your new design.