How to Attract Hogs

At first glance you might mistake hogs for pigs. Both of them share almost similar characteristics. The only major difference that exists between them is that a pig is domesticated while hogs are wild animals. It makes more sense to call them wild pigs. They are very sensitive animals that are capable of detecting any kind of smell even at a distance. It’s hard to find them anyhowly, but if you are keen in the evenings at agricultural places, then you can see them roaming around.

There are many ways of hunting hogs. First there is the traditional way which involves going and chasing them in the field,  and second is to bait them into your yard. Baiting is ofcourse one of the intelligent ways you can use to quickly find hogs.  But before you begin doing so, you will need to acquire the necessary skills. One thing that makes hog baiting successful is food. They work quite well in attracting hog into your yard. The most common type of baiting food is soured corn. They are mixed with other foodstuffs and hidden underground in order to lure hogs into the rummage.

Hog hunting should never be difficult at all. But that is only true when you know of the bait attractants available, how to use them, and the tips of luring hogs. Well, this article focuses merely on that and you may want a stick around to the very end.

Well, without further ado, Let’s dive right in.

Long-lasting bait techniques


After soaking your corn in a 5-gallon bucket, then go ahead and dig a hole that is long enough to fully cover your bucket. Gently put the bucket inside the hole and cover the top with soil. Because the hogs will be attracted by the smell of your corn, your bait should be placed strategically at the top so that whenever they come near, they get caught.That way, you can get adequate time to prepare and hunt them properly.


To make a carpet board, begin by cutting  a 1 ft. x 1 ft. square of 34” plywood.Find a shag carpet of the similar size and stick it to the floor with contact cement. Now, bolt the board to the inside back of your bait. As you  do that, make sure that  the carpet is facing down.Soaking the carpet first is recommended in order to retain the smell for a long time. That way, you can increase the chances of attracting hogs.

How to Use a Sack to Attract Hogs?

Food sack is another option you can decide to use  if you want to perfectly bait hogs. All you need to do here is mix the corn with water. Do it in such a way that you have at least four packets of kool-Aid in it.This would result in a gummy combination. You will notice that if it continues to dry up, liquid begins to come out  of the back. When hogs see this, they become curious and come close to it.

Once the pack is set up, wrap it across the tree trunk. The distance you place from the ground should be a little lower so as to allow hogs to reach and tear the bag. As soon as the corn starts dripping out of the bag, hogs begin to feast. When the bag is already dry and there is no more leakage, remove it from the tree and put it in the group for the hogs to consume the dried corn.

Utilizing a feeder is still another alternative. Just like a food sack, it is capable of producing drip corn. Besides, feeder have greater capacity and are durable, This gives them and added advantage as you will not need to make any gummy past in this case.

If you know they will be going to the field, you should set up a slop tray. Slot trays are sometimes filled with rotting vegetables and fruits. Attach a hunting camera to the tray. This aids in notifying you as the process reaches its end. Remember to empty any engine fuel into the tray. Insects can be kept at bay while doing so. It will also benefit the hogs by removing poisonous bacteria.

How to Use Scent to Attract Wild Hogs?

Hogs have an amazing sense of smell.That means that it is way easier to capture them by setting up a bait that conveys a smell. An odor dispenser can do the job for you.  The reason it is called dynamite as you might have realised is because it is shaped like diamond.

To make a scent dispenser for yourself. First cut  a piece of PVC pipe and tightly cover one end.  Once that is done,  take  little amounts of boar attractant and pour them  into the unplugged top. The next step is to  fasten a wick crafted from nylon thread.  Now Set the  fire to the nylon. The scent will be produced and dispersed into the air as a result of this. Finally,  hang  the PVC pipe to a high tree trunk and in no time hogs will start coming from your hideouts.

Hunting tips

  1. Bring the Appropriate Weapons.It is only with good tools  that your hunting trip will become a success.
  2. Have Local Laws in Mind.Different places have local regulations in place. That means  wild hogs cannot be just hunted down anyhowly. For most countries you can hunt but only when you have a licence.
  1. If you choose  to capture the hugs  with nuts, you will need to leave them outside for a couple of  days first.


Hogs are easy animals to bait. Hunting them with food though takes time and you will need to be patient.  With anise oil, peanut butter, molasses mixture and so on, you can easily bait hogs. They are appropriate baiting food as most of them contain high sugar content.

Given that hogs have an incredible sense of smell, putting up a scent dispenser can go a long way toward attracting distant hogs. Hogs will trace the source of the smell and finally arrive at your baiting yard thanks to the blowing wind.

Hog hunting has never been easy, especially for beginners. However,  in this article we have provided more than basic and  fantastic information. We believe it will go a long way in helping you  perfectly  hunt, bait, and capture your first damn little hog.