7 Best 338 Lapua Suppressor 2023 Review – New edition


Anyone who’s ever fired a 338 Lapua knows that they are way too much for low-quality suppressors to handle. These are extremely high-power long-range bullets that can demolish anything it shoots. Of course, that means that it can demolish suppressors as well. So, if you don’t opt for the best 338 Lapua suppressor you can … Read more

Omega 300 Suppressor 2023 Review – New Edition

Omega suppressors

If you are a gun enthusiast, you will understand the benefits that come with using a suppressor, both in terms of personal safety and upgrading your hunting and shooting experience. Suppressors can help reduce recoil and gun noise. And neglecting these two factors may lead to ear damage or becoming deaf. That is why if … Read more

Taurus 608 Revolver Review in 2023 – New Edition

TAURUS model 608

For both experienced and amateur shooters, the most important consideration in purchasing an addition to their arsenal, or maybe even their first ever firearm, is shooting accuracy. However, one also needs to consider the cost if finances are a bit of a concern. It is difficult to reconcile these two considerations, but this Taurus 608 … Read more