Remington V3 Review in 2022 – New Edition

Remington V3 Review

The V3 was first revealed to the world way back in February 2016, and without any doubt, the gun is a masterpiece! You must be wondering why? Well, our Remington V3 guide shall tell you exactly why we are considering this gun in such high regard. Also, we shall be telling all the tidbits you … Read more

Sandman S vs Omega 300 – Comparison in 2022


Dead Air Silencers and SilencerCo are among the most popular brands when it comes to high-quality suppressors. They’re at the top of the competition, which is why it’s inevitable to make comparisons between their products. So much so that today we’re reviewing the Sandman S vs Omega 300. Throughout this article, we’ll discuss the most … Read more