What Amp Do I Need for My 2 12 Subs?

Subwoofers are designs to increasing the bass frequencies, and they are paired with amplifiers to boost the sound. And if you are going to having a dual sub system then, it’s easier to run both of them by a single amplifier.

If you have the 2 12 subs, then what amplifier do you need for this? Combine the right power of amp with the right wattage of subwoofers. Sound easy!

There are many 2 12 subs models like JL Audio 12W0V3-4, CT Sounds STRATO, Pioneer TS-W126M, or many more. All the 12 subs have different watts and ohms rates. So, you would need to know the impedance and power of your subs. You also need to know how much power of amplifier you need to afford.

  • What should amp I need for my 2 12 subs? It actually depends on.

How much power your dual subs contain?

  • The amount of impedance your subs have in that the subs wired together to form. Like 1 SVC of 2 ohms means it has only 2 ohms of impedance.
  • Then pick an amplifier that power up the subs up to RMS (root mean square) wattage and put out the power of subs at an impedance value.

If suppose that you have 2 12 subs with 4 ohms’ drivers then, you bought an amp of 2 ohms to stable down, and you connect it on a parallel shape.

Or if they have 150 watts RMS of power handling then, you have to choose an amplifier with a continuous rating of the 150 watts.

“Like if you have a 2 12 kicker comp subs which contain 150 watts, then some amplifier recommend for this subwoofer are Boss Audio System R1100M Mono-Block Car Amplifier, ROCKFORD FOSGATE R500X1D Prime 1-Channel amplifier, or Kenwood Kac-D5101 Mono Amplifier.”

Also, you can use any amplifier with any subwoofers in two conditions:

  • Subwoofers must have high power than an amplifier.
  • The impedance of subwoofers must be correct.