7 Best Baby Gates with Cat Door to Make the House Baby Proof 2023 – Top Picks

To allow your feline friend to move around while keeping the movement of the baby or larger pets under control we have listed some great baby gates with cat door. These reliable gates will help control your pet’s movement and you will have a super handy tool to use around the house. So, let’s get started:

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Top 7 Baby Gates with Cat Door

1. Carlson Maxi Extra Tall Pet Gate

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  • Extra-wide and tall: This unit can expand to opening and stairways that are as wide as 50 to 59 inches. The unit is as tall as 38 inches.
  • Pet door: It has a small pet door which measures 10x 7 inches, so the small pets get to pass through while the baby or larger pets stay inside
  • Safety: The safety-lock feature is included. Plus, hardware has been mounted for non-toxic finishes and additional security.
  • Adjustable: This unit is totally adjustable making it perfect to be used at the bottom of stairs, hallway and doorway. Furthermore, you can move the gate quickly and store it away so it doesn’t bother you.
  • Convenient and durable: Its all-steel design makes it super durable so that it lasts you a long time.

This top of stairs baby gate with pet door is available at quite a good price so it wouldn’t be hurting your budget. Plus, for installing and mounted the gate all the necessary hardware comes in the package. The hardware included is mounting brackets and four screws. So double check when you receive the package to see if all the hardware is there.

The safety handle of this child gate with pet door makes the walk-through door the ideal option for everyone around the house as it is easier for users.

Customer Reviews:

One major thing that everyone loved about the Carlson Maxi Gate is it has the perfect height for pets.

2. Carlson Extra Wide Walk Through Small Pet Door

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  • Extra-wide: It can expand to opening and stairways that are as wide 29 to 3.5 inches thus it is ideal for stairs, hallways and doorways.
  • Pressure mount design: this design makes it easy to set up, so you will not require any tools.
  • Small pet door: the pet door measures 8×8 inches, so small pets are able to pass through while babies and big dogs stay inside.
  • Lock feature: has a lock feature so you can be sure that the door remains locked
  • Adjustable: 4-inch wide kit for the extension is included
  • Convenient and durable: the design is all steel so the gate is sturdy and the walk-through door is convenient. The gate can also be detached from the opening so that it is easy for you to store it away.
  • Safety: Has non-toxic finish, wall mounts and safety-lock feature.

Out of all the pet friendly child gate with cat door this is listed on top because of its amazing features. Something unique about this door, which intrigues me the most, is its one-contact discharge handle. This component adds to the doors stroll through accommodation and structure.

Being the best baby gate with pet door it has the capacity to open the door with only one hand enables when you to have things to do or want to keep your pet off. Its tension build framework likewise comes in extremely helpful in making the arrangement simpler and quicker.

Moreover, it highlights divider mounts for extra security, making this baby gates with cat door vital for the client. All in all, you can’t go wrong with this purchase.

Customer Reviews:

Customers love this products versatility, durability, latch and construction of this baby gate cats can get through.

3. Bettacare Child and Pet Gate

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  • Cat flap: the gate includes a cat flap that provides maximum flexibility both for small and big pets.
  • Extensions: There are 4 extension available: 6.4, 12.9, 32.4 and 148 cm.
  • Measurements: its height is 104cm and its width is 75-84 cm. The gate is extra tall so it is quite effective in acting as a barrier for big pets.
  • Lock: has the patented-double lock system and a pinch-free hinge

This extra wide baby gate with pet door by Bettacare has a cat flap, is well-built and is quite a good investment. This child safety gate with pet door can fit various width staircase and is ideal for training aid. This model has a creative locking hand wheel that doesn’t over fix or relax from use.

On the off chance that you are the ever-bustling individual, at that point this door is for you as it is anything but difficult to open and lock as you move along. For those with a few pets of various sizes and felines, I would state this entryway is all you have to attempt.

Customer Reviews:

Here is what one consumer had to say about the product: “The gate is very easy to fit, with supplied wall cups, and the tension bolts are adjusted by turning a wheel on the bolt rather than with a spanner.”

4. Carlson Flexi Configurable Walk Through Pet Gate

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  • Extra Wide: It is able to open up as wide as 76 inches so it can expand on even wide stairways. In terms of length, it is 30 inches tall.
  • Safety: the wall-mounted design adds further security plus safety-lock feature is also included.
  • Small pet door: The patented pet door measure 10 x 7 inches.
  • Adjustable: It is ideal for bottom of stairs, hallway and doorways. It can also be removed easily and stored away.
  • Convenient and durable: Its all-steel design makes it super durable so that it lasts you a long time.

Out of all the cat-friendly baby gates this one has made to the list because of the 3 configurable panels that are able to cover as much as 76 inches. For pet owners that have houses with wide doorways, this is the best option.

The next best thing about this gate is that it is available at a price that matches its quality. Furthermore, if you purchase the extensions you will be able to cover 13 feet more.

One prominent feature that makes the gate super easy to use is how convenient its walk-through design. The safety lock feature further adds to the convenience. As the unit is quite easy to fold and place away. The all-steel design makes it super durable and sturdy.

Lastly, not only is the cat door an extra feature but is also easy to mount up using all the hardware that comes with the gate.

Customer Reviews:

In case of this walk through baby gate with pet door customers love how the gate joints allow one to set it up in various positions and how it mounts securely against the wall.

5. Carlson Tuffy Metal Expandable Pet Gate

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  • Extra Wide: This gate is able to expand in openings and stairways that are as wide as 26-38 inches.
  • Setting up: Its pressure mount design makes it easier for one to set it all up without having to use a tool or ruin wall.
  • Small pet door: The patented door measure 10 by 7 inches.
  • Safety: the wall-mounted design adds further security plus safety-lock feature is also included.
  • Adjustable: It is ideal for bottom of stairs, hallway and doorways. It can also be removed easily and stored away.
  • Convenient and durable: Its all-steel design makes it super durable so that it lasts you a long time.
  • Components included: Pressure Mount and Carlson Metal Expandable Gate

Not only is this product easy to use but is also very strong and durable as it has an all-steel design. All in all, you can never go wrong with this product.

On using the pressure mounts you will realize how easy it is setting this gate or any other baby gates for cats for this matter. Plus, this baby gates with cat door equipped with a patented fitting lock system that its walk-through design one of a kind.  Another interesting thing about this product are the soft rubber bumpers. These are gentle thus are super safe for your walls. They will keep it scum-free.

This wide pet gate with walkthrough is super light in weight and so it the ideal option for people that aim to store it away as soon as they are done using it.

Customer Reviews:

Customers have remarked that this their search for baby gate pet door ended with this product as it had all the necessary features they were looking for at an impressive price.

6. Summer Multi-Use Deco Extra Tall Walk-Thru Gate

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  • Extra Wide: The gate opens as wide as 28 to 48 inches plus it is 36 inches tall.
  • Installation: The kit for installation is included. You can also mount it using the no drill doorway mount as it requires no hardware tools
  • Auto-close Feature: For extra convenience, a hand-free feature has been added, this enables the door to automatically and gently close.
  • Hold-open Feature: This feature when activated will keep the gate door open
  • Secure and Safe: The door stopper, which is removable, prevents the cat door from opening up even when it is being used on stairs
  • Stylish: Thou it is made of metal but it has a bronze finish

If you are looking for a gate that will help childproof your house while keeping it stylish then this right here is the best option for you. With this hardware mounted baby gate with a pet door, you wouldn’t have to bother with the baby attempting to open the gate door as it has 3 mechanisms that help make it childproof.

Using the first mechanism you can slide the tab over the top of the gate in order to release the latch of the door. The second mechanism requires you to lift the door by itself so that you can open it at all. Lastly, third is that it is spring-loaded with a pretty sizable spring force in order to close the door behind you.

These mechanisms are the main reasons why we consider this baby gates with cat door a great product that has been designed well to fulfill it function.

Customer Reviews:

Users love that mechanisms added don’t add any bulk to the design of the gate so it stays stylish while being functional.


In summary, it is important that your kid stays safe and is away from rooms and places that aren’t baby proof. All the baby gate complies with the standard safety so you can purchase these with ease.

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Things to Consider Before Buying

With the baby being fond of crawling into risky places you need to get yourself one of those handy dandy baby gates with cat door to keep the little guy safe while you are busy around the house. Here are some things you should consider before investing in a baby gate with cat door.

1. Location

  • Measure the location you want to mount the gate at
  • Select the gate that can be extended as wide as the distance you want to mount it on
  • If you are planning to install it on top stairs then make sure to use hardware mount to screw them tight

2. Traffic

  • For high traffic, area opt for a swinging door that will be easy to slip in and out of.
  • For places with little traffic, the ideal option is a barrier gate

3. Material

  • Different materials that baby gates are made out of are: metal, wood and plastic. opt for a material that your most comfortable with
  • For easy installation, we recommend pressure mount gate that doesn’t require hardware to set up
  • For those of you that will be moving the gate around a lot of pressure, mount is also the best option


  1. How high should a cat door be?

We recommend that you opt for doors that are as high as 34 inches. This high will be enough to allow the cat to pass through.

  1. How high can a cat actually jump?

Cats can jump six times their length, yup that’s quite a lot. So, it’s likely that your cat will jump over whatever boundary you set.

  1. Can the baby gate be used to keep the dog away?

Totally, you can use a baby gate to keep the dogs away. The gates have been designed to be multi-purpose so using them on dogs wouldn’t be an issue.

  1. What is the best way to keep the baby off the stairs?

Consider the products that we have listed above as they can all be mounted on the bottom or top of the stairs to keep the baby away.