Differences between AR15 and M16


Other than being used by the military, guns are gaining popularity amongst civilians as well, be it for hunting or for personal protection. While some prefer compact and portable pistols, others prefer to step it up and invest in rifles. Now, if you’re looking to invest in a rifle, the probability of coming across the … Read more

All about Suppressor Cleaning Kit – details guide of 2021


Suppressors are handy accessories for gun users. As true to their namesake, they suppress the sound of a gun and reduce their recoil. Modern suppressors often have enough sound reducing capabilities to make guns usable without hearing protection. However, like all tools and accessories, suppressors are susceptible to being worn down through use. This leads … Read more

What Is the Best Caliber for Suppressor?

What Is the Best Caliber for Suppressor

There are many of us who enjoy going to hunts and are very successful, but the keys behind it are focus, precision, and silence. But how can you be quiet if your rifle makes a very loud noise every time you shoot it. Well, that is what you use a suppressor for. Now, there are … Read more

How to Get a Suppressor Tax Stamp in 2021?

how to get a suppressor tax stamp

Getting a tax-stamp for your Class-3 Firearms such as the suppressor or silencer is a confusing and tricky process. If you do not have an FFL license, and looking to buy a suppressor from an FFL-licensee or you are willing to make one yourself then you are going to need an NFA tax stamp. The … Read more

What Should I Look for in a Suppressor?


First, to answer the question, what is a suppressor? It is a sound modifier for your gun, and its job is similar to that of a silencer, but they have very different attributes that set them apart. And it will reduce the intensity of the sound your gun makes when it is shot. Now, when … Read more

All about Suppressor Maintenance in 2021

MAINTENANCE the suppressors

A suppressor is an integral accessory that many gun owners will want to have. It helps to absorb the noise produced when shooting as well as prevent muzzle blast. As such, it is a handy tool to have. However, like any other accessory, the suppressor is vulnerable to being worn down. This is especially true … Read more

Types of Bows – Details Guide in 2021

Types of Bows

Since the beginning of mankind people had to feed and protect themselves. As time went by, more and more efficient ways to fulfill all the basic needs were created. And around 10.000 BC humanity saw its first bow. Ever since there has been an evolution in the types of bows as well. Bows were used … Read more