Top 8 Best Orbit Sprinklers for Lawn 2023 – Review and Buying Guide

Things may not work properly if you don’t know how to adjust the orbit sprinkler head accordingly. There are mainly two things that need to be focused in the orbit sprinkler adjustment. The rotation of the orbit sprinkler head, clockwise and anticlockwise that will determine the performance of the sprinkler. The Orbit brand comes with a number of under and above-ground sprinklers originally manufactured in the United States.

Things to be considered before buying

Area of Irrigation

Which model of the Orbit professional sprinkler will suit your lawn totally depends upon the size of the land you want to irrigate. Before buying the best Orbit sprinkler for your garden, make sure to measure it twice to avoid any inconvenience after its installation.

You might be living in a society with hard and fast rules and don’t want your sprinkler to throw the water on the road or pedestrians; area measurement will help you to avoid these outcomes after installation.

Elbows and joints

A quality material elbows and joints will avoid any underground leakage. Don’t worry if you’re from a non-engineering background and never did a plumber’s job, you need to get the best quality elbows and joints that will eliminate any leakage to save your precious garden.


The purpose of irrigating the yard or lawn will determine the size of the Orbit adjustable sprinklers. Well, you don’t want to be responsible for any misfortune due to your sprinklers that are showering on the roads which may lead to a slippery road and cause an accident to your neighbors.

Sensor technology

Nobody wants to destroy their well-managed and well-fed gardens by overwatering in case of rain. The extra moisture can be a bad dream for your lawn. A rain sensor can be perfect for accurate watering in the rainy season.

Our 8 best Orbit sprinklers for lawn

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1. Orbit Gear Drive Sprinkler

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A good quality Orbit lawn sprinkler has control over the spray angle and spray length. One can compromise in the length of the sprinkler but the spray angle must be straight as an arrow. On the head of the sprinkler, it’s indicated as the Pro-A4 which means professional 4 feet angle.

This gear drive sprinkler does not need any extra tools for its installation. It’s a ready-to-go sprinkler that can be installed at home by anyone which means it saves your labor and installation expenses.

It comes with 11 different spray patterns, one can choose small, medium, and large accordingly. Don’t confuse yourself with its small size, it will cover an area of 5,026 square feet when set to a full circle.

Key Benefits

  • Multiple under and over ground usage
    Durable and long-lasting model
    Super quick to remove and reposition
    Cover area up to 80 feet
    Multiple spray patterns

Customer Reviews

This model is manufactured in the US, so people don’t have questions about its quality. I loved this Orbit Gear drive sprinkler as it has six spraying patterns that give me full assurance of watering to every corner of my lawn. Its vertical and flat mode sprinkles all over the grass and ensures complete irrigation

2. Orbit Voyager II Sprinkler

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This Voyager II model from the Orbit is famous for its sound-less performance. If you don’t want your neighbors to call 911 due to the clicking sounds of your sprinklers, install this Orbit gear drive sprinkler to get the smooth working without any shout out.

One can adjust the orbit sprinkler head to get a 360° swing. This is an economical product that is suitable for medium lawns, grounds, and gardens. The spray diameter tends to reach 70 feet to cover the long areas in a short time.

The other important factor that can enhance its performance is the pressure of the water. A strong water pressure will help the sprinkler to irrigate the garden within the desired time and manner. An extra kit of nozzles increases the flexibility of work.

Key Benefits

  • Quality material with elegant design
  • Rust Proof body paint
  • A key for small adjustments
  • Sound-less sprinkler
  • Bonus Nozzles

Customer Reviews

A great quality product with clear orbit gear drive sprinkler instructions. I’ve installed it in my garden and as compared to other brands, it didn’t do any damage to the piping for water. Their nozzles come in a number of options that allow me to fit this in my garden accordingly. A value for money product and highly recommended as the orbit rotary sprinkler.

3. FPT Anti-Siphon sprinkler by Orbit


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This model from the Orbit comes with measures to stop the contamination of dirty and toxic water into your house water system. It’ll work as a protector to make sure of a clean water supply to your home for years to come.

Its flow controller feature will help in the adjustment of water flow and prevent the nozzles from overs praying. It’s made with heavy-duty material and UV-resistant reliable stuff that will serve your garden, lawn, and grounds for long periods.

A quick and easy installation process makes it easy to stand out in the sprinklers as there is no need for the head adjustment to get different throws of water.

Key Benefits

  • Prevents back-flow of water
  • Made with Anti-siphon technology
  • Manual bypass lever
  • Durable quality product
  • Strong water flow control system

Customer Reviews

If your lawn is always filled by the kids, install this FPT Anti-siphon sprinkler to get the work done without getting broken. It’s a high caliber product that will not be harmed in case your kids are naughty and want to play with its shower. They have adequate after-sale services and will not let you down in case of any problem. However, it may start leaking when stopped sprinkling.

4. 3-Arm Wheel Sprinkler by Orbit


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Investing in a quality Sprinkler can be the best investment you can make. To make your day comfortable, here comes the 3-Arm sprinkler from the Orbit that will travel on the wheels and reduce workload to be carried by hands. This sprinkler has made the irrigation super easy as anybody can use this without the need of extra powers.

One can use it in multiple lawns or in the neighbors as well without any inconvenience. If you’re an entrepreneurial mindset, you don’t need to install this sprinkler permanently which means you can even rent it when not using it. That will help you to cover your cost and maintenance expenses within no time.

Key Benefits

  • 3-Arms to cover large areas
    Flexible for multiple lawns
    Wheelbase mobility reduces efforts
    Useable in Indoor and outdoor activities
    Perfect for medium lawns

Customer Reviews

The most favorite thing about this sprinkler is its mobility. Wind can distract the showers from the fixed sprinklers but this 3-Arms wheel sprinkler can be taken into the middle of the lawn to avoid throwing of water on the road or pedestrians. Its three arms in different directions can cover a wide area as compared to the traditional sprinklers.

5. Gear Drive Sprinkler with adjustable knobs


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The next Orbit sprinkler has a unique design and an attractive appearance to grab the visitor’s attention. It’ll enhance the beauty of your garden, lawn, and grounds with its attractive and stylish looks. The next level of advancement gives an automatic adjustment of water.

This Orbit professional sprinkler head moves 360° wide and covers every corner of the lawn. It’s super easy and quick in adjusting sprinkler heads with basic tools. With the help of the Orbit gear drive sprinkler instructions, one can easily install it without hiring any professionals.

Key Benefits

  • Save water up to a great extent
  • 12 Knobs to water 9 feet in every side
  • Enlarge covering area
  • Eliminates dry sports

Customer Reviews

I found this as the most suitable product for irrigating my lawn and saving water at the same time. One thing that might bother you is the pressure setting of this sprinkler. It will go far than your expected reach, so make sure to adjust the knob accordingly.

6. Orbit Impact Sprinkler Head


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A sprinkler system is not only convenient for irrigating your possessions; we buy this to save our time, efforts, and resources. To get more out of it, make sure your water flow controller for sprinklers and on/off switch system are located at your ease.

This model from the Orbit features a 3-inch pop-up height like a smartphone pop-up camera. The modern design covers the whole sprinkler and its head to prevent any mishap while your kids are enjoying their sports activities.

A simple and smart device that will make your lawn evergreen with its adjustable water pressure. It has multiple options in threads and available in ½ inch and ¾ inch threads. It’s easy to adjust the sprinkler head pop-up without any professional background.

Key Benefits

  • No effect on the performance even in low pressures
  • Stylish and modish design
  • Can spray up to 30-feet long yards
  • Adjustable spray patterns
  • 3-inch pop-up height

Customer Reviews

A value for money product and easy to use. It comes with a 6 years warranty which means it’s fairly reliable. It’s recommended for shorter areas and gives better results as compared to others.

7. The Impact Sprinkler by Orbit

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If you’re planning to outsource water from the canals, ponds, or somewhere else, this is the best suitable sprinkler in the market for dirty water showering. It’s the ideal sprinkler for irrigation of large areas which can be up to 6,361 square feet and 90 feet.

The impact head has an uninterrupted water flow that increases its ability to throw the water efficiently even if it’s reclaimed or dirty. Its brass is constructed with material that is according to the industrial standards which ensures its durability in severe weather conditions.

It’s strong enough to stand firmly against high-water pressure and prevent any breakage, rusting, and failing in operations. It has a long stand that gives a 360° full swing of water to irrigate the desired path accordingly.

Key Benefits

  • Customize settings
  • Adjustable sprinkler head
  • Covers up to 90 feet area
  • Rust proof brass
  • Clog-resistant water flow system

Customer Reviews

As a newbie, you might find some problems in its installation for which it’s suggested to read the instructions carefully rather than figuring it out by yourself. This will work better with high-pressure water flow otherwise you might need extra time for your lean to get irrigated.

8. Orbit Sprinkler On Tripod

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Last but not the least, this tripod impact sprinkler has its class in sprinklers. It has three long legs that help the Orbit sprinkler head to shower the water like rain. This method works well and liked by many professionals as it drops sprinkles not on the top only but also gives moisture to the branches.

Its unique design helps you to use it in multiple places and the simple twist of the diffuser screw can break up the water stream. It has a strong structure that will not be damaged by any kind of external factors.

Key Benefits

  • Leakage proof when stopped watering
  • Long stand to give a showering experience
  • 360-degree spray angle
  • Strong stand structure
  • Water and rust proof material

Customer Reviews

The tripod made it so easy to water my lawn effectively and in the desires section. Its height-adjustable legs will be efficient for the gardeners to experience multiple positions. However, make sure to tighten the screw legs properly to prevent any vibrations.


One thing is for sure that you don’t need to be worried about installing the Orbit sprinklers for your lawns as they come in a number of models, shapes, and designs. Every model has its advantages and disadvantages based on how you use them.

If you know how to adjust the orbit sprinkler head, then 90% of your work has finished already. The Orbit gear drive sprinkler has no competitor that provides such variety in this field.

To get the most out of the Orbit sprinklers you need to be aware of the lawn size, purpose of irrigation, and technological advancements. Whether you need an underground or above-ground sprinkler totally depends upon your needs.


How to adjust the Orbit sprinkler head?

The first step is to turn off the water supply and make sure that you have the exact tools such as a flathead screwdriver for head adjustment. The next step is to take out the actual gear mechanism outside of the casing, if it’s in the ground you can just use the screwdriver to adjust it inside of the ground. Now, you can start by turning the radius in an appropriate pattern. By turning it clockwise, you’ll likely to increase the spray pattern and spray radius arc and turning it anticlockwise you can decrease the pattern as well.

How to adjust pop-up sprinklers?

The pop-up sprinkler head is quite different as compared to the traditional sprinkler head. Every model has different pop-up nozzles and spray patterns; to avoid any damage it’s suggested to read the instructions given on the manual of the product.

How to adjust sprinkler spray distance?

You can easily adjust the water throw of the sprinkler by using a flat-bladed screwdriver. Turn the radius reduction screw at the point of the large arrow, you can find where the water comes out to decrease the spray distance up to 25%. Make sure you don’t back out the reduction screw so far that it doesn’t sit in front of the nozzle while watering. Now you can adjust the water distance accordingly.

What is the best Orbit sprinkler?

Several models can be fit for your lawn but it depends upon the circumstance where you want to install it. The weather conditions and water pressure in certain areas also affect the performance of the Orbit sprinklers. Make sure to check out these key points while purchasing it.

How many kinds of a sprinkler?

There are mainly two kinds of a sprinkler. One is an underground sprinkler and the other one is an above-ground sprinkler. Both have advantages and disadvantages based on their service and consumer experience.